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Nicholas POV




“Fucking dang it!” I hit my fist on the couch.. Did I hurt her again after apologizing?


Gosh I’m such a monster! What’s up with me?


Why can’t I control myself when she talks about Lance? I know I’m in love with her but why do I keep hurting her? Doggone it!


I quickly slipped my feet into my flops and hurried out of the house, I walk to my car.. Realizing I didn’t take the keys from my room, I ran to the gate, opened it and ran to search for her.. It took a while before I found her, walking fast on the street.. I was hurrying to her when someone stopped at her front.. I stopped to check if it was probably someone she knew or Lance but it wasn’t.. The dude doesn’t even look normal.. His hair were beginning to look like dreads from the dirt and his clothes had shreds on them. He suddenly raised his shirt up and I sighted a metallic object that shone in the moonlight.. It took a moment before I noticed it was a knife and Jacqueline shivered in fear.. She slowly drew her bag down and he



jerked it from her and started running towards me. I quickly hid behind a street light and when he got to me, I pulled my leg out and he ran over it before dropping to the ground, the bag fell ahead of him. I came out and picked it up.. (Join Group)


“P-please don’t take me to the cops” he begged, blood oozing from his lip that got busted.


“I won’t if you get out here now and stop hijacking other people’s thing” I said. “Y-yes I promise,” he quickly stood up “Thank you sire” he said and hurried away, practically limping.


I walked to where Jacqueline was and she was already trying to walk away.


“Miss,” I called and slowly, she turned to me “I believe this is yours?”. I said,


trying to steady my breathing.. She nodded slowly and I walked to her before


stretching the bag to her, her gaze moved from me to the bag and in a


contemplating manner, she took it.


“Thanks” she said and turn to walk away..


“Jacqueline,” I called and she stopped. “I’m sorry” I said softly.


“We’re not passing that lane again Nick. We both know it doesn’t last” she said and turn to go but I grabbed her palm. She looked at me.


“I’m sincere this time. It’ll never happen again” i said calmly.


“Can I really believe that Nick, cos it’s as if each time I try to, you give me a reason not to.. You have to deal with controlling yourself first. I don’t think I can ever understand you” she said and I felt a tug at my palm as she tried to pull hers off but I held it tighter.


“I can’t understand myself too,” I said and she glanced at me, then away “I only know that I lose control whenever you tell me about another guy.. I can’t help it Jacqueline, I can’t help myself from getting jealous and overreacting when it comes to you. Do you know what it might mean?” I asked softly, intertwining our fingers and contemplating if I should go on here.


“What are you talking about?” She asked. “I don’t understand”


I realized it was now, here or never.


“I’m saying that I can’t control myself anymore! I’m saying that I need you so much I can’t help it when you’re with another guy! I’m saying that.. I think I’m inlove with you Jacqueline” I said it all and her eyes sparked up at me, tears glistening in them. She stood still, staring at me like I had said some atrocious words.. She opened my mouth to talk but closed it back..



“Yes Jacqueline,” I tightened our hands and her fingers succumbed greatly.. “I love you” I released the words.. And she blinked fastly before looking at me again.. Her chest rose and fell and I waited for her to say something but she said nothing.


“Won’t you say anything?” I asked.. She parted her lips, moistened them and look away.


“I-I-I c-can’t” she stuttered and gulped “I-I have to go” she released her palm from mine.


“Why? Is it because of what I said?”


“I-I don’t know but I feel like I’ll die if I don’t leave here right now” she said,


lowering her lashes.


“Can I drop you off?”


She shook her head “No. Except you want me to burst from nervousness. I-I’m still trying to catch my breath” she said and I mouthed a chuckle.. Glad that my words were having such effect.


“Okay, goodnight” I said and she literally ran.. I took in mouthful of air, completely relaxed that I had finally let it out.. What’s left is her acceptance or hold on, what if she doesn’t feel the same way about me?


