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-Episode Thirty Nine-




“At some point you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life.”






It’s 6 in the morning and I am already awake, I have been up for the past few hours, I find it hard to sleep these days.


I roll out of bed and undress I do my morning shuffle to the bathroom with a towel wrapped around myself.


I step into the shower and begin washing my body. I am humming to myself softly as take my shower.


I step out of the shower about ten minutes later, feeling so fresh and relaxed. I walk back to my room and dry my body. Afterwards, I walk to my closer and pick something to wear.


I flip through my closet trying to pick out what to wear. I picked a peach body hugging dress and quickly get dressed. Afterwards I apply some make up and pin my hair in a simple bun.


Walking out of my room to the kitchen, I hear a knock at the front door.


I head for the door wondering who could be at the door this early.


‘’I am coming,’ I shout and open staring at the person on the other side shockingly.


There stands Wesley at my doorstep.


Silence reigns for about a minute. I clear my throat to get his attention, arching his brow his gaze looks me up and down.


‘Hey,’ he finally says




‘You look good, how are you?’


‘I am fine and thanks, you don’t look bad yourself.’


He chuckles, ‘I was in the neighbourhood and I thought I should pass by and say hi, it’s been a while,’ he says


‘Oh,’ I respond surprised at how calm and collected I am.


‘I was hoping we could talk, perhaps over coffee,’ he says


I give him a quizzical look, ‘Talk about what?’


‘Just catching up on stuff, I know we broke up but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.’


‘Not to sound rude but I don’t think I have the time to go out with you for coffee, I have a lot of stuff going on and you are the last person I want to spend my time with.’


‘Who is at the door?’ Melanie asks as she appears from the other room.


I don’t respond but I signal for her to come and see for herself. She hurriedly walks to the door and opens it wider.


‘If it isn’t Mwansa Kabinga, shonongo shetani, the devil himself,’ Melanie exclaims, ‘Iwe Shetani, what are you doing here?’ she asks


I can’t help but burst into a fit of laughter, there is never a dull moment with Melanie.


‘Hey Melanie!’ Wes says


‘Hey to yourself what are you doing here?’


‘I just came to see Zaria.’


‘Came to see Zaria for what? Is she your child? Are you in anyway related?’


He shakes his head.


‘Please leave,’ she says


‘I just want a minute of her time.’



‘Sorry you can’t have that, just leave and make this the last time you show yourself here.’


He shakes his head and looks at me, I shrug, I am not interested in what he has to say.


‘I will leave then,’ he says.




Melanie pulls me back into the house and she shuts the door in his face.






I stare at the closed door for a minute before I leave. I just wanted to spend some time with Zaria & talk, I miss having a normal conversation with someone who will listen without interrupting.


Lulu and I have been having so many arguments of late. And I am having lots of doubts about her she is temperamental and argumentative.


She is always lashing out at me and fighting over unnecessary stuff. At first I thought it was the pregnancy but things are slowly getting out of hand and I can’t help but wonder if I made the right decision choosing her over Zaria.






It’s almost ten when Zach pulls over in front of Café where I am meeting Lulu for breakfast.


‘Thanks for driving me,’ I lean over and lightly kiss his lips.


‘You are welcome,’ He responds.


‘I will see you later.’




I open the car door and step out I wave at him before walking towards the entrance.


I walk in and scan the room for Lulu, soon I spot her.


When she sees me she motions with a hand for me to walk to her table.



‘Hello,’ I smile at her when I get to the table. ‘Hello my darling, you are glowing.’ I smile.



Before sitting down I tell her that I will take care of our order. A waitress soon approaches our table and we make an order.


‘Spit it out,’ she says when the waitress walks away.




‘I want all the details.’


‘Well Zach and I did the deed,’ I whisper


‘OMG,’ she exclaims, ‘You bitch.’


‘I learnt from the best.’


‘From the smile on your face, I don’t need to ask whether he was good or not.’


‘Girl! He was more than I could ever imagine, nigga knows how to use his thing, he’s been doing me well I am so satisfied.’


‘Bitch,’ she hits me playfully, ‘I hope you are pregnant.’


‘I have been praying about this for a while now, I need to get pregnant, I can’t let this one pass me by.’


‘And if you don’t get pregnant, there is always plan B,’ she laughs.


‘Yes oh.’


‘So how are things between you and Wesley?’


She rolls her eyes, ‘He has been a pain in the neck, lord that man drives me crazy, we had an argument last night over my spending. He expects me not to overspend on my wedding like who does that?’


I laugh, ‘He is a bum.’


‘A black ugly bum, I am going all out on this wedding, I want the world to talk. I want everyone to know that Lulu has finally arrived.’


‘That’s the spirit girl.’


‘You me,’ she laughs.


‘Now, I have gist for you girl,’ I say


‘Gist me.’


‘You can’t believe the woman Zach has been in love with.’






‘As in Zaria Nel?’


‘The one and only.’




I laugh before I narrate to her what happened the previous day.


‘I can’t believe this, how could he do this to Wes?’


‘I don’t know too but please don’t tell Wes about this, at least not now. Zach will be mad at me.’


‘Your secret is safe with me. Now that we know who the woman he is in love with is we should make sure he stays with you.’




‘I will help you don’t worry.’


‘I know I can count on you.’




A gambling Heart


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