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-Episode Fourteen-




The record player is blasting- Melanie, Yedda and I are having loads of fun- dancing, laughing and talking loudly. There’s never a dull moment when I am around them, they always make everything brighter and when I am with them, ordinary moments turn extraordinarily beautiful.


They never fail to make me laugh I know I am lucky to have them by my side.




Melanie starts screaming when one of our favourite songs starts playing on the radio.


‘One-two-three-four, uno-do-tres-cuatro. I know you want me (want me). You know you want cha (want cha).’


We lift our arms in the air and swing our hips from side to side. It isn’t long before beads of sweat are rolling down our faces. We laugh out, singing and dancing until our feet and lungs are on fire.


A few minutes later, the song ends.


Exhausted we settle ourselves on the couch.


‘Oh God!’ Yedda exclaims, ‘That was a good exercise,’ she laughs


‘I don’t even remember the last time we danced this much,’ Melanie says


‘Graduation night,’ I say


‘I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. Lord we danced straight out for three days.’


‘The drinking and the dancing,’ Yedda says


‘And then the hangover, lord I thought I was gonna die,’ I say


‘We drank so much.’


‘And then I started vomiting and you guys thought I was dying, you had to call a doctor,’ Yedda says


‘You are such a baby,’ I point at her




A loud knocking at the back of the door interrupts the conversation.


‘I will get it,’ I stand up.


When I open the door, two police officers, Wesley and Lulu are standing on our door step. Cold chills sweep down my spine at the sight of Wesley.


When I take a second glance at Lulu, I notice that her face is swollen, bloody and bruised. Her hair is a mess, she just looks terrible. What could be going on? I wonder.


‘Where are your minions?’ Wes asks harshly, his eyes are burning with rage.


‘What are you talking about?’ I ask



‘Madam,’ one of the officers begins, ‘We are here for Miss Yedda Dawson and Miss Melanie Chileya,’ he says


‘What for if I may ask?’


‘Your friends apparently beat up and assaulted her,’ they point at lulu


I open my mouth but struggle with what to say. How could they beat up a pregnant woman like this? I mean Lulu isn’t my favourite person at the moment but to beat her like this?


Oh lord, no wonder they were acting like that this morning so this is what they were up to?


‘Officer!’ Lulu says, ‘Just get inside and pull them out. They need to pay for doing this to me,’ Lulu says.


‘They will be no need for him to follow us in, we are here,’ Melanie says behind me.


‘How can we help you officers?’Yedda asks


‘Arrest them officers,’ she says


‘Just shut up Luyando or whatever they call you. Isn’t the beating we gave you not enough?’ Melanie asks, ‘You think I can’t beat you up because of the officers?’


‘Melanie!’ I cover my mouth with my hand.


‘Can you both step outside,’ the policemen tell Yedda and Melanie.


‘Gladly,’ she responds rolling her eyes.


Okay I know Melanie is crazy but to act like this in front of some policemen will put her in trouble.


I step aside and as soon as Yedda steps outside, one of the men grabs her arm roughly, ‘You are coming with us.’


Melanie walks outside and reaches for the policeman pulling Yadda’s arm free, ‘You don’t have to grab her like that as if she is a criminal, we shall go with you so chill.’


‘Madam, allow us to do our job here, you can willingly go with us or we will use force.’


‘You are both criminals,’ Lulu says


Melanie shoots her an evil look, ‘Thank your lucky stars that you pregnant, we would have done more that. Ifimenso ububi. Mtchew,’ she clicks her tongue.


‘Both of you are under arrest for causing grievously bodily harm against Miss Luyando Mweene. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.’


‘Thank you,’ Yedda responds, ‘Where is your car?’




‘We will go outside with you as long as you don’t roughly grab our arms. We are innocent until proven guilty remember,’ Yedda winks at the policemen


One of them shakes his head, ‘Let’s get going, we don’t have the whole day.’


‘Which police station are you talking them?’ I ask


‘Central police station,’ he responds


‘Girls I will call dad and we shall meet you there shortly.’


‘Okay,’ they nod their heads smilingly, they know dad will get them out I am sure that’s why they are smiling.


The other officer holds Melanie’s hand while the other holds Yedda and they walk to the gate.


‘I can’t believe you would send them to do this to her. I thought you were better than this, I am disappointed in you,’ Wesley says. His voice is cold and hard.


Anger strikes me like lightening, jolting my body rigid. This man knows me better than this why would he think I sent them to beat up his girlfriend. Has he forgotten how crazy Melanie is?


‘You know what, I don’t have time to talk to you both,’ I respond




I knew that silly girl would come after us with the police but she doesn’t know who she is dealing with. I swear if not for her pregnancy, we would have left her for dead.


At the gate, the officer pushes the gate slightly but before we step out I pull my arm from his grip.


I run back to Wes and without notice I swing around with my right foot and kick hard in his groin repeatedly. The officer runs after me and grabs my shoulder pulling me away from him


‘What kind of woman are you?’ he yells


‘The kind you should never mess with,’ I respond ‘now you can take me with you,’ I say with a look of satisfaction and pride on my face.


It’s evident that Wes is trying to verbalize obscenities at me but all he can manage are feeble moans. I caught him off guard he didn’t expect me to do that.


Zaria looks at me in shock, her eyes are wide open and her mouth is hanging open in shock.


‘That was for making Zaria cry.’


The officer grabs both my arms and leads me to the car, this time I don’t even fight him since I got what I wanted.


The drive to the station is loud Yedda and I can’t stop laughing at what happened back there.


‘You women need to spend a week in the cells, you are a danger to society,’ the officer who is driving says.


Yedda and I burst out laughing, ‘Why are we a danger to society if I may ask Mr. Officer?’ I ask


‘How could you beat up a pregnant woman like that? Going to the extent of rubbing buffalo beans on her body?’ the one in the back seat with us asks


‘Because she deserves it,’ Yedda responds


Arriving at the station, we step out of the car and walk inside. They escort us to a small room equipped with only a table and three chairs, Yedda and I sit.




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