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Episode Five




The first time I saw him, butterflies erupted in my stomach and my heart thumped so hard pain stabbed through my ribs stealing my breath.


He was dressed in an expensive suit without a jacket.


When he flicked me a quick appraising look everything around me froze and all I could see was this gorgeous man.


‘Lulu,’ my friend Millie whispered startling me from my trance.


We were at her boyfriend’s birthday party she had actually dragged me there.


‘Who is that man?’ I had asked her


‘Wesley, he is one of Victor’s friends.’


‘Yummy,’ I smiled


‘He is taken,’ she had given me a warning look


‘Married? I asked


‘Nop, he lives with his girlfriend.’


‘Single,’ I mumbled


‘Lulu he is off-limits,’ she said.


‘Relax Millie.’


I couldn’t get Wes off my mind, I kept watching his every move from the corner of my eye and the fact that he had a girlfriend didn’t move me, as long as he wasn’t married he was available and free to mingle. I so badly wanted to talk to him.




I looked over my shoulder to see Wes standing behind me.


I was sitting alone with a glass of whiskey in my hand Millie had gone to be with her boyfriend.


‘Hey,’ I smirked


‘Pretty lady shouldn’t be sitting by herself,’ he said


‘Well I came here with a friend but she is busy somewhere with her boyfriend.’


‘I am Wesley but my friends call me Wes.’


‘I am Luyando, my friends call me Lulu.’


‘Nice to meet you Lulu, would you like to go somewhere a bit quieter.’




He took my hand, ‘Come on.


I don’t know how much we actually spoke that night but I knew I didn’t want to let him go, there was this instantaneous animalistic attraction between us and he had a way of making me feel special like I was the only person in the world.


By the end of the night, we exchanged numbers, he went his way and I went mine. Must I mention he didn’t say anything about his ‘supposed’ girlfriend that night?


After a week, he asked me out for lunch and I accepted.


Wesley and I got close pretty quickly, he told me about his girlfriend Zaria but I didn’t mind because I knew I would end up having him all to myself in no time.


It started with little touches then flirting and before we knew it we were having s£x.



We would spend our days together wrapped around each other and when we weren’t together we were texting.


‘Lulu, I don’t like this kind of behavior, Wes has a girlfriend and you keep throwing yourself at him,’ Millie scolded me one evening.


‘Girl, she is just his girlfriend not his wife, why are you so insecure about it?’


‘I know Zaria she is a nice person and doesn’t deserve all this.’


‘Then save her the heart break and tell her about me and Wes.’


‘You know I can’t please leave Wes alone.’


‘I am sorry, I can’t I am in too deep.’


She shook her head and let out a frustrated breath of air, ‘I am washing my hands off this issue,’ she said before she grabbed her bag and left.




The sun is shining it’s a regular Sunday afternoon, the guys and I are having a brail. Music is playing in the background, Victor and Mathias are grilling different sorts of food.


Zach is sitting next to me he is eating and drinking beer.


I am sitting in silence, a beer cane between my legs, gently touching the tips of my fingers together.


‘A penny for your thoughts,’ Zach says


‘Just thinking about life,’ I respond


Victor laughs, ‘I thought life is going great for you. You have two women at your back and call, what more do you want?’


‘Zaria and I had a fight last night she didn’t even sleep in our room.’


‘Why?’ Zach asks


‘She expected me to propose last night but I didn’t and she got really angry.’


‘I don’t blame her,’ Zach says


‘Why is she suddenly desperate for you to marry her?’ Mathias asks


‘They have been together five years or have you guys forgotten?’


‘Just because they have been together five years doesn’t automatically mean he should marry her.’ Victor responds


Zach stares at them, his mouth open.


‘I am stuck between a rock and a hard place, I love Zaria but I am in too deep with Lulu, she brings out a side of me I never knew existed plus she is pregnant for me.’



‘You are being selfish and self-centered. You want Zaria to continue playing wifey to you while you enjoy the fun and excitement with this Lulu. Let Zaria go, she doesn’t deserve this,’ Zach angrily says


Victor laughs out loud, ‘No offence but why does it seem as if you have a crush on Zaria? He asks Zach.


We all turn and look at him intently.


‘That’s total bullshit’ he says defensively, ‘Zaria is a nice woman and let’s not forget everything she did for Wesley. If not for Zaria, this man wouldn’t be where he is right now.’


‘Did he ask her to do all these things for her?’ Victor enquires


‘Of course he didn’t,’ Mathias laughs and takes a sip of his beer


‘We know he didn’t, she did what he did because loves him.’


‘He doesn’t owe her anything, he doesn’t have to marry her just because she helped and supported him at some point. If Wes loves Lulu more than it is Lulu he should be with.’


‘You are right.’


I sit with my back to the wall listening to the conversations and the pointless arguments over Zaria.


During the five years I have been in a relationship with Zaria, I had had intimate flings on the side with different women. You can’t blame me I am a man I easily get tempted.


I also love the excitement of something new- there is just something about new energy.


Meeting Lulu that night was a big coincidence yet I was instantly attracted to her. In my mind our relationship was supposed to be a one-off thing but she left me craving for more.


Despite her being three years younger than Zaria, lulu is more experienced s£xually and she loves to explore.


I have been with Lulu for 8 months now and she is 2 months pregnant. She has met most of my family members and they prefer her to Zaria.


They have never approved of my relationship with Zaria because she is coloured.


What is man supposed to do in such a situation? I don’t want to let Zaria go because we’ve been together for so many years and she has been with me through thick and thin. Then there is Lulu, the chemistry between us is intense plus she is carrying my child and I am so thrilled about being a father.


‘Wes!’ Mathias shakes me startling me from my thoughts




‘What are you gonna do?’


‘I don’t know.’


‘Zaria’s father will murder you,’ Zach says


I roll my eyes, ‘That man has never liked me so he can go to hell.’


They burst out laughing.


‘You know what, I will cross that bridge when I get there for now let me just enjoy my life.’


‘That’s my guy.’




A gambling Heart




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