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-Episode Twenty Seven-






I awake to the sound of my ringing phone, I have no idea how long I have been sleeping or how I dozed off in the first place, I yawn loudly as I reach for my phone on the table beside my bed. Then I pick up the receiver, placing it gently to my ear.


‘Hello,’ I say in a meek tone.


‘Afternoon my darling,’ a familiar voice speaks on the other end of the line.


‘Hey my darling,’ I smile sitting upright


‘You sound different, are you okay?’


‘Yes, I am fine I just woke up.’


‘Oh, hope I didn’t wake you.’




‘I miss you a lot, can I come over and pick you up maybe we could go out and chill.’


I sigh, ‘I have something I need to attend to soon, I don’t think that will work.’


‘And what time are you likely to be done?’ he asks


‘I am not sure but I can come over when I am done and maybe I could spend the night.’


‘That’s even a better idea.’




‘On second thought, let me know when you get back home so that I can pick you up.’




‘So I will see you later.’




‘I love you pumpkin.’


It’s been three weeks since Bradley and I first went on a date, should I mention we are now an item. He is a good person, smart, handsome, well he is also a charmer.


I am going on a date this afternoon with Stephen and then tomorrow I have another date with Oscar. The goal is for me to get three credible men that I can date at the same time for ninety days and there after I will choose who is more serious and committed to settle down with.


I get out of bed and rush towards the bathroom for a quick shower.


Stephen should be here soon, he actually insisted on picking me up from home though he didn’t tell me where he will be taking me but he told me to be in a blue t-shirt, black ripped jeans and sneakers. He seems adventurous, my kinda man. I like him already.


So after my bath I get dressed and apply a little make up then I let my hair loose flowing about my shoulders.


About thirty minutes later, I hear a knock at the door and I already know who it is. The girls aren’t home today, Melanie has traveled out of Lusaka for work and Yedda is with Alex.


I grab my purse and rush out of the bedroom. When I open the front door, I stop dead in my tracks he is wearing the exact clothes I am wearing.


‘Wow!’ he exclaims, ‘Baby girl you look hotter in person.’ he says


I smile as a blush blooms my cheeks. His deep voice instantly sends my body into a -frenzy of desire.


His lips pull up into a cocky smile and he gets closer to me, ‘Shall we?’ he asks




I nod and allow him to lead me to his car, he opens the door for me and I slid into the passenger seat then he goes round to the driver’s seat and climbs in.


He has his hand on my thigh the entire drive, my heart is thudding in my chest and so many emotions are swirling through me so I was just stuck with Wes when I could have variety of men.


We arrive at our destination almost an hour later he holds my hand as I step out of the car.


‘Surprise!’ he smiles


We are rocky national park, it’s a new park this is the first I have heard of it. He gets some things from the car and we walk around trying to get a quiet and private spot.


Finally he spreads a small soft blanket and spreads it out on the floor under some large trees then he asks me to sit down and I do as instructed.


Then he sits down himself and leans back against a large tree. He moves the basket between us before taking out a bottle of wine and pops it open. He pours me a glass of wine and does the same for himself then he raises his glass up for a toast.


‘Here’s to having a great day,’ the clink of our glasses echo loudly as we lock eyes.


I smile before I quickly look away.


He removes some other foodstuffs from the basket and places them on the blanket.


We spend the rest of the afternoon eating and talking. By the end of the evening, I am confused, I don’t know who I like the most between him and Bradley, I guess only time will tell.


‘I want to see you again, I had a wonderful time.’


I laugh softly


‘I already said that didn’t i?’ he asks


‘You did and so did I, I would like to see you again also.’




He gently grasps my hand I draw close to him, taking me into his arms he says, ‘I never knew three hours could pass by so fast. You are so easy to be with.’


He takes my face in his hands and lowers his lips to mine and lightly kisses me.


‘I have to go I will talk to you later.’


‘Okay Bye.’




I push the gate open and walk in, closing it behind my back, two done, one more to go. Walking into the house, I find Yedda lying n the couch watching television.


‘You are back?’


‘Yes. Got back about an hour ago, Alex is working tonight.’




‘So how was it?’


‘Great, he is everything and more it’s early yet but so far I do like him though he was a little touchy.’


‘So did he kiss you?’ she asks


I roll my eyes. ‘Well!’


‘You bitch,’ she exclaims


‘He kissed at the gate when he dropped me off. And can you believe we wore matching clothes?’




‘I know right.’


‘Bradley came over,’ she says


‘He did?’ I ask


‘Yes, he left about twenty minutes ago.’






I remove my phone from my bag and found a tone of missed calls and messages I had deliberately put my phone on silent before going out with Stephen.


‘I completely forgot, he was supposed to pick me up.’ ‘What did you tell him?’


‘Told him you rushed off to run some errands for dad.’ ‘Okay.’


‘But he looked supper mad.’


‘Let me call him.’


‘Ya do that.’


I dial his line and he answers almost immediately.




‘Where the hell have you been?’ he cuts me short before I can finish, from the tone in his voice I can tell he is very angry.


‘I thought I told you I had errands to run,’ I respond


‘And you couldn’t pick up your phone?’


‘I was busy.’




‘Are you still gonna pick me up or I sleep?’


‘Just do as you please,’ he snaps


I find this funny so I burst out laughing.


‘Oh so now it’s funny.’


‘Pardon me but I feel like you are exaggerating.’


‘Exaggerating?’ he asks, ‘I have been calling and sending you messages for two hours now.’ ‘And I was busy.’


‘Fine,’ he responds coldly and cuts the line.


‘See your life,’ Yedda laughs


‘Wonders shall never end.’


‘You’ve made someone’s child upset.’


‘He has a short temper he will get over it soon.’


She laughs.


‘Let me just change my clothes so we can watch a movie,’ I stand up and head for my room.






A gambling Heart


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