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-Episode Twenty-




I step back into my room after a quick shower and my bed is not yet spread. I fight the urge not to scream.


‘Maureen! I scream,’ my voice is loud and thunderous.


This woman will be the death of me she knows how much I hate coming back to a dirty room.


She rushes into my room, ‘Yes my child,’ she asks smilingly.


I feel a sea of anxiety deep down, ‘How many times have I told you not to call me that? Have you taken a good look at yourself in the mirror? Are you capable of birthing a child a like me?’


‘I am sorry Trish,’ she says


‘We are not at the same level, call me junior madam.’


She nods her head.


‘You called me.’


I roll my eyes and point towards the bed, ‘Spread the bed and clean up here,’ I say




She makes the bed quietly then she picks the clothes which are on the floor and puts them in the washing basket.


‘I am done,’ Maureen says


‘I am going out so prepare my breakfast and make sure my car is clean.’


I am going to see Alex I haven’t seen him for two months because I travelled out of the country for healthy purposes but now I am back and I am gonna get what belongs to me, “Alex.”


‘Okay,’ she walks out of the room.


I get dressed quickly, tie my braids into one big bun then I apply some minimal makeup and stand in front of the mirror to admire myself.


I look elegant, I always do. I am clad in a yellow jumpsuit and pink heels. I grab my handbag and car keys before I walk out of my room to the dining room to have my breakfast.


‘Morning baby,’ Mum says as walks past me towards the door.




She pauses at the door and looks at me, ‘going somewhere?’




‘You look beautiful.’


‘Thank you.’


‘You are welcome,’ she says ‘take care of your beautiful self, I have to run. I am meeting a friend for breakfast.’




She blows me a kiss before she walks out of the house shutting the door behind her back.


Placing my bag on top of the table, I pull back one of the chairs and settle down.


I have my breakfast quietly as Maureen stands next to the table she has to wait for me as I eat just in case I need anything. When I finish eating, I stand up and grab my bag.


‘Where to?’ she asks



I shot her an evil look, ‘you are not my mother so don’t ask me silly questions.’ ‘Okay.’


‘Good, I might not be back in time for lunch,’ I say storming out of the house to my car.


I pull up in front of Alex’s gate about an hour later I compose myself and step out. I have a huge smile on my face as I walk towards his front door. Taking a deep breath, I press the doorbell and wait.




The front door opens greeting me with a blast of cold air and a whiff of his cologne.


I throw myself at him, wrapping my arms around him and holding him tightly, ‘I missed you so much my darling,’ I say


He pushes me off him, ‘Trish! What are you doing here?’


‘I came to see you, I am sorry I have been quiet I got sick and I had to travel out of the country.’ ‘Trish….,’


I know you missed me. I cut him mid flow before pushing past him into the living room.


‘So we need to talk,’ I smile


‘About what?’


‘All I need is just a few minutes,’ I say


‘Ten minutes, that’s all I will give you.’


I sit down.


I am looking around the room when I spot a pair of black brown sandals on the floor.


I look at them for a few minutes just to be sure my mind is not playing games.


‘And those?’ I ask


‘They belong to Yedda,’ he says


‘Yedda?’ my teeth clench together, my hands roll up into fists of rage, so he is still seeing that stupid girl. ‘Are you okay?’


‘No I am not,’ I yell. ‘Is Yedda here?’ I ask anxiously


‘Yes,’ he responds


‘What is she doing here?’ I stand up.


‘She is my girlfriend, what sort of question is that?’


‘Alex, you can’t be with another woman, you belong to me.’




“Alex,’ I call his name as walk I down the stairs to the living room, he is talking to Trish. As I approach Alex, Trish looks conflicted with several different emotions


‘I didn’t know you had company,’ I fake a smile.


I don’t like this girl and I know she doesn’t like me too so the feeling is mutual.


‘Babe you remember Trish right?’ he asks


‘Yes,’ I nod my head, ‘Hey,’ I smile extending my handout to shake but she ignores the gesture and turns to face Alex. I shake my head before I drop my hand.


‘What is she doing here?’ Trish asks pointing at me.


I smile as I hold Alex’s hand, ‘I should be the one asking what you are doing here and not vise-versa,’ I say


‘I wasn’t talking to you,’ she says, her voice is loud and fast.


I think this woman doesn’t know me very well I can go from lady to ghetto in a second.


‘Trish, you have to leave,’ Alex says


‘What if I don’t want to?’


‘Then I will have to use force.’


‘I am not going, I came here to talk to you and she must leave before we have that conversation. I laugh, ‘Babe, I am going back to sleep, join me when you are done settling this issue.’


I lean forward and lightly kiss him before I turn to walk back upstairs.




‘Who does Yedda think she is?’ I wonder, feeling the anger boiling inside me.


‘I will join you shortly,’ Alex smiles at her.


As she turns to walk back, I spring to my feet and run towards her, I grab her and swing her around so she is facing me.


She gasps surprised. I slap her as hard as I can and she falls down, i take that chance to get on top of her.


‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ Alex pulls me off, I struggle to get away but eventually he manages.


She rises to her feet and comes for me, ‘How dare you hit me?’ she yells slapping me back.


My vision blurs and it takes two seconds, enough time for me to blink & touch my cheek. Enough time to look up at her and catch her smiling.


‘I am not some you should mess around with,’ she says


‘You bastard.’


Alex holds my hands roughly as he pulls towards the door.


‘You will pay for this,’ I yell


Finally we get to the door and he manages to push me out, I am fuming with anger. I feel like I could kill someone right now.


I bang on the door several times before I decide to leave but I will be back. I will not allow this little girl to humiliate me. Alex has always been mine and no girl that tries to fight me lives to tell the tale.


Yedda has nothing on me she wants war then war she will get.




A gambling Heart




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