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Episode Three




We walk inside the restaurant with our fingers intertwined and up to the hostess stand.


‘Hello,’ the woman smiles at us.


‘I have a reservation for Wesley Chilafu,’ he says


She leads us to a small room with a single table set for two in the center. It is a very fancy and ornate private dining room. There is a candle lit on the table along with a note and a few rose petals.


I smirk quickly picking up the note.


‘The time we’ve had together has been amazing I can’t believe it has been another year. Thanks for bring the best part of my day-everyday! I love you.’


‘Thank s baby,’ I gently kiss his lips before pulling back and looking at him.


‘You are welcome.’


He pulls out a chair for me and I sit. He sits next to me.


He signals for the waitress, she strolls over and hands us two menus. After we leaf through the menus, we give her our food and drink orders.


She comes back a while later with our food and drinks and places them on the table.


‘Enjoy your meal,’ she says


‘Thank you,’ I respond.


We spend the next hour feeding each other and stealing kisses, the food here is amazing and I love our little private space.


‘You’ve enjoyed your food?’ he asks





He signals for the waitress again and she walks back in this time around carrying a fancy dinner plate that has a silver cover on top of it. He walks over to me, ‘This is for you.’


I am like oh my God is this it, my heart starts beating faster than usual.


‘Thank you,’ I respond and she marches out.


So I open the lid and find a small package that is wrapped, I unwrap it and find a box from a jewelry store. I look at him and he is grinning.


‘Oh lord, is this the moment I have been waiting for.’


I open the small box expectantly only to find a pair of diamond earrings and a bracelet. The smile on my face instantly turns into a sad face before turning into a frown.


He got me some f**king earrings and a bracelet, what am I supposed to do with these. I have plenty of earrings and bracelets, like really I just can’t believe he could do this.


I slam my fist into the table suddenly overcome with rage.


‘Babe,’ he says with a quizzical look on his face.


I close my eyes and try to calm my anger before I murder him right this minute.


He holds my hand,’ Are you okay?’ he asks


‘How am I supposed to be okay? It’s been five f**king years and I don’t have a ring to show for it?’ I want to scream but I quickly shut my mouth.


‘Are you okay?’ He asks with a concerned look on his face.


I clear my throat, ‘So do you have any question for me?’ I ask


‘Uhh….what?’ He asks, like dude has no clue he is supposed to be proposing tonight.


‘Thanks for the earrings and the bracelet,’ I manage a weak smile.


‘You are welcome,’ he smiles back at me, ‘for a minute there I thought you didn’t like them.’


‘They are lovely,’ I respond,


The earrings and the bracelet are beautiful and they look expensive. They must have cost him a fortune, on any other day I would have been happy to receive them but today is not an ordinary day a ring would have made me happier.


‘I would like to propose a toast,’ he says


I raise my glass to join him, ‘to love and a happily ever after,’ he says before he sips his wine. I take a long sip of my wine and put the glass on the table.


It’s hard for me not cry at this moment, my insides are aching.


‘I think we should go, I am not feeling well,’ I say


‘Okay,’ he stands up.



I stand up as well and grab my clutch, I pick the small box with the earrings and bracelet shoving it my bag. He lets me walk out of the room first shutting the door behind us.




The ride back home is quiet and somewhat uncomfortable, I can’t wait to get home and call my girls. I need to vent.


Finally we pull up into our driveway and he parks the car, we step out and walk up to the front door, he opens the door and I walk in heading straight to the bedroom.


I slip my shoes off my feet and undress.


Standing at my dresser, I open the middle drawer and pull out my purple pajamas.


As I button my shirt Wes walks into the bedroom.


‘Are you okay?’ he asks


I ignore him as I finish getting dressed then I grab my phone and make my way to the door, he quickly stands in front of me and blocks the way.


‘What?’ I snap at him.


‘Didn’t you like the dinner? Why are you suddenly gloomy?’


‘You want the truth?’ I yell, startling him.




‘I am 27 years old and you are 32, we are both financially stable, we have been together for five years. Why isn’t there a ring on my finger?’ I ask




‘I thought you were going to propose tonight and then you decide to get me some stupid earrings and a bracelet.’


‘You are being unreasonable.’




‘Why are you in such a hurry to get married? What we have is amazing, we are practically married.’


I can’t help but laugh, ‘Then make it official.’


‘Why are you suddenly so desperate for marriage?’ he asks, his tone is angry and cold.




‘Zaria this is unlike you, I will propose when the time is right.’


‘Is there someone else?’ I ask


He shakes his head, ‘I am not having this conversation with you now.’




‘You need to calm down first.’




I march out of the room and head to the spare bedroom, this is where the girls usually sleep when they spend the night.


I walk in and lock the door behind my back.


Wes and I have often talked about marriage and how we are looking forward to it. But now it looks like he has no interest in marrying me.


‘Lord I risked it all for him, let him not break my heart,’ I burst into tears as I throw myself on the bed.


I am deep in thoughts thinking about all the things we have been through.


When I met Wes, he was just a mere student with nothing to his name, things got so hard for him that he almost got out of university but my father intervened.


After he graduated he worked for one lousy company that paid him peanuts. I invested part of the money mum left me to help him start up his own company.


It’s not that I want him to pay me back for the stuff I have done for him, I just thought I deserve the ring, it’s been five years and we have been perfect why wait?




My phone rings startling me from my trance.


I pick up instantly, ‘Baby we have been waiting,’ Melanie says excitedly


‘Did he propose, send us the photos,’ Yedda says


I sniff, ‘He didn’t propose,’ I say as more tears pour from my eyes.


‘That son of a bitch,’ Melanie curses.


‘Melanie,’ Yedda says.


‘He called me desperate.’


‘Should we come and get you?’ Melanie asks




‘You need to stop crying.’


‘I will be fine I promise I will see you guys tomorrow, I give you all the details.’




‘I love you.’


‘And we love you even more baby.’


They cut the call and I lay back on the bed.




A gambling Heart



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