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-Episode Fifteen-




Arriving at the station, we step out of the car and walk inside. They escort us to a small room equipped with only a table and three chairs, Yedda and I sit.


They walk out quietly leaving us alone.


This isn’t the first time we have been arrested for physically assaulting someone.


A few months ago, I beat up a man at a restaurant where the girls and I had gone out for lunch. This man passed a silly comment when we walked past his table to ours. The girls and got so angry we pounced on him.


They called the police on us, well the rest is history.


‘You caught me off guard when you went after Wesley like that, dude you are crazy,’ Yedda says


‘I am ghetto like that and he knows it, I wonder why he misbehaved. I am seriously not done with Wes.’


‘Melanie let Wes be, you have done enough damage already.’


‘The riffraff called the police on us. He needs to be taught a big lesson.’


‘But did you see how bruised his girlfriend looked, her face was even bleeding.’


I burst out into near- hysterical laughter when I remember how bad the lulu girl looked, we inflicted so much pain on her this is something she will never forget.


She should even thank her lucky stars that she is pregnant otherwise we would have inflicted more pain.


The door swings open several minutes later, a smartly dressed man walks in.


‘Yedda and Melanie?’ he asks. His voice is deep, almost melodious the kind that makes you want to trust him.


‘Yes,’ I respond.


‘I’m detective Mwale & I have a few questions for you.’


‘You are handsome,’ Yedda says softly, ‘I wouldn’t mind being locked up in this room with you. Well if you know what I mean.’


‘OMG,’ Yedda has guts, I laugh out.


He shoots her a deadly stare,’ Young lady I am not here to play around.


‘Well I am just appreciating God’s creation Detective or are you going to charge me for that too?’ she gives him a blank look.


I laugh out so hard this time tears run down my face.


He pounds his fist on the table and yells, ‘Silence.’


Eventually I compose myself enough to create the silence of the environment but I am still laughing inside.


The detective finally takes a seat.


‘The two of you have been arrested for attacking and physically assaulting a pregnant woman with intent to injure (and also to a charge of threatening to cause grievous boldly harm,’ he said, ‘What’s your plea?’


‘Not guilty and we would rather not answer any questions without our lawyer present.’ ‘Proving to be difficult, I see,’ he smiles.


‘As soon as our lawyer comes we shall willingly answer all your questions handsome,’ Yedda smirks ‘You look like a bundle of trouble,’ he shakes his head


‘Well they all say that but I am a good girl. I guess you & i can form an unbreakable bond,’ she winks ‘Yedda,’ I playfully slap her arm, is she seriously flirting with this man.


‘Excuse me,’ he gets up and walks out closing the door behind him. I stand up and walk to the door trying to open it but it has been locked from the outside.


‘Lord you scared that handsome man away.’


‘So you also noticed he is handsome?’ she rolls her eyes ‘Girl you are shameless, you seriously went overboard.’


‘Dude, I am feeling this man deep within my soul, I have finally found my soul mate,’ she stands up I can’t help but laugh at her, this girl will be the death of me.


We sit and wait in that room for what seems like forever but it could have been just a few minutes.


The door opens again and Detective Mwale and Zaria’s dad walk in.


He asks us a few questions then after about thirty minutes we are bailed out. ‘Girls congratulations,’ Dad says smilingly as we walk towards the car park. ‘For?’ Zaria asks


‘For putting Wesley and his girlfriend in place, I owe you one.’


‘You are the man,’ I laugh.


‘Dad you shouldn’t be encouraging them,’ Zaria says


‘Live a little my darling. That man did you wrong all they did was get back at him a little.’


‘Whatever!’ she shrugs


‘Anyway just know that this case won’t go anywhere, I will have a talk with Wesley and I know he will withdraw the case.’


‘Thanks pappy.’


‘You are welcome,’ he says


‘I gotta rush girls, I am taking my girl out for lunch,’ he says smilingly


‘Say hi to Precious,’ we say in unison.


He gets into his car and waves at us.




‘Buffalo Beans? Like really?’ I give the girls an accusing look.


‘She deserves it,’ Melanie answers


‘She is pregnant, what if you had caused harm to her unborn baby too.’


‘You know what let’s forget the buffalo beans, I had such a good time in that interrogation room,’ Yedda smiles


‘Oh really?’


‘Your little girl just fell in love with one Detective Mwale,’ Melanie says as pearls of laughter burst from deep within.


‘You lie.’


‘It’s true but I don’t know why Melanie keeps laughing about this.’


I shake my head, ‘Tell me about it.’


‘Girl you should have seen this man, the minute I saw him I was so glad we got arrested. The whole time he was talking, I was staring into his eyes just blown away. There was this instant connection with him,’ she says


‘I guess your heart started beating hard and the butterflies in your tummy started jumping up and down,’ Melanie teases her


‘Actually,’ Yedda begins, ‘There were no jitters, no nerves or beating of the heart. I just felt safe around him I swear it’s not something I have ever experienced before.’


‘OMG! You are serious?’ I ask my eyes wide open with unbelief



‘Dah! I am serious and I don’t care if you guys laugh at me but what I know is that this guy is someone I was meant to cross paths with.’


‘Ahem,’ I clear my throat.


Melanie drops her head and I can tell she is doing her best not to laugh again.


‘Well I am glad you find this amusing but soon you will be dancing on my line up,’ Yedda says


Melanie and I exchange glances and we laugh.




When we finally get home, we notice a car parked in front of our gate. I pull over on the other side and step out of the car ready to shout at the owner of the car.


I knock on the window and he opens his door.


‘Zach!’ I exclaim


‘Hey you,’ he grins and opens his arms as he walks towards me. He engulfs me in a bear hug and pecks my check.


‘It’s good to see you girl,’ he says


‘It’s been a while I thought you abandoned me because your friend dumped me.’


‘You know I would never do that, I had to travel to the village and the network that side is so bad. I heard about happened between you and Wes so I decided to come as soon as I got back.


The girls step out of the car they greet Zach and head for the gate.


Zach is one of Wesley’s best friends he is the most matured friend that Wes has. Zach and i are quiet close.


‘So how are you?’ he asks


‘I am fine.’


‘I am sorry about what went on between you and Wes. Wes is a fool to let you go.’


‘That’s his loss I guess, I am no longer crying after him, I guess its life, sometimes you lose some sometimes you win some.’


‘So how about I treat you and the girls to lunch.’


‘I guess I can’t say no to food so we are on.’


‘That’s my girl,’ he says


I smile at him, ‘I think you should just come in and wait for us to freshen up then we will be all yours.’






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