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-Episode Thirteen-






“Luyando!” Bang! Bang! “Luyando!”


I wake up terrified to a loud noise outside my door, the sun is out and shining ridiculously bright, it is about 7 am in the morning.


‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’ The knocking continues, this time louder and more insistent.


‘What the f**k? Who is making noise on my door this early?’


I throw the covers off me and stretch, yawning loudly I roll out of bed and walk towards my door. I open the door to reveal two women standing on my door step. I step outside and close the door.


One of the ladies is tall and dark while the other is coloured and looks like the younger version of Zaria. I can tell they are angry just from their eyes.


‘Can I help you?’ I ask yawning loudly


‘Yes,’ the dark one answers in a harsh and rude tone.


I feel the eyes of the other lady flicker me over, head to toe.


‘I am all ears,’ I respond


‘So you are the bitch who destroyed our girls’ relationship,’ she asks




‘Does the name Zaria Nel ring a bell?’


‘Oh, Zaria sent you?’


‘Zaria didn’t send us, we are here on our own accord you messed with the wrong girl bitch.’ ‘There’s no use causing attention to yourself on my door step, just leave before I call the cops.’ ‘Just leave before I call the cops,’ the dark one imitates me.


‘Call them, call them right now,’ the other one rolls her eyes at me.


‘I seriously have no time to entertain you, if you will excuse me please.’ I roll my eyes before I turn around and start walking towards the door.


I reach out for the doorknob, however before my fingers touch the cold metal of the door knob I feel something hit me hard in the back of my head with force, I don’t fall but I stumble towards the door.


I quickly turn, ‘What the hell is wrong with the both of you. Can’t you see I am pregnant?’ ‘You got pregnant for another woman’s man,’ the dark one says her face taut with furry.


‘Wesley was single when I found him, he had no ring on his finger your friend was just a girlfriend.’ ‘It doesn’t matter what she was to him, he was her man and you shouldn’t have interfered.’


I laugh, ‘Wesley came after me because he saw something me that Zaria didn’t have so deal…’


The slap of her hand across my face cuts me off mid sentence, blistering pain shoots through my jaw.


My skin is on fire where her hand stuck and a deep ache is starting to settle into my jaw.


‘Did you just hit me?’ I ask amazed


‘Yes she did,’ the coloured cheekily responds ‘and we will do more than just hit you if you continue barking.’


‘You girls don’t know who you are messing with, just leave before this gets ugly.’ ‘You don’t know who you messed around with and yes this is about to get ugly.’


I try to walk away from them for the second time but one of them grabs me by the hair and the back of my dress, shoving me down to the ground.


Before I could get up, one of them pushes me down and holds my hands.


‘You are going to hurt me, I am pregnant’ I scream but my pleas fall on deaf ears


She pulls a belt from her bag and with the knuckles starts hitting me and tossing the end in all directions hitting me all over my body, head, shoulders, legs except the stomach.


I scream, ‘Please stop it! Don’t hit me please, I am pregnant.’


‘Next time you won’t open your legs to someone else’s man Waumfwa?’


‘Please,’ I plead.






When we finish beating her, we grab the buffalo beans that we came with and rub it all over her face, arms and legs, we have done a number on her and she looks weak and helpless now.


It’s a good thing she is the only person living in this whole compound otherwise the police would be on us already not that we are scared.


We laugh as we watch her scratching vigorously and uncontrollably.


‘Boi let’s get a video and some photos,’ Melanie laughs


‘You are right,’ I remove my phone and begin to capture.


She has tears running down her eyes as she continuously scratches her face, ‘This is for making our girl cry,’ Melanie says then she removes her gloves and trashes them to the ground.


‘Boi let’s go.’


‘I hope your body itches the entire day,’ we say and rush out of her compound to the car. We close the gate on our way out.


‘She will never forget this experience.’


‘Ikr,’ we burst out lauging.


‘Where did you even get the Buffalo beans from Melanie? I forgot to ask.’


She laughs, ‘Story for another day.


Trust Melanie to pull out something like this, she is ghetto like that. She didn’t even tell me about the buffalo beans till we reached Lulu’s house and were heading towards her door.


This is crazy I know but we are sister’s keeper and we won’t allow someone pick on her while we are still alive.






Saturday morning I wake up early like normal and shower and then I have my breakfast before I sit down to watch some television. I haven’t seen the girls today, I thought they were off.


When they finally get back, they have bright smiles on their faces.


‘Where have you guys been?’ I curiously asked


‘Jogging,’ Yedda says


‘Jogging dressed like that and with a car?’ I ask suspiciously



‘We went to buy Pizza we wanted to surprise you with some breakfast in bed,’ they place a box of pizza on the table.


‘Something is wrong somewhere,’ I say


‘Stop being suspicious and let us eat up.’








I rise to my feet and drag myself into the house my whole body is on fire. After I give Wesley a call, I rush into the bathroom and jump into the shower- Big mistake.


The water causes more damage than good spreading the itch even more.


I leave the shower and dry my body and sit on the floor where I continue scratching.


The large red burning itchy welts on my legs and arms caused by the stinging nettles have now become patches of raw bleeding due to nonstop scratching.


‘OMG!? What happened to you?’ Wes asks walking into my room.


‘Zaria’s friends they did this to me,’ I cry.


‘How could they even think of hurting a pregnant woman, we need to get you to the hospital,’ he says I spend a few more minutes screaming out in pain as the stinging nettles makes their presence felt. ‘We need to get to the hospital,’ he insists and this time around I agree, I can’t deal with the pain.


I stand up and get dressed in a T-shirt and just wrap a chitenge around my waist. Before we leave I stare at myself in the mirror.


I am a mess the tiny blisters on my face have large areas of missing skin from which blood is slowly oozing.


‘They will pay for this I swear they will,’ I tell Wes, ‘and come to think of it, let’s get a police report before we go to the hospital.’


‘You need to get to the hospital first.’


‘Awe this is assault so we shall go to the police first before the hospital, those ladies are gonna pay for this.’






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