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-Episode seventeen-




‘I came to see you my darling,’ she says, a bright smile still playing on her lips.


I quietly study her from head to toe. She is wearing a white dress with very thin straps that hug around her neck. The dress is a perfect fit it hugs her slender body showing every curve that she has. It has a slit on the left side.


How could someone be beautiful, cute, elegant and everything else at the same time?


When I saw her yesterday for the first time, I was totally smitten by her bubbly personality I didn’t expect to see her in my office today though.


‘Aren’t you going to ask me to sit?’ she asks startling me from my reverie.


‘Yedda! what do you want?’ I ask


Her smile broadens, ‘So you still remember my name? Impressive!’


‘I asked you a question.’


‘We had the pleasure of meeting yesterday but we were not formally introduced, I am Yedda. Yedda Dawson,’ she extends her hand towards me.


‘Detective Alex Mwale,’ I shake her hand


‘Nice to officially meet you Detective,’ she holds my hand in a strong grasp.


‘So, what are you doing here?’ I ask releasing her hold.


‘Don’t be such a bore,’ she says.’ I thought we are past that stage.’



She places her bag on my table then she walks to the sofa across from my table. She isn’t just tall but also navigating four-inch heels and doing it so well as if they an extension of her own feet.


Then she sits and crosses her long legs emerging from her side slit.


I clear my throat, ‘Are you for real right now?’


‘Yes baby, I am real. I am the real deal, so how are you?’


‘I am fine thanks and by the look of things you are fine too.’


‘I am better now that I am talking to you,’ she winks


‘What sort of a woman are you?’ I ask wondering how someone could be this bold and courageous at the same time.


‘The one you have been waiting for all your life,’ she laughs


‘Let’s get straight to business, what are you doing here?’ I ask trying to sound uninterested


‘Can I treat you out for lunch? No strings attached, just lunch we will get talking and if after this you think I am annoying, well I will back off.’


I open my mouth to respond but before I can say thing, she says something that blows my mind away.


‘When I said I liked you yesterday, I meant it and I am sorry if I am too straight forward but this is me being me.’


I laugh, ‘Are you always this straight forward? What if I am married?’


‘Which verse in the Bible prohibits married men from making friends or going out with them for lunch?’


‘Well,’ I smile,’ There is no verse that says that.’


‘Great, I didn’t ask you to marry me did I, I said let’s have lunch.’


I smile, I know most people would find her annoying but not me, I think she is cute and has a good sense of humor. There’s something to be admired in a woman that goes after what she wants, it shows courage and confidence.




I know i caught him of guard and now he is trying to figure out what sort of woman I am, I am the kind


that goes after her heart, I am the kind that will make you smile, I am the kind that loves to take risks. I


hate to play the part of the laid back and elusive woman that society tells us we should be to get a man.


For a second let’s just put aside that only men can pursue women, it’s all about gender equality right so if he can do it then I too can do it. If you feel he is the one for you, he is mature enough and won’t be put off by you showing interest then go after him girl- I am here cheering you all the way.


‘Ahem,’ I clear my throat when I catch him staring, this man sitting in front of me is interested in me, I can see through him, the way he keeps looking at me and smiling, ‘Lord Your son is hot’ the things I would do to him.


‘So are you up for lunch?’ I ask again


‘Well i…,’ he hardly utters his response when the door opens and in sails a tall beautiful curvy woman.


She closes the door behind her back and strode towards his table.


‘Alex,’ she says, ‘I didn’t know you had company.


She turns to look at me and smiles, ‘Hey.’


‘Hey,’ I return her smile


‘So Alex aren’t you gonna introduce us?’ she asks placing her bag on his table just next to mine.


Alex stands up and walks around his desk to where I am sitting, ‘Trish this here is Yedda, the girl I told you I have been seeing.’


He stares me directly in the eyes, ‘Babe this is Trish she is a family friend.’


‘Aw,’ I exclaim, ‘It’s a pleasure meeting you Trish,’ I smile at her, playing along to whatever is happening.


She stares at me fiercely and angrily then she looks away and a less than comfortable silence fells among us.


I clear my throat, ‘Baby, we are supposed to head out for lunch, I am starving.’ ‘Yes, I think we need to get going now.’


I stand up.


‘I am sorry Trish but you caught us at a bad time, babe and I gat to run for lunch now,’ I say smilingly She frowns.


‘I will get your number from him and maybe we can hang out soon.’ ‘Alex!’ She says angrily, ‘Can i talk to you in private?’ ‘No,’ he shakes his head.


‘Alex and I come as a pair so you can say whatever you want to say to him in front of him,’ I hold his hand.


She clicks het tongue, grabs her bag and storms out of the room.


Just then Alex and I burst out laughing.


‘You owe me one,’ I say


‘I owe you big time, your coming here is blessing in disguise.’




Deeply engrossed in my thoughts the loud knocking at the door makes me jump. I frown I am not expecting anyone certainly not at 8 o’clock at night. The knock comes again even more insistent than before.


I rise to my feet and walk to the front door and tentatively open it.


My eyes open wide in shock when I see who is standing at my door step. ‘Hey!” he says, from the tone in his voice I know he is not here for a social visit. ‘Sir.’


He laughs, ‘Wesley, are you going to let me in or I will have to stand here while I talk to you?’ ‘Come in,’ I respond opening the door wide.


I usher him into the living room, he looks around before he takes a seat. Lulu is taking a nap upstairs I hope she doesn’t wake up soon.


‘What can I offer you? I ask, my hands trembling, I have always been scared of this man.


‘Nothing,’ he says


‘Not even water?’


‘I don’t want anything, take a seat we need to talk,’ he says I look into his eyes- cold, unfriendly, stern.


‘I am not gonna waste your time, I will go straight to the point,’ he says I nod my head.


‘You got my daughters arrested and I want you to withdraw that case tomorrow.’ ‘But sir.’


He looks at me intently, ‘But?’


I remain silent.


‘You are lucky Zaria still has a soft spot for you otherwise I would have destroyed you and left you with nothing.’


‘I know I messed up sir but Yedda and Melanie had no right to beat up my pregnant girlfriend like that.’ ‘They did the right thing. You will always do the right thing by withdrawing that stupid case.’ He stands up,’ I hope I have made myself clear,’ he turns and heads for the door.




A gambling Heart



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