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Episode Twenty Nine-
















Tears are running down her face and her hands are shaky, she is sucking in great gasps of air. I draw her into my arms she presses her head to my chest and cries.





Aside from the strange box with the dead dog an unknown number sent her messages and strange photos on whatsapp with the words, ‘Your end is near, watch your back.’





A part of me breaks when I feel her body heaving and shaking in my arms.





‘I won’t let anyone hurt you,’ I say in a weary voice, I am so scared at this point because history might be repeating itself.





Why does it seem like every girl I get involved with somehow gets threatened by unknown people? I won’t let anything happen to Yedda I will what I can do protect her.





Her bedroom door swings open a few minutes later and Zaria walks in carrying a cup of tea in her hands.





‘Baby, drink this it will help you feel better,’ she says handing the cup to Yedda.





Yedda picks up the cup and saucer and tries to keep it steady in her trembling hands.





Zaria sits at the edge of the bed and watches as Yedda rapidly drinks her tea. When she finishes drinking her tea, she hands the cup back to Zaria.





‘I will be in my room if you need me,’ Zaria tells Yedda then she turns to me, ‘We need to talk,’ she says





I nod my head.





I wipe the tears from her eyes and softly shush her. After a few minutes she snuggles into my body and calms down as her eyes shut close, soon she is sleeping.








Finally I gently lay her on the bed and cover her body. I watch her sleep she looks fragile beyond belief. With one finger I reach out and caress her cheek, she looks so soft. I brush my thumb over the shadows beneath her closed lashes.





I kiss her forehead softly then get up from the bed and quietly leave the room.















I am deep in thoughts that I don’t hear Alex join me in the living room. He clears his throat and I look up at him.





‘Hey,’ he says










He seats on the couch across from the one I am sitting on.





‘Can I get you some coffee?’ I ask










I rise to my feet and walk into the kitchen I pour him a cup of coffee, walk back into the living room and hand it to him.





‘Thanks,’ he says





‘I am trying so hard to understand who sent Yedda that disgusting gift and those nasty messages and pictures ,’ I say





He takes a sip from his coffee,’ well it’s quiet strange,’ he says.





‘The girls and I don’t necessarily have enemies, well maybe we have one or two people who don’t like us but I don’t think anyone who knows us would be stupid enough to do that.’





He sighs.





‘What I am saying is that, this was a personal attack on Yedda and it must have come from someone who has a grudge on her. My question is “do you have any ex’s that would wanna hurt Yedda or any people who would wanna hurt you by getting through her?”





He hesitates for a moment before he responds, ‘I don’t know of anyone who could want to hurt her but I will do my best to find the person who sent her all these.’





‘I love Yedda as if she was my own sister, I can take the bullet for her. I don’t want to see her getting hurt so do what you can to find the person threatening her or I take the law into my own hands.’





‘I will do what I can.’





‘I just called Melanie and she is fuming, she is gonna turn this place upside down if anyone tries to hurt Yedda. We love you Alex and we know our girl is happy with you so please don’t let us down, cage whoever is trying to get to her.’





‘I swear I will protect her with everything in me.’





‘Good,’ I smile.





‘I will go and sit next to her so that she sees me when she wakes up, I don’t want her freaking out.’ ‘Okay.’





He stands and walks towards Yedda’s room.





I walk to my room too and make a few phone calls.















‘Thank you for today,’ I tell Ezra, we are standing at the door and he is about to leave.





‘Thank you for the money,’ he says





‘You are welcome.’





‘Don’t forget about my request,’ he pouts like a little girl.





‘You know I make things happen, I will get you a new car before you even know it. Trust me.’





He smiles wrapping his arms around me. Then he leans into me and kisses me deeply like we are never going to kiss again. He pours in every emotion he has for me in that one kiss.





We pull away from each other breathlessly, ‘If we go on like this, I won’t allow you to go,’ I say ‘I can never get enough of you,’ he whispers.





‘Let’s go out on a vacation next weekend, i need the distraction.’ ‘Sure.’





I smile, ‘Excellent, I will start planning soon.’





He kisses my lips lightly and I allow him to leave.





I walk back into the house with a huge smile on my lips, I feel so happy. My life will soon fall into place.





‘Trish,’ Maureen stops me as I am about to enter my room.





I look back at her, ‘What?’ I ask uninterested





‘I would like to talk to you.’










‘I don’t like the life you are leading, from my own understanding that man is married but you keep bringing him here, giving him your body and money,’ she says





I laugh and clap my hands together wondering where she got the guts to talk to me like that.








‘I know it’s none of my business but you are a beautiful young lady. You shouldn’t waste your life like that.’





‘You are right, it’s none of your f**king business,’ i say snidely.





‘I am just worried about your wellbeing.’





I shake my head, pissed at her foolishness, ‘You shouldn’t be worried about me you are not my family.’





I turn but she puts her hand on my shoulder, ‘Trish.’





I angrily turn around at this point my heart is boiling with rage. How dare she talk to me like that, where did she even get the guts to touch me?





I quickly grab her by the neck then pin her against the wall, choking her. She tries to pull my hand from her neck but I am stronger than her.





I lose control tightening my grip against her neck as she gasps for air.





‘Trish! You are gonna kill her, let her go,’ I hear someone scream but her pleas fall on deaf ears. I just want to finish her off. Suddenly someone grabs me by the shoulder and pushes me. I let go.





Maureen falls to the floor holding her neck, coughing.





‘I will kill you one day, stop poking your nose into my business,’ I growl.










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