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Episode 57






Saturday morning, I am startled out of my sleep by a loud scream.


‘Happy Birthday Zaria!’ The girls scream on top on their lungs pouring a bucket of water over my head.


I take a big gulp of air as the water travels down my spine.




It’s freezing


The girls can’t stop laughing & what makes it even worse is that Yedda is recording the whole scene.


‘You guys,’ I frown




‘My Bed? My hair? My pajamas?’


They burst into a fit of laughter, ‘Stop being petty, the bed, the hair, the pajamas like really?’ Yedda rolls her eyes.


‘And stop recording you fool.’


‘Make me stop,’ she sticks her tongue out.




‘How does it feel to be 28?’




‘Bitch!’ Melanie pokes me with her finger, ‘We are talking to you.’


‘I am not talking to you guys.’


‘Is that so?’




I am about to grab a towel to warm myself when I am met with another large bucket of ice water.


‘What the f**k?’


‘Happy 28th Babe,’ Melanie bursts out laughing


I shoot her a death glare, ‘you are dead meat,’ I say raising my fist before I begin chasing her around the house while Yedda is busy following behind still recording.


When we get to the living room, I stand frozen at the door. The entire room is decorated with multicolored tiny balloons, streamers and gifts are piled high on the one of the couches.


As I walk in, the balloons burst into the air before they suddenly begin to grow encircling me. Torn between amusement and anger tears begin trickling down my face, I am overwhelmed with love & happiness.


A chorus of happy birthday begins, they sing at their pit of their stomach.


It is the most horribly pitched song I have heard, even though the girls keep going off key, I can’t help but melt a little. Who am I that I should be loved this much?


“Happy Birthday Bae!’ they say in unison, ‘we love you Zaria & we wish you none but love & happiness. You are our bundle of joy we can never trade you for anything or anyone.’


They present me with a giant, ‘Happy Birthday card, with signatures and wishes from the both of them.


‘Thank you!’


‘You are always welcome.’


‘And all these are my presents?’ I ask




‘Twenty eight presents for your twenty-eighth birthday have fun opening them.’




I rush to my room, strip out of my wet pajamas and wrap a towel around my waist then I sit on the floor and begin opening my presents.


They got me a mini camera, jewellery, Handbags, some jeans, a huge teddy bear, perfume, chunky knit blanket, a new phone and a whole lot of stuff. My heart can’t contain this excitement.


‘Thank you!’ I whisper tears streaming down my face.


They laugh before they hug me tightly.


Afterwards I cut one of the cakes and feed the girls then we sit at the table and have breakfast.


‘So what’s for the rest of the day?’


‘We have so many things to do today but first things first, we are going for a wedding,’ Melanie exclaims


‘A wedding?’ I ask


‘Wesley is marrying today, we got a card, we are all gonna show up and support them.’


‘You guys, is that even necessary?’


‘Of course,’ Yedda says


‘And we have the perfect dress for you,’ Melanie says




‘Let’s get ready we don’t wanna miss the kiss.’


I rise to my feet and rush towards my room for a bath, I am about to walk into the bathroom when my phone rings, I walk back and pick it up.


‘Father Dearest!’


‘Happy Birthday my darling.’


‘Thank you,’ a huge smile spreads across my face.


‘I am supper proud of the woman you have become, I am sure your mother is happy where ever she is.’


‘You made me the woman I am today daddy, I am thankful for all the sacrifices you made.’


‘I would do it all over again my darling.’


I smile, ‘I love you daddy.’


‘I love you even more my darling, in the next life I still want you as my daughter.’


I laugh, ‘And I still want you as my daddy. So what do I get for 28?’


‘I have a lot planned for the day.’


‘I am all ears.’


‘I am not telling, at least not yet.’


‘Not fair.’


‘Patience my darling.’


‘Okay,’ I pout as if he can see me


‘I have got to go baby, will keep in touch.’




‘Love you.’


‘Love you too.’


As soon as the call ends I run towards the bathroom.




I wake up to the sun streaming in my window. I slept well in spite of the argument that Wes and I had last night. I sit up straight feeling unsettled and uneasy.


I grab my phone to check the time: 6:40 am on a Saturday morning. Today is my wedding day and I am quite excited because finally I will be marrying the man of my dreams, my baby’s father.


Well yes we have had arguments here and there but that’s all in the past.



The good thing about all this is that I have his family’s support, they have been on my side from the word go they actually called Wes and sat him down a week ago and told him to behave.


I sit for a few minutes thinking about the upcoming day’s events then I stare at my wedding dress which is on a hanger on the outside of my dresser, it is simple and elegant, perfect for a pregnant bride.


I hope Wesley is gonna love it as much as I do.


I am about to stand up when the door creaks open and Sabrina walks in.


‘Good morning,’ Sabrina says


‘Morning,’ I smile


She is my maid of honour she has been supportive throughout the journey. I couldn’t have made a better choice.


Things didn’t work out between her and Zach but she has managed to pull herself together, she is seeing one old rich man who helped her with repaying her loan.


‘Your sister in law just called, she is coming with the makeup artist so you need to bath.’




‘And Wes?’ I ask, ‘Have you heard from him?’


‘He is getting ready you don’t have to worry about a thing.’


‘Sure,’ I roll out of bed and head for the bathroom. I take a warm relaxing bath, it’s my wedding day actually and I need to be relaxed, I have worked so hard to get to this day.


After my bath, I walk to the breakfast hall and eat. After breakfast I return to my room. My sister in law and the makeup artist have just arrived so I sit in front of my mirror as she works on me.




At 9 Am, I find myself walking down the aisle toward Wesley. My heart skips a beat when I see him standing at the altar. He looks handsome in his gray suit but I can’t help and notice he looks angry too.



Still nervous, I bravely strode forward with the help of my uncle who will be giving me away. We get to the front and he takes my hand then he clicks his tongue and we turn to face the priest together.




We are standing in the front of the church friends and family members are here to witness our union. I am angrily holding Lulu’s hand it should have been Zaria by my side and not Lulu.


The reason I am standing here is because my family threatened to disown me if I leave Lulu. They are happy she is carrying my child, according to them no child of mine will be raised out of wedlock.


If I could turn back the hands of time, I swear I would, things shouldn’t have gotten this far.


‘Dearly beloved,’ the priest begins. ‘We are gathered here today to witness the union of two lovely people, Wesley Muchindu and Luyando Mweene.’


I zone out during the rest of the service, I keep yawning loudly I am bored. I can’t stop thinking about Zaria.


‘Wes!’ Lulu lightly hits my shoulder




‘Stop yawning like that,’ she whispers


I roll my eyes, ‘Leave me alone.’


‘Is anything the matter?’ The priest asks


‘No,’ she says


‘Is there anyone here who thinks these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or ….,’ the priest’s oratory is interrupted when the

door of the chapel swings open, Zaria and her girls march into the church.


Zaria is clad in a long white dress with slits on both sides and long sleeves tucked into a pair of white gloves trimmed with grey fur. Her minions are dressed in yellow short flared dresses.


They look extremely beautiful if I must say.



‘Click! Click! Click!’ the sound of their heels echo throughout the room as they majestically walk down the aisle of the church to the third row where they all sit down.




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