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-Episode Forty-




“Lucky are those who find true loyal friends in this fake world.” Zaria


Thursday afternoon, I step out the elevator onto the fifteenth floor. I walk past the front desk to my office.



I am just getting back from the police station where I went to report Oscar for threatening and attacking me the other night.


I sit on my desk and turn my computer back on, when it’s on, I check my emails.


The door swings open a minute later, Melanie walks in and shuts the door behind her back.


‘You are back?’ she asks




‘How did it go?’


‘Good. Alex said they will summon Oscar to the police station and warn him not to get close to me.’


‘That’s good, he should do that soon, that guy is a psycho.’


‘He really is.’


‘And the other two?’


‘Brad is out of town, I will talk to him when he gets back. I am yet to meet up with Stephen after work. I will break things off with him.’


‘That’s my girl.’


‘It was fun while it lasted.’


‘And Zach?’


‘I don’t think I want to be in a relationship with anyone right now, I wanna work on myself first, besides Zach already has someone, I don’t want any drama in my life.’


‘Ya, I guess you are better off alone, you just need to completely heal and focus on you. The right man will come when you least expect it, you won’t even have to chase after him.’


‘Thanks for being here babe,’


‘I’ve gat your back babe, you and Yedda are the only family I have. Your happiness matters to me.’


I smile, her words warm my heart I truly appreciate my minions. What would I do without them? Aside from dad, Melanie and Yedda are the only family I have got.


I stand up instantly and wrap my arms around Melanie catching her by surprise.


She holds me tight.


‘Have I told you how much you mean to me?’ I ask ‘You haven’t,’ she laughs ‘Bum.’



‘Sometimes you annoy me but I love you still. You and Yedda mean so much to me, I would never trade you for anything.’


‘I love you doll.’


‘I love you even more.’


She pulls away from me, ‘I don’t wanna get all emotional so bye bitch.’


I roll my eyes, ‘Like really Bitch?’


She laughs and heads for the door.


‘I will see you later.’




She walks out, shutting the door behind her. I stare the photo on my desk it’s a photo of us three.


‘Lord I don’t know what I did to get these two but thank you.’


I get back to my computer and finalize my reports, when I am done I email them to my boss.


At exactly 17, Melanie and I step out of the office, it’s been a hectic day but thank it’s almost over.


‘What time are you gonna be home?’ Melanie asks ‘Soon, I don’t think I will be at Stephen’s for long.’ ‘Okay, I am gonna cook a feast, come back fast.’ ‘Sure.’


I get into my car and wave at her before driving off. I get to his house almost an hour later. Stepping out of my car, I lock the doors and walk down the pavement to the front door.


At the door, I ring the doorbell and wait for him to answer.


He opens the door with a huge smile on his face, a few minutes later.


‘Hey!’ I say




He opens the door wider and steps aside so I can walk in. I enter and he closes the door. He walks me towards the living room and asks me to sit.


‘Can I get you a drink?’ he asks as soon as I sit.




‘So how have you been?’ he asks


‘I have been okay. How have you been yourself?’ ‘Fine.’


‘So?’ we say in unison


I laugh, ‘You go first.’


‘No, you go first.’


‘Well, I don’t know how you will take this but I want out of this,’ she says


‘You are dumping me?’ he asks




He draws in a quick breath ‘It was good while it lasted,’ he says


‘Just like that?’ I ask




‘Cool,’ I stand up.


‘Wait a minute,’ he says




‘Can I be honest with you?’ he asks




‘I am married and I have one child,’ he says


My eyes widen in shock, ‘What?’


He is about to say something when a loud knock sounds at the door.


‘Excuse me,’ he walks towards the door.


I stand still in one spot did he just say he is married? How?






I open the door to find a strange man standing at my door.


‘Can I help you?’ I ask


‘I am here for Zaria,’ he says, the anger is evident in his face.


‘And who are you?’ I ask


He merrily glares at me before he pushes past me and walks into the house as if he owns it.


‘I don’t know who you think you are but this is my house and I will not allow you to just walk in as you please.’


He ignores me and marches towards the living room.


‘Oscar!’ exclaims


‘You slut,’ he barks.


‘What are you doing here?’ she asks


‘I should be asking you the same thing,’ he says


She shakes her head, ‘I don’t know what you want from me Oscar but please leave me alone.’


‘I know you had me reported at the police station but even that didn’t stop me from stalking you.’


‘Have you been watching me?’ she asks


He laughs, ‘I knew you were seeing someone else, I stalked you only because I wanted to confirm my suspicions.’



‘I don’t know what’s going on here but this is my house and I am gonna ask you to leave now?’ I tell the mystery man.


He looks at me then back at Zaria.


‘I said leave,’ I yell.






‘Please leave Oscar,’ I plead with him.


‘I am gonna have to call the police if you don’t leave,’ Step says


Oscar shoots him a deadly look before he unexpectedly pounces on him. He punches him hard in the face, the blow lands hard, Steph falls on the ground knocked out.


‘Oscar!’ I scream


‘This is for sleeping with my woman,’ Oscar kicks Steph in his groin a couple of times.


I hold his hand, ‘you are gonna kill him,’ I scream ‘You bitch,’ he yells, ‘This is your entire fault.’


He is angry, I can see it in his eyes he looks like a different person not the Oscar I know.


‘I should have known you are all the same,’ he yells slapping me hard across my face.


‘Leave me alone,’ I scream


‘Shut up.’


‘You fool.’


He pulls a gun from inside the pocket of his long coat and points it at me.


I shut up instantly.


‘You are going with me,’ he says




He grabs my hand.


Steph is about to stand up but Oscar threatens him with a gun.


‘You stand up you die,’ he says.


He tightens his grip on my hand and walks me out of the house to his car.


‘Get in,’ he says


I get in the front seat without arguing with him. Once in the car, someone grabs me from behind, wrapping a cloth around my face. Before I know it, it’s lights out for me.




A gambling Heart

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