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-Episode Thirty Three




I have been sitting in my room since morning just staring into space. I can’t seem to get that kiss of my mind I don’t even understand why Zach kissed me in the first place. I am confused because I have never been attracted to Zach, I mean he is my ex’s friend.


But that kiss yesterday just got me thinking, I don’t even know what I want anymore. I have three men at my disposal plus Zach, where do I even take them all?


At this point I am not even sure if this game is worth it, what was I thinking dating three men at once? This is not who I am, what do I do now?


I force myself to get up, shower and get dressed. I have a mini lunch date with my father. I haven’t seen him in a while, I miss him a lot and I think we have a lot to catch up on.


I finish getting dressed and walk out of the room to the living room. Yedda is lying on the couch she hasn’t been feeling too fine since the incidence with the dead dog.


‘Ready to leave?’ she asks


‘Yes, are you gonna be okay on your own?’




‘You are sure?’


‘Yes and Alex is coming over so I won’t completely be alone.’




I picked my car keys and walked to the door.


‘I will see you when I get back.’


She smiled, ‘Have fun and say hi to big daddy for me.’




‘I love you babe.’


‘I love you too.’


I left the house and drove to the restaurant. I get to the restaurant a good ten-minute pass noon, I spot my father in the middle of the restaurant as soon as I walk in.




He stands up and we share a hug, it’s been a few weeks since I last saw him.


‘Good to see you my darling,’ he plants a kiss on my forehead. I giggle like a small girl.


‘I am happy to see you too,’ I say


We sit down and place our order.


‘How are you?’ he asks


‘I am fine and you? How is Precious? I thought you were gonna come with her.’


‘Precious is fine, she couldn’t come because she is attending a friend’s kitchen party.’




‘And how are the girls?’


‘They are fine.’


‘Has Yedda recovered?’




‘That’s good,’


The waiter walks over with our food and places it on the tray. When he walks away we resume talking. We catch up on a few things and then he looks at me intently.




‘I am not comfortable with what you have just told me,’ he says



I just told him about the dating game I got involved in and everything that has been happening the past few weeks. My father and I are very close, I can tell him anything.


‘I am all ears.’


‘How effective is this game you have gotten yourself in? How sure are you it will even work? What if you fall for all the three men by the end of three months?’


‘I don’t think that is possible daddy.’


‘Anything is possible,’ he says


‘So what do you think I should do especially now that Zach is in the equation?’


‘I can’t really tell you what to do baby but what I can say is you are gambling with your heart and this could end badly.’


‘I know.’


‘I don’t want you to get hurt so just be careful.’


‘I will.’


After an hour of chit chatting with dad, I say goodbye to him and make my way out. I get to my car and drive off. I think dad is right, I am truly gambling with my life but how to end all this? Maybe I should wait till the 90 days is over to make a decision.


As I walk into the house about thirty minutes later, I get a call from Bradley.




‘Hey baby!’ he says


‘How are you?’




I am still angry with him about the other day.


‘I called to apologize for getting angry at you, I am sorry I just got too carried away.’


‘You should learn to control yourself Brad.’ ‘Babe, I said I am sorry.’




‘So can we go out this evening?’


‘I don’t feel like going out tonight.’


‘Can I come over?’


‘Ya you could.’




I hang up and walk straight to my bedroom, the house is quiet maybe Yedda has gone with Alex.


I kick off my shoes in my room and lie on my bed I really need to think about what I will do next.




It’s a quiet Sunday afternoon and I am feeling very low, I drunk way too much the previous day, my head is pounding. I am spending the day indoors because I don’t wanna face anyone.


A knock at the door startles me from my trance a few minutes later and I lazily walk to the door, I am not expecting anyone so I don’t know whose knocking.


I open the door and find Sabrina standing on my doorstep, my smile instantly turns into a frown.


‘I wasn’t expecting you.’


‘I was in the neighbourhood and thought I would drop by,’ she replies




‘Can I come in?’


I stand in the doorway contemplating whether to let her in or not, this girl isn’t even my friend.


‘Please,’ she pleads


I open the door wider and step back motioning her inside. Then I close the door behind my back.



I see her taking a look around the living room which I must say is a mess I haven’t had the energy to clean up the past few days I have really been down because of Zaria.


‘You have a nice house Zach,’ she says


‘Thanks have a seat.’


I motion for her to sit down on the empty couch, ‘don’t mind the mess around this place, been too occupied to clean.’


She smiles, ‘It’s okay.’


I look at her, ‘So what can I offer you?’


‘Nothing really and if it you don’t mind I would like to help you clean this place up.’


‘No,’ I shake my head.




‘You never take no for an answer do you?’ I laugh






She opens her hand bag and removes a chitenge which she wraps around her waist before she starts picking up the bottles on the floor.


As she cleans the house I engage her in a conversation. I ask her about herself.


I get to know that she is a business woman she orders clothes and beddings from South Africa which she sells at her boutique. She is single and she stays in Chalala.


The last man she dated impregnated her cousin the two are now happily married.


An hour later, the house is spotless, then we walk into the kitchen and she starts preparing us something to eat.


‘So why are you single?’ she asks


‘I haven’t the one actually,’ he says


‘Is there such thing as the one?’






‘Let me actually rephrase my first statement, I have met the one but she is unavailable.’


‘And how do you know she is the one?’


‘She makes me feel a certain kind of way.’


‘Mmmmm, so why aren’t you with her?’


‘She doesn’t wanna be with me.’




‘She is seeing someone else.’


‘Does she know how you feel?’




‘Then she isn’t the one for you.’




‘What woman in her right sense would reject you?’


‘Her,’ I laugh.


‘Forget her and move on, that woman isn’t for you, I am sure she doesn’t feel the same because if she did she would be with you right now.’


‘You could be right.’


‘I am.’


I laugh, maybe Zaria isn’t really the one for me, I have been loving her from afar for years now and just when I thought we would be together she rejects me.




A gambling Heart


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