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Episode Two




I get home at 5 I step out of the car and make my way to the door.


When I reach the door, I shove my hand deep in my bag searching for the keys then I unlock the door and walk in.


I close the door behind my back and head straight to my room. I let my bag slid from my shoulder onto the floor. My shoes quickly find their place next to my bag.


I am about to throw myself on the bed for a short nap when I see a wrapped rectangular box sitting on top of my bed with a banquet of roses on the side.


My face beams with excitement I pick up the flowers then hold them close to my nose and inhale deeply the scent is amazing.


I sit on the edge of the bed and anxiously un-wrap my package to find a long burgundy dress with a wide slit and rounded hem.


‘OMG! I gawk as I hold the gift in my hands.’ Aside from the dress, there is also a pair of beige strappy sandals in the box.


Excited I grab my phone and dial Wesley’s number, he answers on the first ring.




‘Baby I love the dress and the shoes, thank you very much,’ I excitedly say.


‘I am glad you like them,’ he responds.


‘I wasn’t expecting this, like seriously.’


He laughs, ‘I guess I pulled out the surprise perfectly.’


‘You did.’


‘I will pick you up at 7.’




‘I love you.’


‘I love you too.’



He hangs up and then I put the phone on my bed, lord I just love my dress. I wish I can wear it right at this minute.


I pick up the flowers and set them in the jar before I decide to take a short nap.




At 6, I roll out of my bed lazily and go to the bathroom to freshen up.


After I step out of the shower, I make the bed and tidy up the room.


I am about to start getting dressed when a loud knock sounds at the door, I grab my towel from the door before going downstairs. As I near the door, the knock gets louder.


I open the door to find Melanie and Yedda standing on my door step carrying some plastics in their hands.


‘Hey girl!’ Melanie practically screams like who does that? Melanie is louder than Yedda and i.


‘You are something else,’ I roll my eyes.


‘Hey Zee,’ Yedda says with her quiet voice.


‘Tsup Kasuli.’


Yedda raises her eyebrows at me and says, ‘I will be year older soon.’ ‘As if that changes anything,’ Melanie laughs


I open the door wider and they walk in before I shut it.


We call Yedda Kasuli because she is the youngest among us, Yedda is only 24 and Melanie is 27 like me though I am older than her by two months.


‘What are you girls doing here?’


‘We just came to make sure you will be appropriately dressed for the evening.’


I can’t help but smile, my girls are dramatic but they are most caring and loving friends I have ever had, they go out of their way to see me happy all the time.


‘You guys are the best,’ I say as I lead them upstairs to the bedroom.


‘We bought you a few outfits for tonight all you have to do is choose what you will like.’ ‘That has been sorted,’ I point to the box on the table.


Melanie quickly opens it and she screams out in excitement.


‘This is beautiful,’ Yedda says




‘Wes is heaven sent,’ says Melanie


‘You can say that again.’


Melanie then asks me to sit on the stool in front of the mirror. She sits on the other stool, grabs my leg and puts it over hers. She slowly starts applying nail polish with so much skill.


As Melanie paints my nails Yedda is busy applying makeup on my face.


‘I was checking out some dresses on Jamosa Angels Bridal facebook page and I saw something perfect for you,’ Melanie says


Yedda laughs.


‘I haven’t even gotten the ring and you are here telling me about wedding dresses.’


‘You are a few hours away from getting it. As your maid of honor I have to start planning in advance.’


‘And who said you will be my maid of honor?’


‘Story izibika boi, I am your maid of honor by force.’


Yedda and I burst out laughing, Melanie is something else.


At 6:55, I am all dolled up. My makeup is done and my hair has been fixed.




I am admiring myself in front of the mirror. This dress is a perfect fit-it was definitely tailored for me. It clings to me in all the right places.


‘You look amazing Mrs. Muchindu,’ Yedda and Melanie say in unison.


‘Asante,’ I respond smilingly.


They get a few photos of me before they pack up their stuff.


‘Enjoy your evening baby.’


‘Thank you.’


I walk them to the door.


‘We shall anxiously be waiting on the other side, please update us.’




-An hour later-


I tap my foot in annoyance as I glance down at my watch to check the time again- its 8 pm. He said he would pick me up at 7 but he is nowhere to be seen and his phone is off.


‘Where the hell is Wes and why hasn’t he gotten in touch with me? What if something bad has happened to him? No! I can’t be having such thoughts.’


I anxiously grabbed her phone again from the table and presses a button to speed dial his number. I frown as she gets the same response as before.


I throw my body on the bed and stare at the ceiling.


At about 8:30, Wes walks through the door.


I sit upright and look at him, he snuggles to my neck and gives me a quick kiss, ‘You look good,’ he whispers.


I shot him a deadly stare, I could murder him right this minute and no one would ever find his body.


‘I had a lot of paper work to finish at the office, I am sorry he says.’


I glance at my watch,’ ‘At 8:30?’


‘Yes hun.’


‘And you couldn’t call or even send me a text I have been for close to two hours now.’


‘My battery was dead,’ he says trying to touch my hand but I move.


‘I guess you will now say that there was no electricity at the office?’


‘Come on.’


‘Its fine anyway, I will just get undressed and sleep.’




‘Stop it!’ I holler my fists clench at my side.


‘I am sorry, I will make it up to you we can still go for dinner. Our reservation is still intact.’



‘I am sorry but we can still make it for dinner.’




I wait for him while he changes his clothes I am only letting this slid because I know I am getting a proposal by the end of this evening.’


‘All done,’ he smiles at me five minutes later.


I put my heels back on and grab my clutch.


I walk towards the door but he grabs my hand and pulls me in front of him.




‘I am sorry,’ he whispers and lightly cupping my face. His thumb traces my lower lip, ‘I didn’t mean to hurt you, I am really sorry.’


I remain quiet. He leans forward, kissing me gently on the lips. I can’t resist him no matter how upset I am, I kiss him back with everything in me. His body presses me up against the wall only to be interrupted by his ringing phone, we separate.


Five years I have been dating him and still I can’t get enough of him.


He pulls his phone from his pocket and looks at it then he cuts the call and turns it off.


‘Why did you do that?’ I ask


‘Tonight is all about you,’ he smiles


My heart melts with joy, oh how I love my future husband.




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