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-Episode Nineteen-


Two months




That’s how long it has been since my fight with Wesley, well after giving it much thought and weighing down the advantages and disadvantages of that case, I decided to withdraw it.


I didn’t withdraw that case because I am afraid of Mr. Nel, I just did for my own peace of mind and I know karma will deal with those girls for humiliating me like they did.



I woke up feeling very happy today well, it’s our Ten months anniversary and Bae just called, he says he has a surprise for me this evening, I think I have an idea of what will happen this evening, I can feel it.


Tonight is going to be an epic night.


You know when I first met Wes I knew we would make a great couple so I went after him even though I knew he had someone else, ‘girlfriend’.


I didn’t steal Wes from her he decided to be with me he made his choice. I hope everyone else will learn to live with that.


Well ten months and still going strong, it doesn’t matter what we face along the way. Nothing and nobody will tear us apart because we are meant to be.


Anyway I just finished having a bath I am going out with a friend. First I would like to get my hair and nails done and then, I want to buy some new clothes and shoes. I just feel I should spoil myself today.


After I finished getting dressed, I walk into the kitchen and prepare some breakfast. I sit down at the table to have my breakfast while responding to some messages on the phone.


A knock sounds at the door as soon as i finish eating, I am sure it’s my friend Sabrina at the door so I quickly clean the table and place in the sink then I grab my hand bag and car keys before I head towards the door,


‘Girl you are right on time,’ I smile at her when I open the door.


Sabrina is my best friend we are birds of the same feather so we flock together. She is my ride or die.


She is one person whose loyalty I don’t have to question. She’s been with me through thick and thin.


I simply adore her.


‘You are glowing.’


‘Let’s just say pregnancy looks good on me.’


‘Slay mama,’ she says excitedly


‘That’s me,’ I blush


I lock up the door and we walk to my car. As soon as we both settle in, I drive out of the compound and into the main road.






We are lying together on the couch watching a movie. I have my head on his chest and he has one hand wrapped around me and the other is running through my head. This makes me feel so relaxed and secure.


Alex and I aren’t in a relationship, we have been hanging out a lot these past two months but we haven’t made any type of commitment to one another. Honestly I don’t even know what we are.


‘I wanna ask you for a favour,’ he says after the movie finishes




‘My sister is hosting a birthday dinner for my mum and I would like you to come with me as my date.’




‘I want you to meet my mum and siblings.’








‘That’s my girl.’


A satisfied smile settles on my lips when he calls me his girl.


‘You look happy.’


‘I am happy.’


‘Tell me about it.’


‘You make me happy.’


‘I want you to be happy.’


Is it safe to say that I have officially fallen for Alex? Like I am in too deep but I won’t voice this out loud.


I did my part and now the rest is up to him, I know he likes me too but I think he is the kind that doesn’t like to rush things. He wants us to take things one step at a time.






At an Italian Restaurant, I am sitting next to Wesley. Facing us across from the table are Victor and his girlfriend Millie. Sabrina and Matthias are sitting on the side.


From the look on Millie’s face, I can tell she is still upset about my relationship with Wes. She needs to get over it though because I am not going anywhere, Wes is mine, she can die for all I care.


We are not dinning in the main restaurant but in a smaller room nearby which Wes hired just for this dinner. This place is elegant and their food is awesome.


We have a standard dinner conversation as we eat. Eventually when we finish eating, soft music starts to play in the background and Wesley slips out of his chair, pushes it aside and gets down on his knees.


It takes me a couple of minutes to figure out what is going on.


He puts his hand in his jacket pocket and removes a small blue box. He opens it to reveal a heart shaped ring.



‘Luyando Mweene, mother of my unborn baby, would you honour me by being my wife. Will you marry me?’ he asks


‘Oh my goodness,’ my heart literary stops for a few seconds before I respond, ‘Yes, I will marry you,’ I respond


The ring fits perfectly.


He slips the ring on my finger and everyone around the table applauds.


We stand up and kiss before he holds me in a tight embrace, ‘I love you so much.’ I say


‘I love you too,’ he responds


‘Congratulations girl,’ Sabrina screams as she walks towards us then she embraces the both of us, ‘May your love last forever,’ she says excitedly


‘Thank you.’


‘Congratulations my man,’ Victor and Matthias say in unison.


‘Thank you.’


I stare at Millie who is obviously upset with the turn of events, she looks like she is about to burst.


‘Congratulations,’ she says coldly


‘Thank you.’


I am finally getting my happy ending, my mother would be so proud of me if she were alive.


I am finally engaged, I can’t wait to post photos on facebook, lord I want to see the look on Zaria’s face when she sees my ring, I know she will burst but who cares, in the end, I laugh the last.




A gambling Heart




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