What if she rejects me? It’s one thing to love someone, another to confess to that someone and differently another to get accepted by that someone. I guess I’ll have to wait for it. I turned and walk home.


I plopped myself to a couch and gulp down a half glass of water.. I feel so dehydrated. I grabbed my phone and turned it on, I had three missed calls from dad.. I called him back and he picked at the first ring.. “Hey dad” I said.


“Where have you been, I’ve been calling you for ages”


“Yeah,” I said dryly “I saw three missed calls in two minutes.. By the way, I have something to tell you”


“That can wait Nick but right now, I’ve got great news” he said and my brows furrowed.


“Okay. What’s it?”




Jacqueline’s POV




**I love you Jacqueline**


The words rang in my ear and I shook my head, as if shaking it out. I can’t believe Nicholas actually confessed that.. He loves me?



This is the first time I’m hearing those words from a guy and knowing that that guy had to be Nick, makes it more unbelievable. I can’t believe Nick is in love with me, I mean Nick of all people.. I’m stupefied.


I climbed the stairs slowly and got to our door but it was locked and there was a little paper, I picked it up..


**Goodnight. You can help yourself to those blanket or do what you want, I’m too tired to open up** the message read and I sighed. I moistened my lips and walk to a pile of blanket on the floor.. I stared at it. “Allan left me a blanket” I said..


Wow.. On a normal day the Allan I know wouldn’t have left anything, in actual fact he’d prefer I go naked and suffer from the insects and unfriendly weather but he left me a blanket today. Is something happening to him?


I shrugged, grabbed the blanket and moved to a neat place on the floor, I spread out some old cartons and sacks, covered it up with a blanket and lay myself on it.. I drew the edge of the big blanket over me and breathed out in comfort.. I grabbed my bag, reached out to my phone and sent a quick text to Martha.


Extraordinary everyday from




I got ready for school the next day and grabbed my backpack, I checked my reflection in the mirror, wound my jacket closer and walk out of the house.. I got to school and scurried down the hall to homeroom. After homeroom, I walked out of the room and Martha crossed her arm over my neck.


While Lance was busy interacting with some dudes, Martha and I watched a movie in her phone as we waited for the teacher to come..


After morning lectures, we were released for lunch and we walked to the cafe to have our lunch..


As we walked to the cafe, Martha interested me to some girly talks while Lance just walked on with us.


So this crazy girl got my attention to this really amazing ring on her belly-button and somehow I fell in love with it. I plan on getting one at my mom’s back cos…”


The rest of Martha’s words died when I sighted Nick ahead of us, walking to our direction. My palm suddenly felt sweaty and I shiver ran down my spine then a wave of heat covered my body.. It was like I just saw something I shouldn’t have.. Martha warm edgy skin jerked me back to her and her brows were cocked at me..



“Hey.. You totally zoned out of our conversation” she said and I gave a quick glance to Nick and gasp slightly when he was getting nearer. I quickly shook my head and let my hair fall to my sides, covering my face.


“S-sorry, I just really need to use the restroom,” Nick gaze was now on me and my eyes grew wide cos he just flashed me a smile..I gulped. “I’ll meet you guys at the cafe, okay?”


Martha was about to say something but I dashed off.. I kept climbing the stairs until I found no more stairs to jump through.. I stopped and sighed. I feel complicated..


Why do I feel like I’ll suffocate if Nick gets to me?


His stare alone gave me this strange feeling… I’m sure it’s his confession that’s making me act this way but why do I seem to be over reacting?


That he’s the first guy doesn’t mean he’ll be the last. Or maybe he will but why do I care?


I sighed out loudly and stood at the rail, checking if I could catch a glimpse of Nick and I did.. He was getting to where the stairs was located. I left the rail and hurried to a corner to hide. After a while Nicholas was on this floor and almost immediately he disappeared into a classroom. I gripped my chest and hurried down the stairs.. I walked to the cafe and took the chair Martha left for me.. I grabbed a burger from her plate and munch it hungrily..


