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-Episode Forty Two




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‘Shh, one word and you are dead,’ she whispers again.


This time I have no doubt its Trish damn this girl, I should have dealt with her when I had the chance.


‘If at all you value your life, you will do as told,’ another person says and this time around it’s a man. His voice is dark and husky, it send shivers down my spine.


My heart begins to race as they drag me away from my car. Strong hands are covering my nostrils making it hard for me to breath.


I can’t scream even if I want to because my mouth has been stuffed with a cloth.


They drag me behind the building, it’s dark and most people have already left. The possibility of being rescued here is zero to none.


‘A miracle that’s all I need right now.’






I warned her to stay away from my man but she didn’t listen, I have been patient with her but this is where I call it quits. She needs to go, that’s the only way Alex will be with me.


And even if he doesn’t end up with me, I will make sure he ends up with nobody.


He doesn’t deserve to be happy with someone else.


‘I won’t even waste much of your time, you know why I dragged you out like this,’ I say when we get to the other side of the building where it’s darker and a little isolated.


I pull out a knife from my pocket and without hesitation I stab her in the chest.






I stand up and yawn out loudly, I just finished working on my report. My entire body aches it’s been a busy day. Clicking off my computer, I pack my stuff and sling my handbag over my shoulder.


I turn off the lights and walk out of my office its quiet and dark.


I know most people would be terrified about being the last ones at the office but I love me some quiet time. I work better when everyone is gone.


I walk up to the elevator and press ground floor, it starts to move taking me down to the parking lot. At the parking lot, I am surprised to find Yedda’s car. We always park our cars next to each other so I know it very well.


She left about two hours ago, what is car still doing here? I wonder


I walk closer to her car and that’s when I notice her bag on the ground. I pick it up.


‘Something is wrong somewhere.’


Getting into my car, I drive to the security guard on duty.


‘How can I help you madam C?’ he asks


‘Has Miss Dawson left?’ I ask


He nods his head, ‘I thought the two of you are working late.’


‘She left the office about two hours ago but her car is still here and I found her bag next to her car.’


‘She hasn’t left this place,’ he says


‘Did you check her car?’


‘I peeped through the windows it looks empty.’


‘We need to look for her.’




‘Let me just call for backup.’








I pull up in front of Yedda’s house and step out of my car, as I walk towards the door, I try calling her again it keeps ringing but no answer. I tried to call her before I started off but she didn’t pick.


I knock on the door and wait, Melanie opens it a minute later. A huge smile spreads across her face when she sees me.


‘Long time my nigga,’ she says


‘Long time indeed. How are you?’


‘Laka! You?’


‘I am okay.’


‘Good to see you.’


‘Good to see you too.’


‘I am here for my ill mama, is she here?’


‘Nah! she hasn’t gotten back from work.’


‘That’s strange,’ I say


‘She said she would be working late.’



‘I know she was working late but I called her about forty five minutes ago and she said she was heading home.’


‘Tried calling her?’


‘She is not picking.’


She opens the door wider, ‘Come in, let me try and call her using my phone.’




I step in and close the door behind my back, we get into the living room and I sit down. Melanie grabs her phone from her table and dials her line.


She tries calling for about five times but no one picks.


‘Maybe she is driving,’ she says


‘She always answers her phone even when she is driving,’ I say


‘Ya it’s strange that she hasn’t picked up but let’s wait she should be here shortly. Can I offer you anything to drink?’


‘I am cool.’








‘See what you made me do,’ I scream at Zaria who is lying on the floor. ‘Get up and face me?’ I yell


When she doesn’t get up, I get down beside her and shake her but get no response.


Panic sets in when I notice the blood on the floor.


‘Wait, did I just kill her?’ My heart slams hard against my chest at the thought of murdering someone I can’t afford to go to jail.


‘Zaria, wake up,’ i shake her but still no response.


I quickly pick my phone from the table and call my best friend’s number.


‘Dude,’ he answers almost immediately


‘Where are you?’


‘I am home.’


‘I need your help.’


‘I am all ears.’


‘You need to come over now.’


‘What’s going on?’


‘I can’t explain over the phone but please come immediately it’s a matter of life and death.’


‘You are scaring me.


‘Dude just come,’ I snap


‘Okay will there shortly.’


I end the call and wait patiently for Andy to arrive. I am walking back and forth anxiously when he finally walks in about thirty minutes later.


‘What have you done?’ he asks


I point at Zaria, ‘I think I killed her.’


‘Dude?’ he gives me a quizzical look. ‘Again?’ he asks ‘It was an accident,’ I respond ‘You said that the first time.’


He walks towards her and gets down besides her, he puts his hand on her neck checking for a pulse.


‘What?’ I ask


No response


‘Is she dead?’


‘Yes. You killed her


A wave of fear sweeps through me, ‘Are you sure?’ ‘I don’t know but she looks dead.’ ‘What do we do?’


‘You know what should be done,’ he responds


‘Not again.’


‘It’s the only way out or you want us to go to the police station and report this.’




‘Then let’s do it.’




We wrap her body up in a blanket then tie her legs and feet with a rope. Afterwards, we pull her body out of the house and half carry-half drag her to the car.


Afterwards, we stuff her body into the trunk of the car.


‘I will drive,’ Andy says


‘Cool,’ I reply


We get into the car and he drive out really fast.


‘What happened?’ he asks


‘When she woke up she became rebellious, I asked her to marry me but she mocked me.’




‘She kicked me and ran for the door, I caught up with her and strangled her, I think she hid her head hard.’


‘This is really messed up but I think you have to go into hiding after this.’


‘I will.’




We drive to the rural area in the outskirts of town and step out of the car. We open the trunk and carry her body out before dumping it next to a garbage site.


Then we back into the car and Andy drives of very fast, spinning tires and he doesn’t slow down until we get a mile down the road.


When we finally get home, he hands me a bottle of whiskey.


‘You need this,’ he says


I sit on the couch and drown my sorrows in my whiskey I loved Zaria I seriously didn’t intend to kill her. Tears begin to stream down my face as the events of the day flash before my eyes.


‘You are crying?’ he laughs


‘I loved her.’


‘You will find someone else,’ he takes a sip from the bottle of whiskey.


‘Hell yes I will.’


We burst out laughing.






I dial Yedda’s line for what seems like the hundredth time that evening but she doesn’t answer. I try Zaria’s line and it takes me straight to voicemail, frustrated I place my phone on the table.


‘This is strange,’ Zach says, she should have been here some hours ago.


‘They both should have been here a long time ago,’ I worriedly say


‘It’s getting late, I am worried too.’


‘I think we need to go to Yedda’s place of work and find out,’ he says




I grab my phone and just we are about to walk out of the door, my phone rings. I answer it without checking the caller id.


‘Melanie you need to come to the hospital right away,’ the voice on the other end says


‘Hospital? why?’


‘We are heading to the University Teaching Hospital, you need to come it’s a matter of life and death.’


‘What’s happening?’ I ask



Zach grabs the phone from my hand so he can talk to the person on the other side of the line because my hands are trembling.


‘Hello, what’s going on?’ he asks


‘What?’ he asks a minute later, dropping my phone to the ground.




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