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-Episode Twenty Three-




We are sitting on the couch each of us holding a glass of wine, it’s been a whole week since Yedda downloaded ‘Love in 90 days’ and we just finished reading it.


I am certain this is what I need to get my groove back, I need to go out there and explore so yes I am doing this.


‘I will do it,’ I say


‘Do what?’


‘Date three men and try to find love in 90 days, I have nothing to lose after all.’ ‘You know what we are going to do first?’ Yedda excitedly asks ‘What?’


‘Set an account for you on Tinder.’


I tilt my head back and forth, ‘Okay.’


‘Let’s do this,’ Melanie says a huge grin spreading across her face.


We exchange a high five and she stomps her feet to the song playing on her phone, ‘Here’s to having fun.’


She grabs my phone,’ Let’s sign you up.’ She downloads the tinder app from the app store.


‘So am I supposed to use my real name?’ I ask


‘Yes, because you have to link it to your facebook account,’ she says


Melanie and I anxiously drink our wine as we wait for Yedda to finish setting up an account. After a couple of minutes, she hands the phone back to me.


For my profile she has chosen one of my favourite photos, where I am wearing a short s£xy dress with minimal make up, a huge smile plastered on my face.


I deem all the photos she has posted acceptable. I shift my attention to the bottom to read what she has written.


Zaria, 27,


Financial Analyst


Less than a mile away


‘I am a loving girl who’s looking to meet some new people.’ I shake my head, ‘You are something else.’ ‘Now time to find Mr. Right.’


I look at the screen and photos of random men in my vicinity pop up. We carefully swipe on the guys who seem to have what I am looking for. ‘Jeff?’


‘He’s cute but he kinda looks old and I think he is married.’


‘Definitely,’ Melanie says


‘He can’t be thirty.’




‘Next,’ Yedda says


‘Look at this one,’ Melanie says, ‘He looks interesting and he is cute.’ ‘Albert, thirty years old, business man.’ ‘I hope he is not a serial killer.’


‘Oh please.’


‘Right swipe,’ I smile




‘I am tired, I think that’s all for today let’s wait and see who will swipe back.’ ‘Fingers crossed.’


We rise to our feet and head towards Melanie’s bedroom.


‘You guys like to mess my beddings, go to your rooms.’


‘I am the one who washes those beddings after all so why are you complaining?’ I roll my eyes


‘I need some privacy,’ she says


‘You need some privacy, get married,’ Yedda replies.




We follow her closely into her room, get down on our knees to pray and finally get on the bed with her, instantly dozing off.




I wake up the next morning to messages from Tinder, I smile when I read the one from Albert.


Your profile got me hooked, figured I should introduce myself. I’m Albert.


I roll out of bed and rush to my room, sitting on the edge of the bed, I reply to Albert.


Zaria here and it’s good to know you Albert


I take a closer look at his profile, ‘not bad,’ I say to myself.


Albert and I talk for the next thirty minutes or so and we agree to meet next week. Then I log out of Tinder and rush towards the bathroom, I have a presentation at work today.


I take a quick shower and get dressed in a blue office suit with a white blouse underneath and black heels. My hair is tied down in a bun and I have applied a little make up.


When I step out of my room, the table has been set for breakfast Yedda is already dressed up while Melanie is lying on the couch eating an apple she is still wearing her night dress.


‘And you?’ I ask surprised that she hasn’t gotten ready yet.


‘I am calling in sick, my back aches.’


‘Sorry oh,’ Yedda laughs


‘But what’s funny Yedda,’ Melanie frowns


‘You are not sick we all know you just don’t want to work today.’


‘Leave me alone.’


We laugh


I clear my throat, ‘So Albert and I talked.’


‘You did?’ they ask excitedly


‘Yes and we are gonna meet next week.’


‘Progress,’ they say


‘A whole lot of it.’


‘And I have messages from other guys too, I have responded to a few.’ ‘Way to go.’


We have our breakfast and rush out of the house, we need to get going or else we will be stuck in traffic.


I get into my car while Yedda gets in hers and we drive out to our separate direction.


I get to work thirty minutes later.


‘Morning,’ I greet my colleagues on my way to my office.


‘Morning,’ my secretary Violet greets when I finally get to my office.


‘Hey V, how are you?’




‘Please get me a hot cup of coffee.’


‘Right away.’


I get into my office, set my bag on the table and sit at my desk. Turning on my computer, I begin to edit the notes on the presentation I will be making soon.


Violet walks in and sets my coffee on the table.


‘Thank you,’ I say without looking up.




‘Set up the conference room for the meeting.’


‘Okay,’ she walks out.




At about 9: 00 I am standing in front of the board presenting an investment idea. I slowly go through my slides as I explain how the new investment will be beneficial to us.


I ask a few questions here and there just to be sure people are closely following me. When I done, I sit down and anxiously wait for feedback.


My boss is the first to talk, ‘You never cease to amaze me Zaria this is an excellent idea.’ ‘Thank you, I respond


After the meeting I walk back into my office so I can start making phone calls. My door bursts open a minute later, it is Emily, the senior financial analyst. ‘What was that about?’ she asks


‘Excuse me?’


‘You presenting all that bullshit, what’s the meaning of that?’


‘I found an idea, I called for the meeting and I presented, you have any issues with that?’


‘I will not allow you to sabotage me.’




‘Yes, you stay in your lane, I am your senior.’


I laugh, ’Then why are you scared of me? You might be the senior but I have more potential that you have so back off.’


She shoots me an evil eye, ‘I am watching you.’






The weeks rush by so fast and before I know it, it’s Saturday and Albert and I are meeting up today. I have never randomly hooked up with guys from the internet so this is a first.


The girls and I went shopping earlier in the day. I bought some new clothes and plaited my hair.


I am wearing a long sleeved fitted top and a flare skirt plus some ankle boots.


‘You look amazing dude,’ Yedda says staring at me


‘Thank you.’


‘You are welcome.’


‘But I am scared.’




‘He could be a murder.’


‘Oh please.’


‘I am serious.’


‘Go out there and have fun, he seems like a nice guy.’




I grab my purse off the table and walk out of the door as they follow me.


‘Good luck girl,’ they say in unison as I get into my car and drive off. He asked if he could pick me up but I told him we would meet at the restaurant he choose for our dinner.




I get to the restaurant and I am greeted by a lady seated at the reception desk.


‘Do you have a reservation?’ she asks


‘I should think so.’




‘It should be under Albert,’ I say, ‘I am not sure if he is here yet.’ She smiles before she quickly leafs through her book for a second.


‘We have your reservation yes but he hasn’t arrived. Would you like to be taken to your table?’ ‘Sure.’


She leads me to a table at the far end of the room and I take my seat.


‘Would you like to have a drink as you wait?’ she asks


‘Water will do,’ I respond.


After waiting for about ten minutes, he finally shows up.


‘Zaria!’ he asks


I look up, my eyes widen in shock. First things first, he lied about his height, he is at least two inches shorter than me, secondly he looks so different in person, in a bad way if I should mention.


‘So sorry I am late,’ he smiles


I smile back at him confused. Lord I did not sign up for this.




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