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-Episode Forty five-






At 6 am, I walk into the bathroom and run a bath for myself making due with shampoo as my bubble bath. The minute I step into the tub, all the tense muscles in my body start to relax.


I soak in the hot tub for nearly thirty minutes when I decide it’s time to get out. I dry myself with a towel and walk out of the bathroom to my room.


A few minutes later I am standing in front of the mirror, I am clad in a long black dress with a long slit on one side, tall black heels and black painted lips. I comb out my hair and let it fall on my shoulders.


Satisfied with my looks, I grab my bag then head downstairs.


‘Morning,’ Maureen politely greets me


‘Morning,’ I respond with a smile, I am in a good mood.


‘You look happy,’ she says


‘I am happy.’


She pulls back a chair for me at the dining table and pours me a cup of coffee then she places some slices of bread, eggs and bacon on my plate.


‘Enjoy your meal,’ she says


‘Thank you.’


I quietly eat my breakfast, when I am done I stand up and walk towards the door. I walk outside to the beautiful warm sun hitting my skin.


Getting into my car, I drive off to Alex’s house. I pull up in front of his gate about an hour later. Stepping out of my car I lock my doors and push the gate open.


I walk to the door and knock twice Alex opens the door a minute later. ‘Morning.’


‘Morning, what do you want?’ he asks


‘Can’t I visit an old friend again?’


‘I have had a rough night and I don’t have the time to entertain you so state your cause and leave.’


‘We used to be best of friends Alex,’ I begin


‘Used to be,’ he says cutting me short before I can finish.


‘What happened to us?’


‘You happened.’




‘Leave,’ he says, his tone is cold and harsh


‘What’s going on? Is Yedda okay?’ I ask


He shakes his head, ‘If I find out you are responsible for what happened to Yedda, I will strangle you with my bare hands,’ he growls


‘What is that supposed to mean? Is Yedda dead?’ I ask curiously


‘You wish,’ he responds


‘What’s going on?’


‘Here’s the truth,’ he begins, ‘When I lost Janet, something told me you had something to do with her accidents, there was nothing leading to you hence a case could not be opened against you but if I find out you tried to hurt Yedda in any way, I swear to God I will shoot you Trish.’


‘But Alex,’ I grab his arm he yanks his arm off mine.


‘Make this the last time you show your filthy face in my house,’ he screams before he walks back into the house shutting the door in my face.


I stand at his door for a second, thinking about what just happened? Does it mean that stupid girl is still alive? It’ can’t be. I killed her.


After a minute or so, I march out of his compound to my car I get in and sped off.


‘She has to die, she must die,’ I keep telling myself as I drive to Charlotte’s office.



I get to Charlotte’s office and I am told she is off work for the next two weeks because she has travelled.


‘Fuck!’ I curse before I walk out there feeling angrier than before, I am gonna kill someone, I can feel it.


I get back to my car and pull out my phone from my bag, I dial his number and he picks up instantly.


‘She didn’t die,’ I yell. ‘The stupid bitch is alive.’ ‘How come?’


‘How am I supposed to know? I thought I did enough damage.’ ‘What next?’


‘Find out which hospital she is at and finish her off, she should leave to see tomorrow.’


He laughs, ‘It is done madam.’




‘Let me get to work.’


‘When you get rid of her today, I will triple your pay.’ ‘That’s a small thing,’ he laughs again. ‘Awesome.’


As soon as that call ends, my phone vibrates indicating a text message.


‘Morning my darling,’ I smile as I read the text from Ezra, just the person I need to see.


‘Morning,’ I respond


‘Where are you?’ he asks




‘Can he see you?’


‘And your wife?’


‘She has already left for work, so you can come over.’




‘Can’t wait to see you.’


‘Same here.’


I place my phone on the car seat and drive over to his house. When I get there, I park my car in front of the gate and walk in.


I take a deep breath and then knock at the door of the house, when no one answers I knock again louder this time.


I hear a thud inside the house and then the door opens. I am surprised to see Ezra’s wife at the door instead of him.






I wake up in the morning feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, I couldn’t sleep last night, how could I when Yedda was lying in a hospital bed and Zaria was nowhere to be seen.


I rise out of bed with a groan and drag myself toward the bathroom. I stand in front of my bathroom mirror and stare at my unfriendly reflection. My eyes are red and puffy plus there are dark sockets under them.


I take a quick bath and walk back to my room. I put on a t-shirt and a pair of jeans then I slip my feet into a pair of sneakers.


As I tie down my hair, my phone vibrates suddenly announcing an incoming call I pick it up and answer.


‘Morning Darling,’ the familiar voice says on the other end of the line.


‘Pappy!’ I manage a weak smile


‘How are you holding up this morning?’


‘So, so.’


‘Don’t worry, Yedda will be fine and Zaria will be found. I will do everything I can to find her.’


‘Please do.’


‘It shall be fine, he says.’


‘Thank you.’


‘I am on my way to the office I will be meeting up with some top investigators then afterwards I will meet you at the hospital. I want Yedda transferred to a private hospital.’


‘Thank you daddy,’ I say


‘You and Yedda are like my daughters too, I have to see to it that you are taken care of.’


‘Thank you,’ I say again, this man is more of a father to me than my own father. I have never met someone this loving and selfless.


‘You are welcome,’ he laughs. ‘And stop thanking me.’ ‘I can’t help it.’


‘And least I forget I have sent Aaron to pick you up. He will drive you to the hospital and keep an eye on you.’


Aaron is one of his drivers.




He hangs up the phone and finish getting ready. As soon as I am done, I get done on my knees and bow my head in prayer.


‘Dear Lord, please bring Zaria back home safely and heal Yedda. I come against any plots and plans of the enemy upon their lives in Jesus name. Amen.’


A knock sounds at the door just as I say Amen I grab my bag and phone and walk out of the door, slamming it shut behind my back. Then I lock up.


‘Morning,’ Aaron politely greets me.




‘Shall we?’




We quietly walk to his car once we get in he drives me to the hospital. He pulls up in front of the hospital about an hour later then he steps out and opens the door for me. We walk towards the entrance of the hospital.



I walk into Yedda’s room and sit on the chair which is next to the bed. She looks peaceful though her face looks pale.




A gambling Heart


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