Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

-Episode Thirty five-




“Love is like gambling, you risk your heart in the hope of winning another.” ZARIA


I close my eyes and slump against the cool bathroom wall. I rock back and forth as tears race down my cheeks.


My heart is aching, I feel so frustrated and empty. I am trying so hard to fill the empty feeling in my chest but nothing seems to work.


There is a knock at my bedroom door a minute later startling me from my trance, I ignore it.


I know its Yedda I don’t want to talk to her at least not now.


I sit on that bathroom floor for what seems to be a very long time breathing and telling myself that I will be alright.


Eventually I rise to my feet and splash some water on my face trying to relax before I go back to my room.


I throw on a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt then I crawl under my covers and yawn. Today has been a stressful day, hope tomorrow will be better.







I am standing in front of the mirror studying my reflection. The dress I am wearing perfectly fits me it shapes my body in a way that my waist appears far narrower than it actually is.


Lulu bought this dress for me the other day when I told her Zach had invited me out for dinner.


Ever since I showed up at his doorstep and helped him clean the house Zach and I have been talking.


He is nice and calm he is a goal getter and knows what he wants in life, my kinda man.


I actually like Zach a lot and I hope things progress to the next level soon.


I am still staring at myself in the mirror when a knock sounds at the door. I quickly grab my bag and head out of my room.


I pull the door open he is standing at my doorstep. His eyes travel the length of my body. It’s a quick glance but I see it either way.


‘Hi,’ I nervously say


He smiles, ‘Hey! You look absolutely gorgeous.’


‘You don’t look bad yourself’ I respond.


‘Shall we?’




I lock my apartment door and follow him towards his car. When we are both settled in, he drives us to the restaurant we will be dinning from.


When we arrive, he gets out of the car and opens the door for me, such a gentleman. Then he puts a hand at the back of my back and leads me towards the entrance.


Finally we walk in, the place is wow- I simply love it. He walks me to the table at the far end of the room.


I sit down and there’s a bottle of wine on the table. My eyes follow as Zach takes a seat in front of me.


A waitress brings us a menu and I scan it before making an order.


‘Would you like some wine?’


I smile coyly


‘Yes please.’


He opens the bottle of wine and pours us both some wine. He hands me a glass.


‘Thank you.’


We are sipping wine and talking, more like getting to know each other. I don’t know if it’s just me but the more we talk, the more the chemistry between us grows.


He makes me smile and I keep feeling his eyes on me as I talk. I haven’t been with any serious men my whole life so dating Zach will be like winning the lottery. I don’t mind taking things slow with him.






We are sitting across from one another at the restaurant. I can’t stop staring at her she is actually a nice and humorous person.


This isn’t a date though it’s just dinner between two people who enjoy each other’s company.


I love Zaria a lot but I won’t put my life on standstill just because she doesn’t like me. And maybe it’s about time I looked elsewhere for love because the person I want to be with seems to be occupied.


Sabrina and I have been talking since that day she popped up at my house. I don’t really like her friend Lulu but Sabrina seems different.


‘So,’ I begin, ‘Why did you show up my house that day? You haven’t answered this question.’


She smiles and takes a sip from her wine, ‘You want the truth?’ ‘Yes.’


‘Well Lulu forced me to visit she thought I would have a better chance with you if I followed you home.’


‘Oh. So you didn’t want to come?’



‘I would be lying if I say I didn’t want to come to you, I just needed a little pushing.’


‘I know Wes and Lulu have been trying to hook us up.’




‘I don’t like the idea but you seem to be harmless.’


She laughs


I am a very private person I don’t like people in my business so what we talk about and do must stay between us.’




‘I must confess though that I enjoy spending time with you, you are a nice and beautiful woman. I bet any man in his right senses would be glad to have you in his life.’


She remains silent for a minute before she looks up at me and speaks.


‘Does that include you?’


I chuckle, ‘Playing smart’ aren’t we?’


‘I just want to know if I stand a chance with you.’


I hold her hand and squeeze it, ‘I wouldn’t mind having you in my life when the time is right.’


‘That’s fair enough.’


We spend the next few minutes eating our food and talking about random stuff, I ask her some personal questions and she does the same.


An hour later, we leave the restaurant and I drive her back home. I drive for about twenty minutes before pulling into her driveway.




As soon as he pulls into my drive way, he steps out and walks round to my side, he opens the door for me and I step out.


He holds my hand in his and walks me to the door.


I had so much fun with him, can this night not end? Finally we get to my door step.


‘I had a great time,’ he says


‘Me too.’


‘So we call it a night?’




He leans in and kisses me on my forehead, ‘Goodnight Sabrina,’ he says




He turns to leave but I hold his hand, i can’t let him go not like that, I have been dying to kiss him all night I won’t let this night pass me by.


‘What?’ he asks


I lean forward and quickly kiss him on the mouth.




A gambling Heart

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