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Episode Four




“The sad thing about this whole love thing is that you could do everything right and still not be the one.”


I spend the next few hours turning and tossing trying to think of a possible reason why he doesn’t want to propose. Finally I doze off.




I am walking down the aisle with dad by my side. My hair is perfectly styled, my dress white and long.


There are bridesmaids dressed in peach holding banquet of flowers.


When we arrive in front of the altar Wes is waiting for me.


I have a huge smile plastered on my face as dad hands me over to him.


The ceremony starts with some words from our pastor I am not paying attention to what he is saying. I keep stealing short glances at Wes. Man he looks so fine.


Then we come to the part I hate and I look intently at the audience.


‘If anyone has anything lawful impediment they know of that these two people may not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.’


The pastor waits for a few minutes and just as he is about to speak, someone stands up quickly and she walks to the front.


‘These two can’t get married,’ she says.


I hear gasps from the guests. The pastor looks at the woman waiting for more, ‘I am carrying his child,’ she says handing him some documents.


I look at the woman in shock then I look at Wes, he is quiet but the guilt is evident in his eyes. How can he do this to us?


A sharp pain suddenly blooms through my chest and I start feeling weak.




My eyes suddenly snap open and I shoot upright roughly pushing the sheets from me. I breathe out slowly, burying my head in my hands. It was just a dream.


I pull out my phone and the time reads 5:10 am.



I groan and roll out of bed walking into the kitchen to get myself a glass of water. I pour myself a glass and eagerly drink two full glasses.


There is more to that dream than meets the eye, my dreams always have meanings. Is it possible that Wes is seeing another woman? Has he lost interest in me?


Tormented with all these thoughts, I grab my phone and dial dad’s number.


My father and I are very close he raised me single handedly after mum died. I was seven years old then, it’s always been me and him from as far as I can remember. That man worked so hard to give me the best that life could offer he is my go to person.


‘Pumpkin,’ he answers in a sleepy tone.


‘Did I wake you up?’


‘No baby. How are you and why are you up this early on a Sunday?’


‘I couldn’t sleep.’


‘Are you okay?’




‘You are sure?’


‘Yes, I just missed talking to you.’


‘Oh my little pumpkin daddy misses you too. You should come home for dinner this week.’


‘I am free on Wednesday.’




‘How is Precious?’ I ask


‘Precious is fine, we have some news to share with you,’ he says excitement evident in his voice.


Precious is dad’s girlfriend, she is 30. They have been together for two years now.


She is a nice and kind person I didn’t like her in the beginning because I thought she was just after his money after I got to know her, I realized she loves him genuinely.


‘I am all ears.’


‘Can’t you wait till Wednesday?’




‘Precious is pregnant,’ he says


‘That’s good news daddy.’


‘Are you okay with this?’


‘Totally cool with it dad, I am 27 and I am going to have a little sister isn’t that awesome.’


‘I am glad you are happy.’


‘This is good news the girls and I will come and celebrate with you.’


‘I will tell her to get ready for Melanie’s drama,’ he laughs


‘I think we should leave Melanie out of this, what if only Yedda and I come?’


‘We will have to hear what Melanie will say about that.’


‘You wanna snitch on me?’


‘Melanie is girl,’ he says


‘Ah please.’


I spend the next few minutes laughing and joking with dad. Dad treats my best friends like they are his own, they even call him dad.


After in finish talking to dad I start to clean up the apartment. Just as I finish, Wes finally walks out of the bedroom. He glares at me, ‘Morning.’


‘Morning,’ I respond coldly.


‘Still mad I guess.’


I shrug and head for the kitchen to prepare breakfast. He follows me and sits on the table. I am humming quietly to myself as I cook completely ignoring Wes.


When I finish preparing breakfast, I set the table and head for the bedroom.


I strip off my pajamas and turn the shower on waiting for the water to get warm when I get my desired temperature I get right in shivering as the warmth rushed through me.


I wash my body slowly thinking about that dream, I seriously can’t get over it and I have this awful feeling at pit of my stomach.


When I finally get out, I towel myself then I pick up my toothbrush and brush my teeth. When i walk out of the bathroom to my room, Wes is sitting on the bed.


I drop my towel to the floor and start getting dressed.


Afterwards I sit at my table, comb my hair and apply some minimal make up. Satisfied with my look, I grab my car keys, phone and purse.


‘I will be spending the day with the girls,’ I tell Wes


‘Don’t you think we should talk about what’s going on here?’


‘And what’s going on?’


‘I didn’t propose but that doesn’t mean I will never propose I am making plans.’


‘I see.’


‘I hate it when we fight,’ he stands up and walks over to me.


‘I hate too but do you realise you called me desperate, was I wrong for expecting you to propose.’


‘No you weren’t and I am sorry for calling you desperate.’


‘What are your plans for us? We are past the age of playing hide and seek, it’s either you want to marry me or not, so what exactly do you want?’


He scratches his head, ‘You know I love you a lot Zaria?’


‘Love alone is not enough, I need commitment and stability.’


‘I know.’




‘I am working on something, I just need you to give me a little time, I need you to trust me on this one,’ he says






‘You need time, then time you shall get. I will see you when I get back.’


I walk out of the room and slam the door behind me. Maybe I am over reacting but I need Wes to make a decision about us, he should man up and do what is required of him.




A gambling Heart



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