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-Episode Eighteen-




I step out of the car and angrily slam the door as hard as I can before I walk rapidly walk in to the house. I am so angry my heart feels like it’s racing its pounding so hard in my head. How could Alex humiliate me like that?


‘Trish, are you okay?’ Maureen asks, Maureen is our house help, she is slightly older than my mother, she has worked for our family for over ten years now, she is like family but I don’t like her, she can be irritating.


‘Are you okay?’ she asks


‘I am okay?’ I angrily snap at her.


‘Trish!’ she begins


I shot her a death stare and she quickly shuts her mouth.


‘You know Trish,’ she starts again but I stop her mid flow by hitting her hard across her face.


‘Do you ever keep quiet?’ I yell, ‘Why can’t you leave me alone?’


‘I just want to help you my child,’ she says while holding her cheek.


‘Don’t call me that,’ I let out a cry of anger and grabbed the closest thing to me which happens to be a glass vase and through it towards her with all of my might and it crashed into the wall, breaking into a million pieces.


‘Trish, my God you need to calm down,’ my mother yells as she rushes into the room.


I am about to pick something else from the small coffee table when mum grabs my arm, ‘It’s okay hun,’ she says turning me towards her.


She pulls me into her arms and hugs me tightly, ‘shhh,; she says rubbing my back slowly till I finally manage to calm down.


‘Maureen clean up here and make her a cup of tea,’ mum says as she holds my hand and leads me to my room.


When we get to my room, I sit on the edge of my bed while mum sits on the chair next to the bed.


‘Talk to me,’ she says


I feel my heart aching with anger as I stare at her, before long tears are falling down my face.


‘I went to see Alex,’ I say in between sobs


‘What happened? Did he hurt you? Did he call you names?’


‘No,’ I shake my head


‘What did he do?’


‘He introduced me to a girl he is seeing,’ I say breaking down in tears


‘Aw!’ she exclaims, ‘I am sorry my darling.’


‘Mum he practically kicked me out of his office, all I wanted was to spend a few minutes with him, by his side,’ I cry.


‘Baby, if he is with someone else then you should forget him,’ she says ‘No!’ I yell


‘Fine, I will talk to his mother, I will do whatever it takes to make him yours, is that okay.’ ‘Yes,’ I sniff wiping tears off my face


‘Good, now stop worrying and give mummy a smile.’ I manage a weak smile.


Maureen walks in shortly and hands me the cup of tea.


‘Feeling better?’ she asks


‘Mtcheww,’ I click my tongue


‘Be nice,’ mum says


‘I don’t like her,’ I say. I take a swift drink from the cup in my hands which I instantly spit out. ‘What?’ she asks


‘Holy crap. There is too much sugar in this tea.’


‘I am sorry,’ she gets the cup from me. ‘I will make you another one.’ ‘Don’t bother,’ I shake my head, ‘you are good are just good for nothing.’ ‘Trish.’


‘I want to be left alone.’


‘Honey,’ mum tries to touch me.


‘I said I wanna be left alone,’ I scream at her.


Maureen quickly walks out of the room mum rises to her feet too and looks at me intently before she walks out closing the door behind my back.


Alex shouldn’t have treated me like that, not in front of that silly girl. Where did he even pick her from? His mother said he was single, how come he suddenly have a girlfriend? I wonder.


‘I think I should call his mum,’ I say to no one in particular opening my bag and removing my phone.






‘What did you just say?’ Lulu asks


‘I said we need to withdraw the case against Melanie and Yedda.’


She laughs out loudly.


‘Lulu all I want is for peace to reign, I don’t want us to purse this issue anymore so we are dropping the case tomorrow morning.’


‘Who is we?’


‘You and i.’


‘You must be kidding me Wesley. You must be kidding me.’


‘You don’t know what Zaria’s father is capable of.’ I say


‘I am not scared of that fake muzungu,’ she says with a raised voice


‘You are being unreasonable Lulu.’


‘And you are a coward,’ she says hitting me with a pillow.




‘Have you taken a good look at me? Can’t you see what those idiots did to me and you are here telling me to drop the case?’


‘I don’t want trouble, let’s move on.’


‘Well, we are not gonna move on, I want those girls to pay dearly for what they did to me. I want them to be locked up. I am pregnant with your child for God’s sake. You should be on my side.’


I walk towards her and try to hold her hand but she pushes me aside.


‘I am on your side, you know I love and care for you and our baby.’


‘Then prove it,’ she rolls her eyes and marches out of the room.


Defeated, I lie down on the bed and close my eyes. ‘How am I going to handle this situation? How do I make her understand that we can’t fight Mr. Nel, that man has connections, he could easily destroy me.


‘I will withdraw the case, it doesn’t matter what she says,’ I say to no one in particular.




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