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-Episode Forty Six-






I stare at her with a confused look on my face. ’What sort of silly joke is this?’ I thought he said she isn’t home.


‘Surprise to see me?’ she asks with a giant smile spread across her face.


I shake my head and turn to leave but she grabs my arm roughly.


‘Not so quick,’ she says


I spin halfway around, ‘I seriously do not have time for Jokes Susan.’ ‘And she knows my name,’ she exclaims


‘Yes, I know your name and then?’ I angrily ask because she is now getting on my nerves.


‘Oh and she can talk back,’ she laughs


‘What do you want?’ I ask


‘I want us to talk.’


‘I don’t think you and I have anything to talk about.’


‘And that’s where you are wrong darling, you and I have a lot to talk about.’ ‘I don’t think I have the time to waste.’


‘Do come in please so we can have a drink while talking.’


‘And if I say no?’I ask trying to remove my hand from her arm without being too obvious.


‘I will have to use force,’ she says tightening her grip and flushing me a smile.


I forcefully yank my hand from hers & then I roll my eyes and click my tongue.



‘I don’t know what you have heard about me Susan but I am not in your class so the next time you wanna play games, I suggest you find someone else.’




‘And I am leaving now tell Ezra to call me when he get’s back.’


And with that said, I turn and start walking towards the gate. I hear her laugh out loud before she claps her hands. She must be mentally disturbed I guess.


I am about to pull the gate open when angry strong hands grab me from behind, I quickly spin around and come face to face with a huge man.


The man is darker than anyone I have ever come across, he looks like the devil himself. He has a scar running at an angle across his face.


His face breaks into a vicious grin then he lifts me up in his arms as if I weigh nothing. He walks past Susan into the house.


Susan slams the door shut and locks it.


He dumps me on the floor when we get to the living room, there is another huge man sitting on the couch and he has a gun in his hands.


Shivers run down my spine, what is all this?


‘Tie her up,’ Susan says, this time around she isn’t smiling.


The man who carried me tackles me to the ground and begins to bind my arms and legs with a rope.


‘Get off me,’ I yell struggling to get away but to no avail.


‘Shhh,’ the other man says pointing a gun at me and I instantly shut up, I don’t want to die, well I know I will die one day but not in this manner. When I am all tied up, Susan clicks her fingers and the other man rushes upstairs.


He comes back a minute later with Ezra, he too has his hands legs all tied up.


‘Ezra, what have they done to you?’ I yell


He looks as though he was beaten.







There is a long uncomfortable silence in the room as I stare at my soon to be ex husband and his mistress. Never in my life have I ever thought I would find myself in such a situation but well here we are.


I excuse myself and head to the kitchen, where I grab a bottle of whisky and some glasses from the cabinet and take them to the living room.


I place the glasses on the table and pour straight shots in all of them. I take two of the glasses and hand them to the men helping me.


‘You want a glass?’ I ask Ezra.


He shakes his head. I look at Trish, ‘and you?’ she rolls her eyes and clicks her tongue.


‘Suit yourself.’


I pick up my glass and raise it high, ‘To discovering new things,’ I gulp down my whiskey welcoming the slow burn at the back of my throat.


Six months ago, I discovered my husband was cheating on me.


I didn’t have the strength to confront him, I thought he would get back to his senses and end his affair with Trish, but he didn’t.


And you know what hurts the most, this isn’t just a case of infatuation, I think Ezra has fallen in love with Trish and that stings a whole lot.


Two days leading to this moment, I discovered I was pregnant and that for me was an eye opener, I couldn’t continue living with a man like this, for my baby’s sake I decided I would leave his ass but not before I taught him and his mistress a lesson.


I hired these men a day ago and asked them to come over this morning and beat up Ezra before tying him down. Then I got his phone and texted his mistress.


‘Will you tell me what I am doing here?’ Trish asks snapping me from my thoughts.


‘Did you know the man you have been screwing is married?’ I ask




‘And you still went ahead and dated him?’


