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-Episode Thirty Eight-




I watch Zaria as she hurriedly walks to the gate she pulls it open and walks out.


‘Zach!’ Sabrina clicks her fingers in my face.


‘What?’ I snap at her




‘What about Zaria?’


‘That’s the woman you are in love with?’ she asks


I shake my head and quickly enter the house, she runs after me. In the living room, I walk over to the table and pour myself a large glass of wine.


‘You didn’t answer my question,’ she says


‘What did you ask?’ I ask pretending not to know what she is referring to.


‘Zaria, your best friend’s Girlfriend. You are in love with her?’ she points an accusing finger at me.


I take a seat before I gulp all of the wine down.


‘Zach!’ she yells. ‘Answer me!’


I pour more wine in my glass and swallow it down. ‘Yes, Zaria is the woman I am in love with,’ I finally say


Her eyes widen in shock and the colour drains quickly from her face. ‘What?’


She gets the glass from my hands and gulps some wine.


‘That’s betrayal in its highest form, does Wesley know about this?’ I shake my head.


‘No. And I didn’t betray anyone, it’s not like Zaria and I ever had anything going on.’


‘It’s still betrayal, how could you fall in love with your friend’s girlfriend?’


‘Ex,’ I correct her


‘Still the same thing.’


‘I think you should leave,’ I say.


‘What do you mean I should leave?’ she asks


‘I didn’t ask you to come over in the first place.’


She shoots me a gloomy look, ‘Zach don’t you dare play with me.’ ‘I am serious, we just s£x and now you are evading my space.’ She laughs, ‘I thought you wanted me to come over.’ ‘You thought wrong.’


This girl is kinda irritating me, at this point I only want her out of my house, I need to be alone so I can think.



Why did Zaria come over? What if she realized she loves me too and she came to tell me? Have I just blown my only chance at love?




‘Please just leave I wanna be alone.’


She frowns but doesn’t respond, ‘You wanna be alone fine, I will be in your room sleeping, take all the time you need thinking, I aren’t going nowhere.’




I walk into his room and slam the door behind my back. I walk back and forth thinking of my next move.


‘Zaria Nel?’ Can I compete with a woman like her? She is beautiful rich and intelligent.


Why does it have to be her?


I love Zach and I am not taking any chances, my biological clock is ticking, I can’t afford to lose a man like him.


He must marry me.


I am glad we had s£x without using protection I just hope I fall pregnant, that will be enough to trap him.




As I drive back home, I am in deep thoughts, I can’t stop thinking about what happened at Zach’s house.


Can’t believe Nigga has been seeing someone for the past three months and he had the guts to confess his love to me.


Anyway Zach is the least of my problems I hope Oscar won’t come back at me again, he needs to leave me alone.


Finally I get home I park my car in the driveway before I step out. I lock my doors and walk towards the front door.


The door is locked, wonder where Yedda has gone too, hope she gets back home before I sleep, I need to talk to her.



I shuffle through my purse for my keys. I find the keys and insert them into the lock I unlock the door and push it open.


I step into the house slamming the door behind my back. Then I head straight to my room, once inside my room I kick off my shoes and strip out of my clothes.


I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Under the water, I feel my muscles relax.


Shortly after, I step out of the bathroom and walk over to my closet. I take out a clean underwear and dress.


When I am fully dressed I grab my phone and head to the kitchen, I get myself some juice before going to the living room.


I am sitting on the couch texting Stephen, he wants to come over but I don’t feel like seeing anyone tonight.


Him- I really miss you babe, why can’t I com over tonight?


Me- I am tired, I should be sleeping soon.


Him- Tomorrow


Me- Definitely


Him- Tomorrow it is


Me- Sure


I place my phone on the table and decide to watch some television I have a lot on my mind I am not even paying attention to the movie that’s playing on the TV.


The door creaks open several moments later and Yedda walks in, she is carrying a large box of Pizza.


‘Hey,’ she says


‘Hey. How are you?’


‘Fine and you?’


She places the box on the table and sits on the couch across from mine.


An awkward silence settles between us for a while before I finally clear my throat and break the silence.


‘About yesterday and this morning,’ I begin.


‘I am sorry Zaria, I didn’t mean to interfere in your life I just wanted to….,’


‘I know you were only looking out for me. I am sorry for acting the way I did.’ A huge smile plays across her lips, ‘I really sorry.


‘It’s okay I was fool to actually think I could have a stable relationship with someone I just met online.’


‘It’s not your fault we actually forced you to do this.’


‘I have learnt my lesson.’


‘What next?’


‘I will break it off with these guys, I can’t go up to ninety days.’ ‘I see.’


‘Oscar came over at the office,’ I say before getting a slice of pizza. ‘What did he want?’


I take a deep breath as I begin to narrate the whole story to her.


‘He must be reported,’ she says


‘Yes, we can go and see Alex at Lunch tomorrow so you can report that fool.’ ‘Thank you very much.’


I am about to respond when the door bursts open startling both Yedda and i. ‘Babies, I am home!’ Melanie screams


‘Aw!’ We quickly rise to our feet and run towards her. We wrap our hands around her while screaming, welcome.


‘You fools are gonna kill me,’ she says pulling away from us.


‘We missed you too, goat.’


She rolls her eyes, ‘Frogs.’


‘Welcome back home,’ Yedda says


‘Tell me about everything I have missed.’


We help her with her suitcase, ‘All in good time mummy.’




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