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-Episode Forty Nine-






I quickly grab the pillow and move it toward her slumbering her face, as soon as it touches the tip of her nose, I press down as hard as I can.


She snaps her eyes open.


The pillow is pressed over her mouth and nose I want to look into her eyes as she dies. I press hard and then harder. She kicks her legs and struggles to remove the pillow from under her nose.



Someone suddenly grabs me from behind and through gritted teeth screams, ‘You fool,’ his fist hits the side of my face, knocking my body to the floor. I don’t remember much afterwards just punches and kicks.


‘I will kill you today.’


He kicks me in my face, I cough and chock.


Some Doctors and nurses quickly rush into the room, ‘What’s happening?’ they ask as they pull him off me.


‘He tried to kill her,’ he yells


As the doctors are asking him questions, I try to stand up. I have to get out of here or else Madam Trish will be mad at me. My legs are weak but I am able to stand up.


I walk towards the door but he soon sees me, he catches up with me and grabs my hand before tightly squeezing it, I groan in pain. Hasn’t he done enough damage?


The doctors ask him to take me out while they attend to the woman I think she is still alive. I wish I killed her before he caught me.




I take one hard breath and gasp for air. For a moment there I thought I was gonna die. The doctor examines me and takes a few tests.


‘Your vitals look stable but there is still room for improvement,’ he says ‘Okay.’


He walks out of the room and I close my eyes, I can’t believe I escaped death once more, ‘What is wrong with Trish? She wants to finish me off? I know Trish sent that man. I can never forget that man’s voice even in my sleep.


Alex walks in a few minutes later he has a worried look on his face.


‘Babe,’ he leans over and kisses my forehead before he wraps his arms around me, ‘I don’t know what I would have done if he had killed you,’ he says in a low voice.


I smile, ‘I am glad you walked in at the right time, if you had walked in a minute later I would have suffocated to death.’


‘I am alive baby! I am here to stay so cheer up.’


‘How are you feeling?’ he asks


‘I am okay except for the pain on the wound.’


‘Okay,’ he sits on the edge of the bed, ‘Babe do you have any idea about the person who wants you dead?’ he asks




‘I know the doctor said we shouldn’t stress you but that information will help in apprehending the person since they still want you dead.’


‘It’s Trish,’ I reply


‘Trish?’ he asks but he doesn’t look as shocked as I expected him to be.


‘I knew it.’


‘You did?’


‘I suspected it could be her but I didn’t have any evidence it would have been her word against mine.’


‘That girl is obsessed with you.’


‘She will rot in jail for touching you,’ he says angrily


He stands up and walks out of the room then he walks back in a few minutes later.


‘You are okay?’




‘Calm down.’


‘I can’t.’


‘I have called someone to watch over you before Melanie comes, I need to go to the station and arrange for Trish’s arrest.’


‘Stay with me,’ I pout.


‘I will be stay with you the whole night but right now this is important.’




He kisses my forehead, ‘Someone is at the door, they will not move until either Melanie or I get back here.



‘I have heard you talk about Melanie a couple of times but not Zaria is she okay.’ He scratches his head, ‘Zaria is okay Melanie will be coming with her soon.’


‘Okay.’ I respond even though I don’t believe what he just said, something is wrong somewhere. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.


‘I will see you later,’ he smiles before he turns and walks out firmly closing the door behind his back.




I walk out of the house and lock the door behind me, I hurriedly walk down the pavement leading towards the gate, I push the gate open with one hand then I walk out.


My car is parked in front of the gate I unlock the doors and place the plastics in the back seat. I am about to get into the car when another car stops right next to me. Bradley steps out.


‘Hey,’ he says




‘I am here to see Zaria.’


The fool, so he doesn’t know what happened to Zaria, doesn’t he watch the news.


‘She isn’t here, ‘I respond


‘Has she changed her number?’ I can’t get through to her.


‘What rock do you live in?’ I ask


‘What do you mean?’


‘Where have you been for you not to know that Zaria has been missing?’


‘What?’ his eyes widen in surprise, ‘I was out of the country.’


‘I see.’


‘What happened? How long has she been missing? Have you launched in a missing persons report at the police?’


I sigh, ‘I wish I could stand here and answer all these questions but I have to leave.’




I ignore him and get into my car & instantly drive off. Once I get to the hospital, the doctor notifies me of what happened earlier. I sigh in relief when I am told Yedda is okay and the man who tried to kill her has been arrested. I hurriedly rush towards the elevator and get it, press four. A minute later I step out and walk to her room. There is an officer standing at the door, I show him my Id and he lets me in.


‘Melanie,’ she speaks up


‘Baby, I am sorry I wasn’t here to protect you, I had to rush back home and get you some things.’


‘Where is Zaria?’ she asks


I keep quite because I don’t know if telling her is a good idea.


‘Tell me the truth please.’


‘Zaria is missing,’ I say


‘What? How? When? What happened? Is she dead?’


I sit down and tell her all about it.


‘Oh lord,’ a tear slides down her face, ‘She has to be found or else I will never forgive myself.’


‘It’s not your fault.’


‘I told her about this 90 day dating thing, I opened Tinder for her. This is my fault.’


She tries to sit up but winces in pain.


‘Don’t strain yourself you haven’t healed.’


‘I need to get out of here we need to look for Zaria.’


‘The police are doing their best to find her.’


‘The police are useless,’ she says


‘Please calm down.’



‘Oh Zaria I hope you are live,’ she says before she breaks down in tears. I move towards her and hold her in my arms the thought of Zaria being dead terrifies me. I hope she is still alive.




I am anxiously walking back and forth in my living room my heart can’t stop thumping hard and fast. Someone called me a few minutes ago and they said they have new about Zaria.


‘Baby, please sit,’ Precious says


‘I can’t.’


I haven’t been able to function well ever since my baby went missing. I haven’t been sleeping and eating well, I can’t seem to focus on anything, Zaria is my life, I will die if anything happens to her.


Precious holds my hand and gives it a light squeeze, ‘It shall be well,’ she says


‘I want my baby back home, I want her back.’


‘She will come back home.’


‘Each minute feels like I am losing her.’


‘Don’t talk like that.’


I am about to respond when a knock sounds at the door, I practically run for the door.


I open it and find a man standing at my doorstep.


‘Mr. Nel,’ he says, he looks nervous.


I open the door and he walks in, ‘Let’s get straight to business.’


I grab a bag of money and open it, I count a few notes and hand it to him, ‘You will get the rest of the money when you tell me about my daughter.’


‘I can take you to where Oscar is, he can tell you more about Zaria,’ he says




He gets a paper and writes down the address.






A gambling Heart


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