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-Episode Thirty four-




I am deeply engrossed in a spreadsheet which is progressing rapidly when my boss’s voice booms in my office as he sticks his head into my office space.


‘Yes,’ I look up.


‘Are you busy?’ he asks


I sigh, ‘I am finalizing the excel model and PPT presentation.’


‘I want you to analyze this financial statement.’


‘Okay. But can I do it tomorrow when I am well rested?’


‘Sure, take as much time as you need.’




‘Thank you,’ she muttered


I smile, ‘You don’t need to thank me it’s my job.’


She smiles back at me before walking out of my office. I pull one of my drawers and place the stack of papers in it before focusing on my work.


By the time I am done with the spreadsheet, I am exhausted. I stand up and stretch my arms before reaching for my phone.


Its almost 5 pm, I need to get out of here. I fall back on my seat shutting down my laptop when my phone starts buzzing.




‘Hello to you too my darling,’ Oscar says in his deep voice.




‘Can I see you?’






‘I will come over in a few minutes, I about to leave the office.’




The line cuts off after that.


I grab my bag and put all my things in it, ready to leave. Melanie is still not back from her trip, I miss her a lot. The house is boring without her, Yedda is better now she has even started going for work.



I get to my car and drive off. I drive off for about thirty minutes before pulling into Oscar’s driveway. Stepping out of my car, I walk towards the front door and knock softly.


Oscar opens the door a minute later he has a huge smile on his face obviously happy to see me.


‘Hello,’ he says




He leans in and kisses me lightly on my lips before he ushers me into the living room. I kick off my shoes and throw myself on the couch.


‘How was your day?’ he asks as he settles in next to me.


‘Exhausting. The senior financial analyst is out on a business trip so I have to do everything myself, its quiet tiring.’


‘I can imagine.’


‘And how was your day?’


‘Perfect,’ he responds




‘I made you something to eat just in case you are hungry.’


‘Oh how thoughtful of you.’


‘It’s nothing babe.’


After a while he leads me to the dining room where he dishes some food for me, we sit next to each other and eat in silence.


Among the three men, Oscar is the quietest sometimes his quietness scares me, like you never know what he is thinking about.


‘Enjoying the food?’ he asks


‘Yes,’ I nod my head.


When we finish eating, he cleans the table and we go back to the living room.


‘Movie?’ he asks





He picks up the remote and turns the television on, flips through the channels till he finds a movie we can watch.


I am lying in between his legs with my back on his chest. He is playing with my hair as my eyes stay focused on the movie.


‘I think I love you,’ he whispers half way through the movie. My heart skips a bit, isn’t too soon to be talking about love.




I turn around and look at him, ‘I don’t know what to say.’


‘I want us to be official Zaria; I want you to meet my family and friends, I want to make a commitment to you, I think you are the one.’


My eyes widen in shock, ‘Slow down! I am not ready for that kind of commitment, it’s too soon. Can we get to know each other first?’


The smile on his face turns into a frown and the colour drains from his face.


I am about to say something to him when my phone rings. I rise to my feet and pull it out of my bag, its Brad calling.


I stare at the phone for a minute before cutting off the call. It rings again instantly.


I cut and send him a message, ‘Call you back soon I am kinda busy.’


‘Who was that?’ Oscar asks


‘A friend,’ I respond


He stands up, ‘It’s another man right.’


‘No,’ I shake my head fast


‘You are lying. Give me your phone.’


‘No,’ I say putting my phone in my back pocket.


‘I said give me your phone,’ he yells causing me to jump back a little. His voice is harsh and his face is full of anger.


‘I think I should go,’ I say quickly grab my bag and shoes.


‘Don’t you dare go anywhere, he says, his voice rising again.



I stand frozen, he walks over to me and I practically drop my bag and shoes. The look in his eyes terrifies me, it’s as though a different person has taken over this is not the Oscar I know.


Five minutes elapse.


He is standing in front of me staring at me intently, it looks as though he is about to pounce on me.


My heart is beating rapidly I just want to get out of this place. Slowly he leans in he grabs my face and pulls it to his. Pinning my arms to the wall, he presses his lips forcefully on mine.


He bites me on my lips before he starts sucking and licking them so aggressively, i am terrified. Eventfully he pulls away from me.


‘I love you and I want to make things official, will you please think about it and give me an answer by tomorrow.’


‘Okay,’ I nod my head.You can hi Topster on +2348089122029 to be added to unlimited story room to read more of such stories.


‘You still wanna go home?’


I nod my head. Why the f**k is he acting as if everything is okay between us after what he just did.




I quickly wear my shoes and grab my handbag he holds my hand and walks me out to my car.


‘I love you Zaria, I am sorry for coming out so strongly. Please don’t cheat on me with someone else.’




He opens my car door for me but before I step in, he pulls me into a tight hug.






I get into my car and drive off, my arms are shaking and my head is pounding, what have I gotten myself into?



I knew this could go badly and I could end up hurt yet I went ahead and got myself involved with men I hardly know.


I breathe out a sigh of relief when I finally get home. Parking my car, I hop out and walk towards the front door.


‘Hey! You are back?’ Yedda asks when I walk through the front door.




‘You are okay?’


I sit on the couch and burst into tears.


‘Za! What happened?’


I don’t even have the strength to talk right now, she wraps her arms around me I lay my head on her chest and let it all out.


When I feel much better, I look at her and begin to explain what just happened. ‘I can’t believe this I thought Brad was the ruthless one.’ ‘Well from what I experienced today I think Oscar is worse.’


‘I think you need to stop all this,’ Yedda says, ‘I have been thinking we made you get into this without thinking about the consequences.’


I shake my head.


‘I was actually telling Alex about this whole thing and he….,’


I give her a quizzical look before cutting her short, ‘You told Alex about my affairs?’ I ask


‘Well I just wanted him to get some information on the men so that we know what you are dealing with.’


I stand up, ‘You told him about this?’








‘You had no right to tell Alex about my affairs, I got myself into this I will get myself out.’


‘Zaria,’ she tries to touch my hand but I push her aside and stand on the other side.


‘You shouldn’t have involved your boyfriend in my affairs this was supposed to be our story.’


‘I am sorry I was only trying to help.’


‘You know what! Fuck off,’ I raise my voice.


I grab my bag from the floor and march off to my room, I am f**king pissed, why would she discuss my affairs with her boyfriend?




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