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-Episode Fifty-




‘Thank you very much when everything is confirmed I will call you so I can give you the remaining balance.


‘It was nice doing business with you,’ he extends his hand to me and I shake it.


‘The pleasure is mine




He heads towards the door and walks out. Then I grab my phone and text someone to follow him. I don’t trust this man I mean if he can be willing to sell off his friend for money, I don’t know what he might do next.


‘Babe, I have to get going,’ I lightly kiss precious on the lips.


She holds my hand and lightly squeezes it, ‘Be careful.’


‘Don’t worry about me, I will be fine. I have to bring Zaria back home, that’s the most important thing.’




She walks me to the door, at the door she wraps her hands around me and holds me tightly, ‘Call me if anything happens.’


‘I will.’


She is still holding on to my hand, she doesn’t want me to go, I can see the fear in her eyes but this has to be done. I need to find my girl and bring her back home.


I put my hand under her chin and lift her face to mine, ‘I love you very much baby and I promise to come back safely.’


‘I am just so scared,’ she says.


I embrace her again, ‘don’t worry, everything is gonna be fine.’


‘May God protect you.’




‘I will be waiting,’ she says, she is almost crying.


I let go of her hand and walk towards my car. I get in and start the car before I drive off. I have called some of my friends who are working on this case and they will meet me at the address he gave me. I will need the back up just in case these men are playing games with me.


I park my car a few houses away from his house, grabbing my gun I jump out of the car.


Another car pulls up next to mine shortly after and my friends step out. They walk towards me. We exchange greetings and push the gate open.


We walk towards the door and knock softly, a few minutes later. Oscar opens the door.


‘What f**k?’ He exclaims.


‘You must be Oscar,’ Detective Phiri says.


‘What is going on here?’ he asks acting ignorant to what was happening.


‘You are under arrest for abducting Zaria Nel, you have the right to remain silent or whatever you say will be used against you in the court of law.’


‘No!’ he tries to get back into the house but Phiri punches him right in the face. Dazed by the blow, she is defenseless he grabs him by his hand and drags him out of the house.


‘I didn’t do anything please let me go.’


‘Uzakambila kusogolo mambala iwe.’


They put him in their van and I get in my car, as they start their car I start mine too. I am driving closely behind them to the police station. When I get to the station, I get a call informing me that the other guy has been arrested too, the one who sold out his friend.


‘Bring him over to the police station,’ I say before ending the call.


They drag Oscar out taking him inside the station. We head to a small room I want to be there when he is being interrogated.


They sat him down on the floor.



‘We shall not even waste any time with you because your friend already sold you out. So what did you do to Zaria?’ Phiri asks




‘What did you do to my daughter you fool?’ I yell


More silence.


‘So you aren’t got nothing to say now?’ Phiri screams at him then he roughly grabs him and throws him against the wall before he pins him with one hand and punches him in the face repeatedly with the other.


Then he finally lets him fall to the ground and kicks him in the head. ‘Are you ready to answer now? Where is Zaria? What did you do to her?’


‘I killed her,’ he says, blood is oozing out of the side of his mouth and his face is swollen up.


My heart thumps hard against my face, ‘you what?’


‘I killed her & my friend helped me to dispose off her body.’


My knees become weak at the possibility of my child being dead.


‘Tell us what happened,’ I whisper


Before he could respond, a knock sounds at the door.


‘Come in.’


The detective walks in with his friend and pushes him to the floor. He looks at me, his eyes full of rage.


‘You tricked me.’


‘You think I would let you go scot free, you are an accomplice as well.’


‘So you sold me out? How could you?’ Oscar weakly says


‘Shut up both of you.’


We ask them some more questions and they narrate how they dumped my baby’s body in the woods in the middle of nowhere.


I leave the police station a few minutes later and drive home, I feel hopeless. The police will be doing a search in the area maybe just maybe she could still be alive.



I get home and I find Precious is waiting for me by the door. The minute I walk into the house, she opens her arms to me and tightly hugs me I sent her a text before getting home.


I lay my head on her shoulder and break down, the last time I cried this much was when I lost Zaria’s mum. Lord this hurts, I just hope she can be found, I am hopeless but I am hoping for a miracle.


‘She will be fine. Hush!’ she rubs my back gently.






‘Zaria is missing!’ my eyes widen in shock.


I just found out too, ‘I haven’t been watching the news of late,’ Zach says


‘We need to go to her house and find out exactly what happened,’ I say


‘You are right.’


I stand up, ‘Let’s go.’


We walk towards the door and Lulu suddenly comes to stand in front of me, ‘You are not going anywhere.’


‘Lulu,’ please move out of my way.


‘Zaria is your EX, you have no business going over to her house. She can die for all I care but you aren’t going anywhere.’


‘Are you for real?’


‘Yes,’ she yells


Zach shakes his head, ‘Lulu please behave like a civilized woman.’




‘You are acting so childish and immature.’


‘Jesu!’ she screams, ‘did you just call me childish?’




She turns to me, ‘Your friend is insulting me and you are just quiet?’


‘What do you expect me to do?’


‘You are a fool Wesley, in fact both of you are fools. Immature uncultured men,’ she screams.


Enraged, I raise my hand and slap her hard across her face knocking her to the floor with a cry.


‘I will kill you,’ I raise my hand in the air, poised to slap her again when Zach’s hand locks onto my wrist.


‘Man you will hurt her, she is pregnant,’ he says


I pull away from her and March out of the room, Lulu is unbearable.




Searing pain sweeps through my brain, paralyzing me for a minute. I raise my hand and touch my mouth I feel the blood dribble down my chin.


“Oh lord, he just assaulted me.’


‘See what you have caused,’ Zach yells before he walks out of the house slamming the door behind his back. Shortly after, the car drives off.


‘I will make him pay.’


I take a big breath before I stand up and pick up my phone then I dial Sabrina’s number and narrate my ordeal to her.


‘Just stay where you are, I am coming with the police,’ she says ‘Good.’


I sit on the couch and anxiously wait for Sabrina to arrive I will not allow Wesley to turn me into a punching bag he must pay.


Thirty minutes later, there is a knock at the door. I quickly sit on the floor and start crying. Sabrina walks in with an officer following her.


‘Wesley did this to you?’ Sabrina asks as she helps me up.




‘What happened?’ the officer asks



I take in another big breath and explain what happened making sure to add in a few lies here and there.


‘Do you intend to press charges?’ he asks




‘Then you will have to come down to the station but first you need to go the hospital and get that lip worked on.’






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