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-Episode sixteen




I have been single for the past one year and before that, I was in a relationship with our pastor’s son but things didn’t work out, nigga was sleeping with almost every girl in the praise team so I dumped his ass.


The last couple of months, I have gone out with a few guys but none of them stood out for me.


The girls think I am extremely picky but I know what I want when I see it. I think I just saw what I have always wanted today.


It is still very early days and I am not one to jump into anything quickly but what I know is that I must him. I am supper excited to have met him today, I am thankful to Wes for sending the cops to arrest us actually.


Like they say, everything happens for a reason so our being arrested wasn’t in vain.


Well I am quiet exhausted, the girls and I just came back from a night of fun and laughter. Zach spoiled us, he took us out to eat then we went to the movies and finally we went clubbing.


My feet hurt from all that dancing, lord I need a massage- No, I think what I need is a strong macho man like the detective to carry me to bed and rub my feet till I fall asleep.


“Earth to Yedda!” Melanie clicks her fingers in my face.




‘You zoned out.’


‘I guess she was thinking about that detective you met.’


‘Madam is in love,’ they laugh


‘You guys I really like that guy and I will go after him.’


‘What if he is married?’


‘He doesn’t look married.’


‘How do you know?’


‘Well I can tell by looking, that man is single, he has been waiting for me all these years and today fate brought us back together.’


‘Love is a beautiful thing abeg oh,’ Zaria says with a smirk


‘You can say that again.’


‘Let’s wait and see what this holds for the future,’ Melanie says with a grin knowing she is irritating me.



‘Whatever!” I rise to my feet, ‘I am tired I think I am gonna call it a night.’ Zaria stands up too, ‘I think we should all go and sleep.’ ‘Tonight was amazing,’ Melanie says


‘All thanks to Zach,’ I say


‘Yes. Have you noticed that he is even better looking than Wes?’ Melanie asks smilingly


Zaria shoots Melanie a blank stare, ‘No I haven’t noticed, have you been checking him out. Wait! Don’t tell me you are in love too.’


‘Shut up,’ she hits her arm playfully


‘I wish it was him you had dated and not that riffraff.’


‘Oh because he bought us some food and drinks, I should now date him?’ ‘Well he is a nice guy,’ I say


‘You guys are hilarious don’t even go there because you know I would never ever date Zach.’ ‘Who said anything about dating him?’ Melanie rolls her eyes at her ‘So what are you saying?’ she asks


‘You could use him to get back at Wesley I can’t imagine the look on that fool’s face if he found out you are banging one of his best friends.’


‘Oh Lord! I think I have heard enough! Angel Gabriel blow your horn right this minute,’ she says before she sinks down on the couch behind her and covers her face with her hands.


‘Did she just die on us?’ Melanie asks


‘Yes, I think we just lost Zaria.’


We get down on our knees and begin to shake her, ‘Zaria! You can’t be dead!’ Melanie lets out a loud piercing wail.


Pretty soon we all burst out into a fit of laughter.


‘Melanie you are a fool,’ Zaria says in between her laughter.


‘Madam you are alive?’ I ask


We started laughing again so hard that tears are streaming down our faces.


When the laugh dies down, Melanie stands up, ‘I think I just peed on myself,’ she says ‘Lord Jesus no, Zaria moves away from her.’


‘You guys made me laugh so hard I couldn’t hold it.’


‘Iyee!’ Zaria puts her hands on top of her head, ‘Lesa somone! Wechikulu chonse ai?’ (As big as you are)


‘Shut up.’


‘Auntie Melanie has peed on herself,’ I laugh


She rolls her eyes and stands up, ‘I am gonna change and then we can pray and go to sleep,’


‘Ill. Stinky.’


She raises her middle finger and direct it at me, ‘Fuck you.’


‘It takes two know.’




Zaria and I stand up and we all go to our separate rooms to get changed. After a while we meet up in Melanie’s room, she has the biggest bedroom among the three of us.


We sit on the edge of her bed and read some verses from the bible before Zaria closes for us in prayer.




‘You witches go to your room, I wanna sleep.’


‘I am sleeping here with you,’ Zaria says


‘Me too.’


She rolls her eyes, ‘You have your own rooms.’


‘But we wanna share yours.’


‘Oh lord,’ she sighs.


‘That’s a yes.’


‘No,’ she laughs.


We climb into her bed and slip under the covers on her bed.


‘Good night bubbles,’ Melanie yawns after she turns off the light and joins us in bed.


‘Good night Gangsta baby,’ we say in unison.




The next morning, I am the first to wake up, I roll out of bed and walk to the kitchen looking for something to eat I am really hungry. It feels like I didn’t have anything to eat last night.


In the kitchen I pour myself a bowl of cereal and sit down to eat.


After I am done, I started cleaning the plates, It’s like 5 in the morning and I know the girls won’t be up till around 9 so I clean up the house as well and prepare them breakfast.


By the time the girls finally wake up, I am almost done with the laundry.


‘Morning bubbles.’


‘Gangsta baby.’


‘What time did you wake up?’




‘On a Sunday?’




‘Love makes people do weird things ai.’


‘It’s too early for drama.’


‘Za alikiwi?’




‘As usual.’




Its 13: 00, the guys are lying on the couch in the living room watching television. I step out of my room to the living room all dressed up.


‘And where are you going?’ Melanie asks


‘To the police station.’


‘Bitch,’ Zaria says


‘Wait I am not gonna cause any trouble I am just paying my dear inspector a visit.’ “Dressed like that?” She eyes me from head to toe. ‘I am fine.’


‘You want to lead that man into temptation.’


‘You girls are delaying me, I better get going.’


‘All the best.’


‘Thank you, I am gonna need it. If I am not back by 18 then come and bail me out.’ They laugh, ‘Okay.’


I walk out of the house to the garage and get into my car.


Soon I am on my way to that police station, well I know I am crazy but I also know I am a goal getter. ‘Follow your heart they said,’ well I am doing just that.’


It isn’t long before I pull up in front of the police station. I step out of my car, compose myself and walk in.



When I get to the reception I ask for Detective Mwale and I was told to wait while a female police officer went to get him.


A little while later, she comes back and directs me to his office.


I walk down the corridor slowly aware of the sound my heels are making on the tile floor.


I take a deep breath before I knock on his door, ‘Come in,’ he says.


I walk into the room with a huge smile on my face.


‘Hey darling!’ I say


‘You! What are you doing here?’ he asks surprised to see me.




A gambling Heart




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