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-Episode Forty one-




“Show me a gambler and I will show you a loser.” Mario Puzo Zaria


The sunlight glazes through the window, I open my eyes slowly. My head is woozy and I am so thirsty, my tongue is cleaving to the roof of my mouth.


Looking around the large room, I realise I am in a strange room lying on a strange bed. How did I end up here? When I attempt to sit, a sharp pain shoots through the back of my head.


I sit on that bed for what seems like an eternity but my mind is still fuzzy about where I am.


It’s not until the door creaks open and Oscar walks in that I remember what happened.


‘You are finally awake?’ he smiles at me


I frown did this man just kidnap me? What have I brought upon myself?


‘Are you hungry? Can I get you something to eat?’ he asks


I open my mouth to speak but stop suddenly, what can I possibly say to him? I am speechless.


‘Zaria I asked you a question,’ he scowls at me


I choose to remain quiet, I don’t have the strength to talk to him, let him do his worst.


‘Answer me?’ he yells


I stand up and walk towards the window, pretending like I didn’t hear what he just said.


‘Zaria,’ he runs up to me and grabs my arm. ‘I am talking to you.’ More silence


‘Zaria!’ he yells right in my ear making me push him away from me with so much force he almost falls.


‘You want me to use violence?’ he roars


‘What the f**k is wrong with you?’ I yell angrily. ‘Why did you f**king bring me here?’


‘Are you hungry?’ he asks ignoring my questions


‘No!’ I snap. ‘I don’t want your food I just want to get out of this place.’


‘I am not letting you out of here.’




‘I poured my heart out to you I told you how much I loved you. What did you do? You went and cheated on me with that riffraff, all I did was love you Zaria.’


‘How sure are you I cheated on you with him? What if I cheated on him with you?’


‘What do you mean?’


‘Never mind, so what do you want from me?’


‘I want to marry you.’


I laugh, ‘Marry me?’




‘You must be joking.’


‘I am not joking.’


I laugh, ‘Wonders shall never end.’


‘Wait here,’ he walks out of the room locking the door behind him.


He walks back in a minute later, getting down on one knee he pulls out a small box from behind his back.


‘I thought of you when I saw this so I instantly bought it,’ he says opening the box to show me a beautiful ring.


‘I love you Zaria Nel, I can’t wait any longer, will you agree to marry me and make me the happiest man in the world?’


‘Lord!’ My eyes widen in shock and I feel my mouth gaping open, like who does this?


‘I know things have been rocky between us but I will make it up to you please marry me?’


I burst into a fit of laughter, wondering if this is happening or maybe it’s a figment of my imagination.


‘You are making funny of me?’ he snaps at me


‘You are being dramatic.’


‘I am being serious Zaria, I love you and I want to marry you.’


I laugh some more, ‘Mama said they would be days like this,’ I say


His face suddenly turns red with rage and he stands up then he removes the ring from the box and hurls it.


‘Did you just reject my proposal?’ he asks. I can see the rage apparent in his eyes.




‘You rejected me?’


‘I don’t love you, is it by force now?’ I yell


‘And now you are raising your voice at me.’


‘Just let me go.’



‘Zaria!’ he grabs my arm but I push him aside and plan to make my escape. I reach for the door, open it and run down the hall which leads to the kitchen door.


I am about to pull the door open when he catches up with me and grabs me from behind.


‘Leave me alone,’ I scream


My screams fall on deaf ears as he places his hand around my neck squeezing me tightly. I try to free myself from his grasp but his grip gets tighter.


I try to scream for help but there is little air left in my lungs and no sounds come out.


‘I will kill you,’ he screams


After what seems like forever he lets go of me then he pushes me with so much force and I fall onto the ground hitting my head on the tiled floor.


The dull thud echoes throughout the room before I fall into unconsciousness.






I am staring at my computer screen reading the final script for the report I will be presenting in the morning- I think it’s almost perfect, I just need to make one or two adjustments.


I am ripped from my reverie by the sound of my ringing phone. I pick it up and answer without checking the caller id.






‘Hey baby.’


‘Are you home now?’


I sigh loudly, ‘Not yet babe.’


‘Still at the office?’ he asks




‘Babe, it’s late.’


‘I just wanted to finish working on my script.’


‘Couldn’t you have done it from home?’


‘I can’t concentrate at home the girls are always making noise.’


‘My place is always open.’


I laugh, ‘You always distract me so no thank you.’


‘I wanted to see you, I miss you.’


‘I miss you even more.’


‘So can I see you tonight?’


‘Yes, let me just pack up and head home, you can come and pick me from home.’


‘Are you gonna be safe?’


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‘Alright. See you soon.’


‘Later babe.’


‘I love you.’


‘I love you too.’


I hung up the phone and focus my eyes back on my computer, I go through one more time then I click save and shut down the computer.


I yawn loudly as I stand up and pack my things into my bag, it’s almost twenty hours, I decided to work late tonight because we have an important meeting tomorrow and I have to make a presentation.


I step out of my office, closing the door behind my back.


‘You are off?’ Cecilia asks


Cecilia is a colleague she has been working late the past few days – she is in charge of one of our major projects in our department.




‘I am almost done too.’


‘Should I wait for you?’


‘No. its okay you can leave.’




‘Drive safely.’


‘See you tomorrow.’


I wave at her as I walk to the elevator. I step into the elevator and press ground floor. I step out a minute later and directly walk towards my car.


When get to my car, I pull out my car keys and just as I am about to open my car door, a hand clamps tightly over my mouth.


‘I warned you to stop going after my man but you didn’t listen. You leave me with no option but to kill you,’ a familiar voice said.




A gambling Heart


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