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-Episode Thirty six-




‘Let the hearts gamble after which fate will take charge,’ Tonile Cho Ndhlovu ***


I lean forward and quickly kiss him on the mouth. At first he doesn’t respond so I wait for him to pull me back but he doesn’t instead he slides his arms around me and pulls me closer to him as our lips move together.


The kiss is tender and slow at first then he deepens his touch, he kisses me deeply feeling all the softness inside my mouth with his tongue. I haven’t been kissed like this in a long time, his kiss is enthralling, I can feel every cell in my body tingling.


We kiss for a minute or two before Zach finally pulls away.


‘I couldn’t hold myself,’ I say suddenly feeling a bit shy


He chuckles then he kisses me again brushing my lips over hers for a moment.





I didn’t expect Sabrina to come on to me like that, let me say I don’t like women who are too straight forward they tend to be clingy most times, I wanted to push her off me but I couldn’t, it’s just a kiss after all and I am a free man so I have nothing to lose.


I don’t know when last I was with a woman. I have been hoping Zaria will come around & rescue me. The last woman I dated left me for someone else because I couldn’t love her as much as she loved me.


The unexpected kiss between Sabrina and I has stirred up things that I thought were long dead. My body is on fire with desire.


‘Do you wanna come in for a drink?’ she asks when I pull away from her.


‘A drink?’ I am caught between pushing her away and falling under her spell.


She knows what she wants and she is putting it out plainly but do I even know what I want?


Normally I don’t entertain women anyhow but come on, I am just a man and I have needs. Besides, I don’t wanna spend eternity crying over Zaria, maybe me and her weren’t meant to be, maybe I should take a risk with this one- gamble with my heart a bit, who knows I might win.


‘It’s fine if you don’t want to,’ she begins obviously tired of waiting for my response, I had a great night…..,’


I grab her one more time and plant a lingering kiss on her lips cutting her sentence short.


‘Yes, I want to come in for a drink,’ I say.


She smiles before she leads me into her house. I look around for a minute, it’s small and cozy I love how neat she keeps it.


‘Beautiful place you have here,’ I say


‘Thank you.’


‘Please take a seat and feel at home while I dash upstairs and change into something comfortable.’




‘The kitchen is over there you can get us some whiskey.’




She hurries off to her room while I walk into the kitchen. I grab two glasses out of the cabinet and set them down then I grab a bottle of whiskey and open it up. I pour us each a half a glass before replacing the lid and setting the bottle back on the table.


I walk back into the living room and place her glass on the table while I sip on my mine.


Sabrina walks into the room a minute later wearing a white short revealing dress I almost choke on my drink when I see her.


‘You are okay?’ she asks




She throws herself on the couch next to me and I hand her the other glass.


We drink in silence for a few minutes. My mind says I should stand up and get out of this place but my body is saying a whole different thing.


‘Movie?’ she asks after a while.


I shake my head.


She grabs a remote and turns on the television then she flips through the channels and finally finds a movie we can both watch.


She lifts a blue woolen blanket that had been neatly folded on the other couch and spreads it on the carpet.


She lies down and stretches out her hand to me.


‘Come and lie down with me.’


I kick off my shoes and flop down on the blanket next to her.




I am nervous and I think he can see it, I hope this night turns out the way I expect it to. I need to have him hooked.


‘Come here.’


I move closer to him and snuggle in his arm I take in a deep breath and my body instantly relaxes.


‘The girl you like, when last did you talk to her?’ I ask.


I am asking because I need to know what I am dealing with here.


He laughs, ‘I haven’t spoken to her since the day I confessed my feelings to her.’




‘I am not one to force love, I told her how I feel and she kicked me out, I am moving on.’




‘Let’s not talk about her,’ he kisses my forehead and softly I sigh.


‘No problem.’


We focus our eyes on the television as the movie starts.


I am seriously not even concentrating on the movie I keep stealing short glances at Zach. What would it take for me to have this man to myself?


Half way through the movie, I am tempted to take the risk. I look up at him and he catches me staring.


I chuckle.


We gaze into each other’s eyes silently for a moment.


Without giving it a second thought, I lean in and press my lips against his, I groan as he slides his hands to my butt.


A simple touch from him sends me into some frenzy.


Deepening the kiss, I climb on top of him and slowly move my hips grinding against him.


He runs his hand up my thigh, under my dress a wave of desire washes over me. I want more.


As we continue to make out, I put my hands under his shirt and lift it up pushing it back.


‘I want you inside of me,’ I whisper into his ears.



He doesn’t take time to change positions with me. Once on top, he pulls off my dress and underwear. Once I help him out of his trousers, he wastes no time in positioning himself on top of my body.


Well the rest is history!






I wake up in the morning to my ringing phone yawning I stretch my hand to my bed side table and pick my phone before answering.




‘Hey babe,’ It’s Oscar


‘What do you want?’ I ask annoyance evident in my tone.


‘Is that a way to greet your hubby?’ he asks


I click my tongue, ‘what do you want Oscar?’ I ask again


‘I called to apologize for my behavior last night, can I see you today after work. I wanna make it up to you.’


‘No,’ I respond.


‘You are still angry?’


‘Let me put this in simple language, I don’t want to see you again Oscar, whatever we had is done.’


I hear him chuckle on the other end of the line, ‘We are not over till I say so.’ ‘Fuck off,’ I angrily say before ending the line.


He calls again after a minute and I cut the line again, I instantly block his line on my phone, I just can’t deal.


I get out of bed and step into the bathroom. I feel better than yesterday, I hope today will be a good day.


I step out of the bathroom a few minutes later.


My outfit for the day is already ironed and folded in a neat pile waiting on my table.



I walk out of my room and into the kitchen when I finished getting dressed. I find Yedda in the kitchen preparing breakfast.


I pour myself a cup of coffee and sit at the table ignoring her.


She turns and looks at me, ‘Morning.’






‘Still upset about last night?’


More silence.




‘I seriously don’t wanna talk about it, we are cool.’


She looks at me defeated.


A few minutes later, I stand up and walk to the sink I wash my cup and place it back in the cabinet.


I grab my bag and storm out of the room.




A gambling Heart

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