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-Episode Twelve-





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The day had been spent with my father catching up and getting reacquainted then later I drove to the girl’s house.




I have my own keys so when I got there I let myself in and moved my bags to my room. I lived here with the girls before I moved in with Wesley so I can safely say I am home.


The bed in my room is stripped so I take a few minutes to spread it with fresh sheets a pink quilt. I spend the next one hour unpacking my suitcases and putting away my things in the closet and adjourning bathroom. As I work I make a mental note of things I need to get rid of.


I am opening up the windows to freshen up the bedroom when I hear a vehicle in the drive. A moment later, a voice calls from the door.


‘Yedda darling.’


It’s Melanie I rush out to greet her, pausing when I see her reaction to my appearance.


‘Melanie darling,’ she exclaims holding out her arms and I step into them for a hug,


‘See what the cat drugged in,’ she laughs, ‘Madam Boss told me you are unwell, tsup?’


I draw in a sharp breath, ‘It’s a long story.’


‘I have all the time,’ she pulls me towards the couch and we both sit down.


‘I am gonna tell you about it let’s just wait for Yedda to come back so I can tell you girls at the same time but all I can say now is that I have moved back in.’


‘Moved back in where?’




‘And Wes?’


The door bursts open before I can respond and Yedda marches in like a little boss that she is.


‘Kasuli Wesu!’ We scream in unison.


‘OMG!’ She exclaims ‘It’s a full house.’




‘How are you doing Babe?’ she asks looking at me intently


‘I am okay,’ I quickly say


‘That doesn’t sound convincing, spit it out, what’s bugging you?’


‘I have good news and bad news, which one should I start with?’ I ask


She kicks her shoes off her feet and places her hand bag on the floor, ‘Well start with the good news.’


‘I have moved back in?’


‘Moved back in? As in here?’




‘So what’s going on?’


‘I need something to drink first,’ I respond before I stand up and walk to the other side of the room.


I pick a bottle of brandy a pour a small amount of the liquor in it. I can feel their eyes on me, I know they are anxious to know what’s going on.


‘What’s going on?’ Melanie asks again


‘Not another word,’ I cut her off, not until for a while yet.’


After gulping down my first shot, I pour myself another glass, after my second shot I finally gain a little courage.


‘Wesley has fallen in love with another woman,’ I finally say


‘No,’ Melanie says in disbelief


‘Are you sure?’ Yedda asks


I laugh because I don’t wanna cry anymore, it’s done and dusted I need to move on, ‘Yes.’ he told me so himself and that same girl is two months pregnant for him.’


‘That bastard,’ the girls rush over to me and wrap their hands around me, ‘How could he do that to you? After everything you have been through with him?’


I quickly go through the whole story, the day I went to see him at the office, how his behavior towards me changed and finally how he told me he has fallen in love with another woman.


‘I am short of words, keleza che boi Wesley ni chule,’ (Wes is a frog) Melanie says and I smile.


‘How are you holding up now?’ Yedda asks when we sit down again


‘Well I am okay. It didn’t kill me right so it will definitely make me stronger.’


‘You are right about that.’


‘Honestly I am deeply hurt by this and my heart is on fire, it’s aching but there’s nothing I can do. I have to pick my broken pieces together and move on.’


‘’You know what, its better a broken relationship than a broken marriage. Who knows this could be God’s way of saving you from tying yourself down to a worthless man,’ Yedda says


‘Baby girl you deserve so much more, you will find better. This isn’t your loss, it’s his.’


‘Thank you my girls, what would I do without you?’


‘You would be dead,’ Melanie rolls her eyes


‘Ya right,’ I click my tongue


‘Anyway welcome back home babe, I am glad the three of us are back together.’




The three of us share a giant friendly hug and I feel better, I feel safe and at home.


‘So!’ Melanie says after a while


‘What?’ I ask


‘Are we allowed to get revenge on Wesley?’


‘Nah,’ I shake my head, ‘No revenge baby! Only weak people take revenge, we are strong women we swallow the bitter pill and we walk away with our heads held up high.’


‘Can’t we be weak for just an hour?’ Yedda asks


‘No,’ I shake my head, ‘You guys we need to forget about Wesley and Lulu.’


‘That will be hard, no one hurts our girl and walks away scot free,’ Yedda says


‘I love you girls so much and I know you would do anything for me but we need to move on.’




‘Promise me you won’t do anything silly,’ I say


They exchange glances and Melanie shrugs her shoulders, ‘Promise.’


I shake my head, ‘I am serious.’


‘Fine, we are strong women and we are walking away.’




Time flew by so quickly that days were gone I knew it. The entire week I tried to keep myself so busy though sometimes I found myself distracted with thoughts about Wesley.


I had hoped he would call and say he had made a mistake and he needed me to go back home but I didn’t, sometimes I felt all this was a nightmare I needed to wake up from and then reality kicks it.


It’s time to move on.






‘Hey! Are you done?’ Melanie whispers


‘Yes’ I respond


‘Let’s get going before Zaria wakes up,’ I say in a low tone.


It’s a Saturday and we woke up very early so we can leave before Zaria wakes up, we have a score to settle with Lulu. She messed with our girl we won’t allow her to go scot free.



We did a little digging on her and now we know where she stays, we also know she knew Wesley had Zaria before she threw herself at him. We shall go after Wes later but now is about Lulu.


We hurriedly walk out of the house and quietly shut the door before we head towards the garage. In no time we are on our way to Lulu’s house.


‘Don’t you think Zaria will be made at us for doing this?’ Yedda asks


‘You are scared?’


‘No,’ she shrugs, ‘I just don’t want to put Zaria in trouble.’


‘We are doing this for her, we are going to teach that riffraff a lesson that she will never forget in her entire life.’






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