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(5 years later)






Jacqueline’s POV




I stood at the big balcony of the hospital where I worked, dressed in my nursing uniform.. I stared down at the parking lot, watching the Camry that recently pulled up, fit in a space.. I had barely just finish assisting one a neurosurgeon on a big case and after washing up, I came here to get a more soothing air, this has been a normal place to get it out of the other fifteenth storeys.. I sighed out when a man emerged from the car that had just parked in a hurry, walking to the other side of the car door, he quickly yet carefully brought a pregnant woman and almost immediately nurses hovered around him and took her on a stretcher. Alarmed for duty, I quickly rushed to the hospital and ordered one of the early nurse to prepare the labor room.



After another successful case and a few more treatments, work was over for me, I grabbed my bag and walked out to my car, I had gotten it just last year I threw my bag to the backseat and was on the drivers’, I flexed my muscles and was about starting the car when I heard my phone ringing; I took it out and peered, dad was calling. I swiped to the receiver..


“Hi dad,” I said into the phone to Mr Marcus.


“Jacqueline, are you coming home already?” He said, barely letting me finish my words.


“Yes, just got into my car. What’s up?” I asked.


“It’s not all that serious but you need to come home quick”


I was alarmed.


“Why.. Did something happen to you!?”


“No honey it’s not that.. It’s just something else. Come home quick okay and be


careful on the road”


“What’s wrong dad?”


“It’s nothing going on in your head, it’s something else.. Don’t be too bothered, I’ll


see you at home”




*click* the call was disconnected.


I quickly wore my seatbelt and started my car. I parked roughly on the driveway and hurried down, not fetching my bag, I hurried to the porch and tried opening the door but it was locked.. I knocked severally and rang the doorbell. I heard noises from inside and immediately the door was opened and I saw dad.. “Are you okay dad? Did something happen to you?” I asked.


“I’m fine, I’m fine and with the way you sound, I’m sure you didn’t have a smooth ride”


“Trust me dad, you don’t want to know about it” I said and he moved aside, as I stepped it.. Just above my head a big and thick placard covered with transparent glass, fell above my head, i moved back and studied the placard and the inscription on it.


Will you marry me JACQUELINE?



My gaze immediately shot up before me and my gaze caught Nicholas smiling face, ignoring the other presence, I rushed up to him and engulfed him in a tight hug.


He had left few months back to Italy on a school charity trip and he wasn’t


supposed to be back until next week, at least that was what he told me and here,


he’s standing right in front of me.




⭐Nicholas POV⭐




Jacqueline pulled away, stared at me for a while and hugged me again..


“Yeah.. I’ve missed you too babe” I whispered in her hair and she giggled before pulling away.


“You didn’t say you were coming home today”


“I wanted it to be a surprise” I answered and I sensed she was about asking another question but she suddenly looked back at the placard and before she could turn to me, I was on my knees.. A small velvet box rested on my open palms, revealing a silver ring.


Jacqueline gasped loudly and held her lips with her palm.


“Will you be my wife, Jacqueline?” I popped the question and she stared at me with agape mouth.


“Oh my God Nicholas” she stammered softly.. “Of course. Yes, yes! I’ll marry you” she released the words in one breathe and put out her palm. I slipped the ring into her ring finger, stood up and hug her.


Applause came next and Jacqueline buried her face in my chest..


“For how long have you been planning this?”


“Since I got out of that theater room” I whispered back to her and when she pulled away, I cupped her face in my palm.. And gave her a questioning look to which she nodded to, I tilt my head and fastened my lips on hers..


Not like I had expected a negative reply from her but hearing her agree to marry me so happily only made me realize more how much she loves me and how much I love her too.. It’s been five years after my successful surgery and after it, we both went back to school, while she had a degree in nursing, I was about getting mine in surgery right here in Korea and since we were both at the peak to almost achieving everything in life, I didn’t need a second thought to realize that she was my other half.. I couldn’t imagine my life without her, it’ll probably be no other than dorky and horrible.. She completes me and I know she feels same way about me too. “Okay.. Will you both give yourself some privacy and have some pre-marriage Cookie first?” Martha asked, walking out of the kitchen with a tray. Sighting her, Jacqueline gasped first before rushing up to her, good thing she left the cookies aside cos Jacky literally jumped on her in a hug.


“OMG Martha! I can’t believe you’re here” she squeals with a smile.


“Nick picked me up” she said and Jacqueline turned to look at me, I shrugged.


“I’m so happy to see you! It’s been so long!” They hugged again.


“Good to see you too, soon to be bride. I’m happy for you Jacqueline,




“Thank you Mart”


There was a loud throat clearing and when Jackie turned, she gasped again..


“Lance!” She rushed up to him..


“I’m so happy to see you guys” she said.


“Couldn’t miss my friend engagement party” he said and they hugged. She turned


to me in smiles..


“How did you do it?”


“I have my ways” I said and she smiled. Extraordinary everyday from



Martha pulled her and looked closely at the ring..


“This is pure silver girl, you really found Mr right on a platter of gold. I hope mine happens soon”


“Whoa! Who’s the lucky guy Mart” she asked and her gaze moved towards Lance, Jacqueline followed it.


“Wait. Lance? Like you guys are together?” Jacqueline asked surprised and she nodded. “How? When? Is he the guy you’ve been telling me about? The one that has been all over you”


“Yes. We started dating last year” she said and they both jumped together happily. “Wow..I remember you mentioned Lance but I just didn’t think it was him, you guys were like tom and jerry back then” I said.


“Trust me Jackie, it never ended” Martha said and they laughed.


“So since we have two couples here, why don’t we have a double celebration party?” Dad suggested and I nodded, Jacqueline followed.


“C’mon.. Let’s go pick our dresses” Jacqueline dragged Martha along and I watched her with so much happiness.


Few weeks from now, she’ll be completely mine and I’ll be assured that she’s mine forever.


First she gave me a reason to deeply want to be something I never believed I could


be which I finally became and now she gave me a reason to be happy forever..!


Can life get any sweeter?













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