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Episode Six




The girls and I are lying on the floor on our backs- eyes shut. There is a long silence. Not really uncomfortable but not really comfortable either, I’ve just finished telling them about last night.


‘What if Wesley is cheating on you?’ Yedda asks finally breaking the silence.


‘Could he really be cheating on me?’ I can’t help but wonder, because if he is I don’t know if I am gonna survive it, I don’t have the strength in me for another relationship.


I have invested everything in this relationship, body heart and soul.


Admittedly the five years we have been together haven’t been so perfect, we’ve had fights galore where I’ve even moved out of the apartment but we always get back together in the end.


‘You think he would go that far?’ Melanie asks


That thought crossed my mind several times last night but I refuse to believe Wes would actually do something to ruin what we have, we have come a long way he can’t mess this up.


The past few months Wes and I have become so engrossed in our work that we’ve hardly had time for each other, I don’t question him because he hasn’t given me any reasons to doubt him.


‘Do you ever look through his phone?’ Yedda asks


I shrug, ‘Wes and I have a simple policy of not going through each other’s phones.’


‘I think you should,’ Melanie says


‘I don’t think I would stoop that low, if he is cheating then I will find out one way or another after all nothing stays hidden under the sun but I won’t go snooping around.’


Melanie rolls her eyes,’ Yeah right.’


‘Zaria, you and Wes have been together five years, you’ve played wifey all these years I think you have a right to go through his phone.’


I shot her a greasy look, ‘I have played wifey yes but must I remind you that I am not his wife yet?’


‘No offence girl but I think you are just afraid of checking his phone because our suspicions might be true.’



I open my eyes and manage a weak smile, ‘Maybe I am scared but I won’t go snooping around.’ ‘If you say so.’


‘Precious is pregnant,’ I say trying to change the subject.


‘Our own Precious?’ Melanie squeals with delight


‘Yes, our mummy precious.’


‘This is good news,’ Yedda says


‘I know right.’


‘When are we celebrating?’ Asks Melanie


Yedda and I stare at her before we burst out laughing.


‘What?’ she rolls her eyes


‘You are not the one pregnant so why do you want to celebrate?’


‘Shut up you both, I am just happy for daddy hence we need to celebrate.’ ‘I hear you.’


‘Oh Lord I should call her and find out the s£x of the child so we can start planning the baby shower, we need to make a list of people we are going to invite and also make a budget.’


‘Slow down Melanie.’




‘You are dramatic,’ Yedda laughs


‘I am excited.’


‘You are overexcited.’


‘Dah! What do you girls want to do today?’


‘I just wanna eat and sleep I am seriously too drained to do anything.’ ‘Because of Wes?’


‘I have this sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach that something is wrong and my heart keeps beating faster than normal.’


‘You’ve a strong intuition Zaria we all know that don’t play a blind eye to what you are feeling this could be a sign.’


I sigh, ‘I don’t know but this is depressing, how about we talk about something else?’ ‘Let’s just order Pizza and watch some movies then,’ Yedda says ‘I think that will do for me, I haven’t watched a movie in forever.’



‘You guys choose a movie while I order Pizza,’ Melanie stands up and walks to her room to get her phone.


I turn on the television and flip through the channels to see if there is any movie we can watch, perhaps a good comedy movie something to get my mind off Wes.


‘How about I feel pretty?’ I ask Yedda


‘Amy Schumer?’ She asks excitedly




‘Yes, let’s watch this, I love how funny and real Amy’s movies are.’


Melanie walks back into the living room with a smile on her face.




‘Pizza will be here shortly.’


‘Great the movie will be starting shortly.’


‘What are we watching?’


‘I feel pretty.’


‘Okay,’ she nods her head.


A few minutes later, the pizza is delivered to the house, we get settled and as the story begins, I turn up the volume. After the movie ends, we watch two more movies.


‘I feel tired,’ Melanie stands up and stretches her arms high when the third movie ends


‘We have been lying here almost the whole day just eating and watching TV, why are you tired?’ Yedda asks


‘Leave me alone Yedda.’


I stand up too, ‘I am going to call Wes just to let him know I will be spending the night here.’


‘It’s gonna be a great night,’ Melanie smiles


I walk over to the bedroom and sit at the edge of the bed while rummaging through my bag to find my phone. When I finally find my phone I dial his number.


‘Hey babe,’ I chirp into the phone


‘Hey,’ he responds in a soft tone, that’s odd, Wes is usually loud on the phone.


‘How have you been? Are you home or you are still with the boys?’


‘uh-huh?’ he responds distractedly


‘I just called to let you know that I will be spending the night with the girls.’






‘Enjoy the night with the girls. I got to go. I will call you later. Bye.’


‘Bye. I love you.’


He ends the call without responding.


My jaw drops, ‘Like what the f**k?’


He usually answers back on this one, why did he just cut the call like that?


‘What is there’s someone else? I ponder on this for a few minutes before I decide to join the girls.




I place the phone on the table and sit on the edge of the bed, Lulu walks in and she wraps her arms around me from behind, I feel her cheek and her warm breath against my neck.


‘Hey,’ I say


Her grip tightens a little, ‘Was that Zaria?’


‘Yes. She won’t be going home tonight.’


‘So I can have you here the whole night?’ she asks excitedly


I guess so.


She turns me around so that I am facing her.


‘When are you going to tell her about us?’ she asks


‘I don’t know, I don’t wanna hurt her, you know Zaria and I have been together for a long time, I just can’t break this news to her abruptly.’


She reaches out and gently runs her hand through my hair.


‘I know how hard this is for you babe, I don’t wanna put pressure on you but remember I am pregnant for you so the sooner you make a decision the better for everyone.’


I hold my hand against her cheek and rub gently rub her lips with my thumb then I kiss her, the kiss starts slow and soft but quickly hits up as my tongue invades hers in a possessive surge.


‘I will never mess up what we have here, I will own up to my responsibilities, I can’t allow my child to be raised by someone else,’ I say when the kiss finally breaks.


She smiles, ‘You will be an amazing father.’


‘I hope so.’


‘I am serious.’


‘Thank you.’ I say quietly


‘For what?’


‘For making me the happiest man on earth, you and our child will never lack.’


‘I love you,’ she whispered smilingly


‘And I love you too.’





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