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-Episode Thirty One-




I can’t sleep.


I am lying on my bed with my face buried in my pillow.


I feel so restless I have been turning and tossing for hours. My body is exhausted but my mind is awake. Several thoughts are running through my mind as usual, they are all focused on Alex.


Why is Alex making this hard for me? When Janet died I was there for him, I gave him a shoulder to lean on, I was certain he would ask me to marry him after healing.


I waited and waited for him only for Yedda to pop up and steal him from me.


What do all these women have that I don’t have? I know I am a little too difficult to deal with but I love Alex and I would never hurt him.


He has always been a part of me & he’s the only man I have ever loved. Is it so hard for anyone to understand that I just want to feel wanted and loved?


I am so tired of pleading for Alex, I have done everything possible to get his attention but he keeps ignoring me. I will make one last attempt to get close to him but if he rejects me again, then I will have no choice but to go after the woman he claims to love.


I mean if I can’t have him then no one will.


I close my eyes picturing Alex and I married, we make such a cute couple. Why is it taking him so long to realise that I am the woman for him? I mean Yedda has nothing on me. I am curvy and beautiful whereas she is slim and unattractive with zero curves? Like who does that?


I fall asleep eventually.



I wake up later startled from that grueling nightmare that just took place. I sit up panting heavily and sweat is running down my forehead.


I sigh, ‘Why can’t she leave me alone, why should she continue bothering me even in death.’


‘I will kill you,’ her words echo in my mind and a shudder runs up my body.


I shake my head, trying to erase her words from my mind. It was just a dream after all. I will not allow a dead girl to torment me.


I lay back down on my bed, afraid to fall back asleep.


I grab my phone and glance at the time it’s 3 in the morning. I start playing Candy crush on my phone to pass some time.


By the time the sun begins to set, I feel exhausted and my head is pounding but I can’t go back to sleep.


I still feel restless, I have tried to relax but it doesn’t work because I can’t escape from my head.


‘Maybe I should go and see Charlotte or maybe I should call Ezra, he knows how to help me relax.’ I roll out of my bed and head for the bathroom, taking a quick cold shower.


I dress myself and look beautiful. I walk into the dining room and drink my tea in the quiet light of the morning.


‘Morning sweetheart,’ says as she sits next to me.




‘How are you feeling?’






There is an awkward silence for a few minutes.


‘I am traveling, is there anything you need before I leave?’ she asks


I shake my head.


‘I will be away for a month, will you be okay?’


‘I am not a child mum.’




‘And where are you going?’




‘What’s in Nigeria?’






When I finish drinking my tea, I stand up.


‘Safe trip.’ And with that said I march out of the house to my car.


I get to Alex’s house an hour later I park my car in front of his gate and march in.


At the door I knock once and wait.


Alex opens the door later and looks at me confused. He looks all dressed up and ready to go for work.


‘What are you doing here?’ he asks


‘Can I at least come in?’


‘As you can see, I am going for work and I don’t have time to talk.’ ‘Alex!’


‘Trish! Say what you want and leave.’


‘Alex I am in love with you. I’ve never stopped. Please give us a chance.’


‘I have a girlfriend Trish and I have told you that a number of times. Move on.’ ‘Please, give me a chance to show you that I mean well. I love you,’ I plead


‘I love you Trish but only like a sister and nothing more.’ ‘I am not your sister,’ I scream at him.


‘I am sorry but I love Yedda please stay away from us.’ Tears stream down my face and I quickly wipe them.



‘You have rejected me once more. Fine I will go but be rest assured that I will make your life as miserable as mine.’




I sniff.


‘I am fine. Good bye Alex.’


I walk out quickly I swear I will ruin his life like he has ruined mine.


I am sitting in my car, my hands are shaking and my heart is beating a little too fast. I can feel it coming up from my toes through my body towards my head trying to take over my body.


I am angry.


With shaking hands, I dial Ezra’s number.


‘Hello.’ he answers


With my trembling voice, I say,’ I need to see you right away.’


‘Please,’ I shudder.


‘Where are you?’


‘I am just leaving Alex’s house. Where are you?’


‘At home.’


‘Your wife?’


‘She just left she is going to Kabwe for a church conference.’


‘I am coming.’




I hung up and drive at high speed to Ezra’s house.


When I get to his house, he is waiting outside for me. He holds my hand and leads me into the house. His house is much smaller than I imagined, this is the first time I am entering the house.


‘What happened?’ he asks



I don’t have time for words I flung myself into his arms around his neck he pulls me into his arms. His mouth covers mine as he kisses me deeply.


We undress each other quickly he moves on top of me, he enters me and starts to move. With each thrust my body begins to relax and I know I will get back to normal soon.


As he drives deeper into me, a groan escapes his lips, eventually he spills his seed into me.


I lay in his arms and feel a sense if peace s£x always helps to calm me down.




‘When can I see you again?’ Stephen asks


‘I’m actually not sure. I am supposed to travel out of Lusaka this week for work.’


‘So I have to wait?’ he frowned


‘I am sorry?’ I grimaced. ‘I will keep you updated about my week when I get to work tomorrow.’


‘I could work with that.’


‘Let me walk you to the door,’ I say as we both stand up.


He came in the morning to spend some time with me when I told him I was bored.


We are standing at the doorstep when he grabs my face in his hands and moves his lips against mine as his hands slid down my sides grabbing onto my hips pulling me as close as possible to his.


We instantly part when someone clears their throat, smoothing my dress I turn and come face to face with an angry Zach.


Stephen doesn’t look so happy to be interrupted.


‘Hey!’ Zach says


‘Hey,’ I respond.


‘Babe, this is Zach, a friend of mine,’ I say looking at Stephen then I turn to look at Zach, ‘Zach, this is Stephen, the man I told you about.’


Zach gives me quizzical look.


‘Nice to meet you Zach,’ Stephen says


‘Sure,’ he says coldly


‘I better get going babe, I will see you later,’ Stephen says


‘Okay.’ I reach up and lightly kiss him on the lips, ‘I will call you later,’ I whisper in his ears.


‘Will be waiting.’




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