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-Episode Thirty seven




I have been sitting on the floor for the past one hour i couldn’t sleep last night because of how Zaria reacted to what I told her & today she practically ignored me.


How do I get her to see that I am deeply sorry for telling Alex about her relationships? I didn’t mean to hurt her I just wanted to make sure she was dealing with the right men.


Zaria is like a sister to me, I would never do anything to hurt her. The tension between us doesn’t sit well with me.


How do I get her to talk to me and hear me out?



There is a knock on the door a few minutes later, I rise to my feet and walk up to the door hoping its Alex.


I hold the door knob and open the door. I draw back in surprise at the person standing on my doorstep. I recognize her even though she looks a little different, maybe it’s the hair.


‘What are you doing here?’ I ask


‘I am hoping the two of us might have a word for a second.’


I look at her suspiciously, ‘How does she even know where I stay?’


‘Trish, you and I have nothing to talk about.’


‘We have a lot to talk about darling.’


‘I am all ears.’


‘Won’t you at least let me in so we can have some privacy?’


‘What’s wrong you here?’


‘It’s not the right place for what I am about to tell you, someone could walk through that gate and hear us.’


‘Just say what you want to say and leave.’


She rolls her eyes and pushes me aside before she walks past me into the house. I shake my head, the nerves of this woman.


She looks around the living room and smiles, ‘Nice place you’ve got here.’ ‘Cut the crap and go straight to the point, I don’t have the whole day.’ ‘Listen,’ she says sternly, ‘I want you to stay away from Alex.’


I laugh, ‘Wait, are you asking me to stay away from my own man?’ I ask giving her a quizzical look.


She frowns, ‘you seriously need to back off. Alex is mine.’


I cross my arms defiantly, ‘If he is your man then you shouldn’t be having this conversation with me but with him.’


‘You are the one after him.’


‘This is getting a little boring please leave.’



‘Yedda! I am warning you, I wouldn’t want to hurt you because of Alex, stay away.’


I raise a brow ‘And if I don’t?’


‘Then I will be forced to unleash the monster in me.’


‘Well be ready to unleash the monster because I am going nowhere.’


‘This is war.’


‘If it is war you want then bring it on, I am ready for you.’


‘You don’t me well.’


‘You don’t me either.’


‘Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn you.’




She shakes my head before she storms out of the house.


I roll my eyes, ‘What a drama queen.’








Today has really been a busy day for me I had four meetings back to back in the morning, I am exhausted and my feet hurt from all that standing, I can’t wait to go home and rest.


‘Are you done with the financial report I asked you for?’ my boss asks


‘I am working on it right now, just editing it. I should be able to email it before I leave.’


She smiles, ‘You are really a hard working woman, just like your father.’


‘Thank you.’


She walks out of the room and I continue typing.



Speaking of today, I received some texts from Oscar this afternoon where he was threatening to deal with me if I don’t see him, I need to report this guy to the police station he doesn’t seem stable.


I give myself a small shake to clear my head and turn my attention back to my computer.


By the time I finish editing it’s almost 18 and I am yawning like crazy.


I email the document to madam boss and pack up before leaving the office. I walk quickly to my car.


I remove my car keys from my handbag and just as I am about to open the door, I feel someone grab me by the back of my shirt nearly knocking me off balance.


My head whips around and I come face to face with Oscar.


‘Hello darling,’ he sneers


‘What do you want here?’


‘You have been ignoring my calls and texts, as if that isn’t enough, you blocked me,’ he says coldly


‘I don’t want anything to do with you.’


‘Do you honestly think you can come in and out of my life as you please? It’s not over till I say so.’


‘Oscar please let me go.’


He laughs, ‘You have to come with me,’ he says


‘I won’t come with you.’


He pulls a knife from his pocket and places it at my neck.


I gasp.


‘Are you gonna go with me right now or not?’




‘Is everything alright madam?’ I hear the security man’s voice, Oscar quickly lets me go.


‘We were just talking,’ he says trying to hide the knife.


‘He was trying to hurt me,’ I quickly say


Oscar shoots me an evil look.


‘Leave this one to me, you can leave,’ he tells me.


I quickly open my car door and get in, I drive out instantly. I need to get a restraining order against this man Yedda was right after all, Zach too.


Speaking of Zach, I wrote him a message this morning and he didn’t respond, maybe he is upset about how I kicked him out the other day.


I decide to drive to his house just so I can have a word with him. I don’t want him and I to date I just think I need to apologize for treating him unfairly when he came home.


I pull up in front of his house after a few minutes I step out and walk towards the door.


I knock softly on his door and wait, the door is opened by a tall light woman with a towel wrapped around her waist.




‘Zaria me Nel,’ she smiles, ‘how are you?’ she extends her hand to me.


‘Hi,’ I shake her hand wondering how in God’s name she knows my name, she is the same woman I saw having lunch with Wes and his crew.


‘Is Zach around?’




‘I would like to see him.’




‘It’s personal.’


‘My name is Sabrina by the way,’ she says.


‘I didn’t ask for your name.’


‘I am Zach’s girlfriend.’


My eyes open wide in shock, ‘His girlfriend since when?’


‘We have been together three months now.’




‘So I will call my man and let him know you want to see him, would you like to come in?’


‘No,’ I shake my head.


She walks back in and returns several minutes later holding Zach’s hand.


‘Zaria?’ Zach is obviously shocked to see me.


‘I didn’t me to come here unannounced.’


‘It’s okay, you wanna come in.’


‘No, I just wanted to apologize for the other day.’ ‘Cool.’


,I have to go now.’




I turn and quickly walk towards the gate wondering what just happened.




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