Fri. Feb 9th, 2024

-Episode Twenty Six-




I am standing in front of the mirror, admiring myself.


I am clad in a yellow ruffle pockets v-neck long sleeved jumpsuit coupled with a pair of white strappy sandals.



I am going for another date with someone I met on tinder, after dwarf Albert I didn’t know I would go on another date with anyone from tinder but here we are. Bradley seems different.


And he is white I have always had a thing for white guys so let’s see where this will lead to.


‘You look pretty my darling,’ Yedda says


‘Thank you Kasuli.’


‘I will be twenty five soon,’ she rolls her eyes


‘That doesn’t change the fact that you are the baby of the house.’




‘Dah yourself,’ I laugh out loud.


‘What time are you meeting Bradley?’


I glance at my watch, it is almost six thirty and I have to go. I grab my clutch and I am good to go.


‘I need to go right now.’


She walks me out of the room to the door.


‘Have fun,’ she says


‘Thank you.’


I wave goodbye to her as I hop into my car and head off to meet Bradley.


Pulling up in front of the restaurant, I get out of the car and begin walking towards the door of the restaurant. This place he chose for our date is one of the best in town, it is pricey but there is sure no doubt


When I walk through the entrance my eyes begin to scan the room, finally I spot him and he looks up at me.


He gives me a sheepish grin and I smile back at him, my nerves kick in as I walk towards his table. Then he stands up, put out his arms and gives me a huge hug.


‘Zaria Nel,’ he says


‘Hey Bradley,’


He eyes her from head to toes, ‘You are breath taking,’ he says


‘Thank you.’


‘Please take a seat.’


I sit nervously in my seat. I put my hands on the edge of the table. It is covered with a blue clothe covered with white lace.


‘I love your body, it’s perfect,’ he says putting his arm around me as we are seated.



Shortly after, the waiter walks over to our table with the menu and he introduces himself. He asks me to order first and I do just that, atheist he is not like dwarf Albert, who forced a salad on me.


‘I will get your food and drinks right away, ‘he said. He bowed and walked out of the room.


‘The food here is excellent,’ he says when the food arrives.


He pours me a glass of wine and hands it over to me, ‘Thank you,’ I smile taking a sip of my wine.


‘So who is Zaria?’ he asks between mouthfuls of food.


I take a deep breath I don’t know how to respond to this question maybe because I also don’t know who Zaria is.


He looks at me intently obviously waiting for an answer.


I clear my throat and take another sip of my wine, ‘Zaria Nel is 2 year old financial analyst,’ I begin. ‘I am an only child, I was raised by father, I lost my mother when I was very young I have no memory of her.


‘Oh sorry.’


I manage a smile, ‘It’s okay.’


‘So what do you like doing in your free time?’


‘Mostly hanging out with my girls.’


I told him about Yedda and Melanie in one of our online conversations.


‘And I love reading traveling and generally just having fun I love to try out new things.’




‘I think that’s the word,’ I laugh.


‘How long have you been single?’


‘A year,’ I lie


‘How did your last relationship end?’


‘He fell in love with someone else,’ I reply


‘Why would someone leave a goddess like you for someone else?’


‘I wouldn’t know.’


We spend the next two minutes getting to know each other he is actually fun to be around. He tells me he is the last born in the family of three, he runs his mother’s company, his father is late and he loves meeting new people.


‘And how did your last relationship end?’ I ask


‘I don’t really know, we just didn’t work.’




We finish our delicious food and soon we are walking out of the restaurant hand in hand. We stand next to his car for a while just quietly gazing into each other’s eyes. I think I like him.


‘Will I see you again?’ he asks


‘Would you like that? I would like to see you again,’ I say.


‘Yes. I had such a great time with you.’


‘Same here.’


‘I like you a lot Zaria and I would like us to get closer than this, let’s see where this leads,’




He leans forward and kisses me, the kiss is not long enough to be seductive but it is enough to give me a taste of what I could expect in future.


He opens the car door for me and I slid into my seat.


‘Take care baby girl,’ he says before he slams the door shut.


‘Thank you.’


I wave at him before I drive off I think I just won a jackpot with Brad. Well it’s too soon to judge but who knows what could come out of this relationship.




I drive home happily I think the butterflies in my tummy have resurrected, I can feel them dancing.


When I get home, I open the door only to find Zach sitting in the living room.


‘You are back?’ Yedda asks


‘Yes. And Melanie?’


‘I think she won’t be coming back tonight.’




I turn to Zach, ‘what are you doing here?’ I ask


‘I had to see you,’ he says




‘You look nice,’ he says ignoring my question.


‘Excuse me,’ Yedda stands up and heads towards her room.


‘What are you doing here?’


‘I came to see you, thought I would surprise you. I have something to tell you.’


‘Oh,’ I take a sit on the couch across from the one he is sitting out.


‘Where are you coming from?’ he asks


I am about to respond when my phone rings, I pull it out of my bag and answer.


‘Hey,’ I smile


‘Just called to check if you are home,’ he says


‘Yes, I got home safe and sound.’




‘I really had a great time, thank you for tonight.’


‘I had a great time too thanks.’


‘I just got home, let me just settle in and then I will text you.’ ‘Cool.’


When I end the call, I can feel Zach’s gaze on me.




‘Nothing,’ he says




There is an awkward silence for a few minutes before I speak up, ‘I went on a date,’ I say






‘Ya so the girls felt I was gonna get depressed so they set up an account for me on tinder.’


‘You met someone from Tinder?’






‘Just trying out new stuff.’






He stands up, ‘I think I better get going.’


‘I thought you said you wanted to tell me something.’


‘It’s not important.’




‘Goodnight Zaria,’ he turns and walks out of the door slamming it shut behind him.


I shrug. ‘Good night Zach.








A gambling Heart




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