‘I liked him, what did you expect me to do?’


I grab my glass and take a large sip from it, she has guts.


‘Are you happy that you have finally managed to ruin my marriage?’


‘I didn’t ruin your marriage darling it crumbled on its own. It’s not my fault that your husband chose to be with me over you.’


Her words sting, I stand up ‘I hate you so much, I cannot think of another person in the whole world that I despise more than you,’ I hiss


‘Susan,’ Ezra begins


‘Don’t you dare talk to me you son of a bitch,’ I shout so loudly my throat almost gets ripped apart.


‘He doesn’t love you why should you use force?’ she asks


‘You idiot,’ I scream before I slap her hard across her face.’ Do you know what you have done to my marriage?’ I yell loudly, I am bawling inside with anger, shame and pain, all the feelings come along at the same instant.


‘She is not to blame,’ Ezra says, ‘If you want to blame anyone then blame it on me, I am the one who went after her, I broke our vows and not her.’


I look at Ezra and pain sweeps through me.


‘I am sorry I cheated but there’s nothing I can do now, I have fallen in love with Trish.’


‘Ezra!’ Trish’s eyes open wide open. ‘What is that supposed to mean?’ I ask him ‘I don’t love you anymore.’


I feel my knees go weak, everything in me is telling me to break down and cry but I know better than to allow my feelings to consume me in front of them.


‘Trish by the time I am done with you today, you will never look at a married man ever again,’ I grab a belt from one of the men and whip her, ‘This is for ruining my marriage,’ I whip her again, ‘And this is for all the married women who are suffering because of their husband’s mistresses.’


She yelps in pain as the blows come harder and stronger. By the time I am finished with her, I am sure her back is full of bruises and scars. And now that my job is done here, I can leave and not look back.






I slowly open my eyes as I regain consciousness, my head hurts so badly I can’t focus on anything else for a minute. ’it hurts.’ I take in my surroundings as my blurry vision focuses. I ‘am lying in a bed that’s unfamiliar to me. There is a couch next to the bed, a small table in the middle and some books piled up in a corner.


I am still trying to remember what happened and where I am when the door creaks open. I turn my head to see a beautiful girl walking towards, me she is wearing a blue flared dress and flip-flops on her feet.


‘You are awake?’ she says calmly, she has a huge smile on her face.


‘Who are you?’ I ask


‘Well my name is Xandria and I am your host.’




‘My father found you unconscious in the woods he picked you up and brought you here.’


I groaned as I sit upright, I rub my head lightly to try and ease the throbbing headache. Xandria is quietly staring at me.


‘Are you okay?’ she asks




‘I will go and call my father, don’t panic just feel at home.’


She runs out of the room and comes back a minute later with her father.


‘Hey,’ he says




‘I am Xavier.’


‘Zaria,’ I say softly


‘How are you feeling?’


‘I have a splitting headache,’ I say



‘The doctor said you will be dealing with headaches, dizzy spells and nausea for some time because you suffered a concussion, do you remember what happened to you? I found you in the woods.’


I close my eyes and the memories of that night flash before my eyes. I remember Stephan strangling me before he let me go and I hit my head on the floor, I can’t remember what happened next.


Panic sets in at the realization of what happened he dumped me in the middle of nowhere because he thought I had died. Oh lord!


My heart begins to beat faster than usual & my head pounds harder.


‘Are you okay?’ Xandria asks


I raise my hands to my head trying to stop the pounding but it doesn’t go away.


‘Zaria, are you okay?’ Xavier worriedly asks. I want to answer him but I can’t, the pain is excruciating. My lips can’t move.


‘Call the doctor,’ he says to Xandria and she runs out of the room like one who is being chased.


My head finally explodes and I can’t take it anymore. I scream.


He wraps his hands around me as I scream. My head keeps pounding. I want the pain to go away. It hurts.




That’s the last thing I hear before I collapse into his arms.




A gambling Heart


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