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-Episode Fifty- one-




‘You think getting him arrested is the right thing to do?’ Sabrina asks as we step out of the car at the police station.


‘Yes, if I let this go he will think I am okay with this and he will make it a habit. I just want him detained for a day or two then I will drop the charges.’


‘What if he changes his mind about marrying you?’


‘He wouldn’t dare, Wesley knows me too well to do that.’




We walk into the police station and ask for the officer in charge of this case, he is a friend of Sabrina’s so he will do his best to work by our terms. Someone directs us to a small room where we find him.


We take a sit and he asks me a few questions, he takes notes on his pad while I narrate the whole story.


Afterwards he assures us that Wesley will soon be arrested. We return home thirty minutes later.


‘Let me make you something to eat,’ Sabrina says as she disappears into the kitchen.


I lie on the couch and wait patiently. She comes back after some time with two plates of rice and chicken placing them on the table.


‘Thank you.’


‘What did you say happened to Zaria?’


‘I hear she has been missing for a couple of days now.’ ‘I hope they don’t find her.’


‘I hope she is dead,’ I respond. ‘It’s because of that woman that Wesley has started tripping.’


‘These men,’ she shakes her head.


‘And how are things with Zach?’


‘That fool told me he doesn’t want to see me, can you imagine after he used me to satisfy his needs.’


‘And you just let him be?’


‘What was I to do?’


‘Trap him, tell him you are pregnant, use plan B.’


‘Ah, I am just tired boi, I have so much going on at the moment the last thing I want is to bring more problems for myself.’


‘The loan?’ I ask


‘Boi Loan yanipesha, I don’t know how to pay back my business is slowly going down elo they are threatening to get my house.’


‘Iye boi!’ I exclaim


‘There is this white man I met that I want to dupe, hope my plan works out.’ ‘And if you get arrested?’


She laughs, ‘Let’s cross that bridge when we get there.’ ‘Okay just be careful.’







We have been knocking on Zaria’s door for the past thirty minutes but to no avail. Seems there is no one home. I have tried Melanie and Yedda’s lines but they aren’t going through. Maybe they black listed my number.


‘Give me the number so I can call on my phone,’ Zach says ‘Sure.’


I give him Melanie’s number and he dials it, she picks up immediately, the phone is on loud speaker.




‘Hey Melanie, Zach on the line.’


‘Hey Zach.’


‘How are you?’


‘So so.’


‘Just found out about Zaria, any update?’ I ask


‘They just caught the man who abducted her and from what he said there is a huge possibility she is already dead.’






‘But what happened?’


‘It’s a long story.’


‘I am at your house right now and it looks deserted.’


‘We are at the hospital, Yedda was stabbed.’


‘Stabbed!’ I exclaim




‘That’s sad.’


‘It is.’


‘Please text me the hospital name and I will come and see you guys.’ Zach says





He cuts the call and looks at me, ‘She can’t be dead,’ I say ‘She has to be alive.’


‘I will never forgive myself if anything happens to Zaria,’ I say ‘Let’s go to the hospital.’


We walk towards the car and just before I step in. My phone vibrates indicating an incoming call. I pull it out of my pocket and answer without checking the caller id.’




‘Wesley Muchindu?’ the voice on the other end of the line ask ‘This is he, who am I talking to?’ I ask ‘Officer Chulu on the line.’


‘Yes officer, how can I help you?’


‘You need to come to Central Police station right away, your fiancé has reported you for assault,’ he says






‘That’s absurd.’


‘Please report to the police station right away.’


‘What nonsense?’ I furiously say before ending the call.




‘Can you believe Lulu has pressed charges of assault against me?’


‘What?’ he exclaims, ‘No offence but that woman is mentally unstable,’ he says


‘You want the honest truth?’


‘Yes,’ Zach responds


‘I regret leaving Zaria for Lulu, I want Zaria back. Lulu and I can’t work.’ He looks at me intently, ‘Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that?’


‘We aren’t married yet.’


‘Two months more and you guys are gonna be married.’


‘I doubt if that wedding will happen.’


‘I see.’


We get into the car and he drives to the hospital. I am not going to the police station, if the police want let them follow me.






‘Melanie!’ I pull her close to me and embrace her tightly. She seems to have lost weight, her eyes are puffy and her hair is messed up, this isn’t the Melanie I know.


She pulls away from the hug and stares at Wesley then she frowns.


‘Hi Melanie,’ Wes says politely


‘And what are you doing here?’ she asks him


‘I just wanted to know how Yedda is and how far you have gone with Zaria’s case.’


‘That is none of your business.’


‘What happened?’ I ask Melanie


‘It’s a long story but one of the men she was seeing abducted her, according to him, they had an argument and he pushed her, he got scared and dumped her body in the middle of nowhere.’




‘And the body hasn’t been found, so we are anxiously waiting for news. It’s a 50/ 50 thing maybe she is even dead.’


‘This is really sad, I am short of words.’


‘Ya it is.’


‘And how is Yedda?’


‘She is better she got stabbed by her boyfriend’s crazy ex.’


‘And all this happened at the same time?’ I asked


‘Yes, same night.’


‘I pray Zaria is found.’


‘I pray so too.’




I snap my eyes open & a feeling of floating unreality sweeps over me. All my senses are alert and strained with tension. I am lying in my bed staring at the wall, the events of the morning flash before my eyes. I simply cannot believe that Maureen the helper is my mother, what sort of nonsense is this?


A knock at the door snaps me from my thoughts.


‘Come in.’


Mum walks in.




‘Alex is here to see you,’ she says


‘Alex?’ I ask unable to believe that Alex has come to see me.




‘I will be out shortly.’


She walks out of the room and I quickly stand up, I rush to the bathroom and splash some water on my face. I get back to my room and quickly do a retouch of my face then I change into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Slipping my feet into a pair of flip-flops, I walk out of the room.


I find Alex sitting on the couch with another man he must be an officer at the station where he works from.


‘Hey,’ I say smilingly


‘Trish,’ he says, there is something about the way he said my name that I don’t like, it speaks anger and hate. Are things okay?


‘You are here to see me?’ I anxiously ask


‘Trish, you are under arrested for the attempted murder of Yedda Dawson,’ he says


My heart slams hard against my chest, ‘What?’


He stands up, ‘You have the right to remain silent and anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney and if you cannot afford one, we will provide one for you,’ he continues.


‘This is absurd,’ her mother says.


‘We have enough evidence that shows that your daughter is guilty,’ he says taking out a pair of handcuffs.


‘You can’t be serious,’ I scream


‘I am serious.’


‘I don’t care what kind of evidence you have but I won’t allow you to take my daughter with you.’


‘Madam, if your daughter doesn’t comply, we will have to use force.’


‘No,’ I screamed before I attempt to run out of the house but Alex catches up with me in no time. He locks my hands behind my back and puts the cuffs in place.


My struggle is futile the cuffs are fastened securely. He walks me out of the house and into the van outside, could my day get any worse?




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