“You took like forever in the bathroom.. Nick stopped earlier to ask of you” Martha said and I sighed.


“Guess I took too much liquid today. So what’d you tell him?” I asked.


“What else.. That you were in the restroom. But earlier it seemed like you dashed off cos of him”


“Wait.. Did he notice?”


“I don’t know but did you use the restroom as an excuse to get away from Nick?” “What? No” I lied


“Why would she do that? It’s not like Nicholas is Mr Robert” Lance said and I gave him a small smile.


“By the way, how’s your mom doing Lance?” I asked him.


“She’s good, what’s left is for her to get discharged and I’m sure it’s happening tomorrow”


“That’s good to know” Martha said.


“Indeed” I gave his shoulder a light touch.



After lunch and few lectures we had recess and Martha insisted we get away to receive some fresh nature breeze and we followed.. While she and Lance discussed I excused myself to use the restroom *it was true this time*


I got to the restroom, did the stuff and washed my palms.. I walked out and moved to the stairs, I ran up the first fleet and was going to the second when I heard my phone ringing.. I grabbed it and almost staggered back when I saw it was Nicholas..


I sighed slowly and kept climbing while contemplating if I should take it or not.. I reached the end of the stairs and swiped to the receiver..


“Um I’m in a class at the moment. Will call you back later” I said, not letting him talk.. I hung up Immediately. Rethinking my words I gasped realizing it was recess period, no class was to be on now.


I hit my palm on my head and took in a quick breathe.. He’d definitely know that


I’m avoiding him. I rested my back on the wall and turned my phone off, I threw it


into my pant pocket.. I suddenly stood upright when I heard soft sounds behind me,


rough yet calm. With cocked brows I moved away from the wall and shift to the


hall lane, I looked and my face twitched when I saw two students making out.. The


boy was backing me while the girl was squashed in his arms, releasing soft moans..


I was about moving away when the guy turned and our gaze met, my brows cocked


even more when I saw Jason.. My once diehard crush. He gave me a smirk


accompanied with an unwelcome look and immediately, I walked away. I twitched


my face in disgust, feeling the queasiness clogging up in my throat. I quickly


gathered myself and took the stairs back down to the tree shade, recollecting that


my friends were there.




Nicholas POV




I pulled my phone away from my ear, right now I’m completely certain that she’s ignoring me.. She even went too far as giving absurd lies.. Having a class during recess. Tch! And earlier I think she also ran from her friends cos she sighted me.. Though they said she went to the restroom but I have a feeling she didn’t.


My confession must be having so much effect on her. Is she finding it hard to admit her feelings too?


I walked back to the class.





Getting home, I threw my backpack on the couch, loosened the first two buttons of my shirt and walked to the kitchen.. I gulped a bottle of water down and walk to my room, I showered and pulled into casuals and walk to my gameroom.. …


It was 4:00pm, Lance and I got ourselves busy with the project while waiting for Jacqueline. I was giving up on her showing up when the door opened and she technically ran in.


“I’m so sorry I’m late guys” she said, throwing her bag on the couch..


“It’s okay. We were just finishing up with this” Lance said and she glanced at me


then look down..


“S-so.. I’ll help” she said and we resumed work..


After an hour and thirty minutes, Lance got a call and had to leave.. After he hurried out, Jacqueline quickly grabbed her bag and was walking to the door, obviously feeling uncomfortable with me.. I blocked her before she got to the door and she stopped, giving me a frown.. She fumbled with her fingers. “Are you avoiding me?” I asked.


“Um.. Y-yeah” she said truthfully.


“Cos of my confession?”


“K..inda”she stuttered.


“Is that also why you can’t look at me?”


“I-I don’t know Nick.. Lately I just feel really nervous around you” she said softly,


giving me a quick glance.


“Whoa.. So that means you love me too?”




“I’m not a love doctor but I know people feel nervous, uncomfortable and can’t keep eye contact with people they love that are not family until they let the feeling out” I said


“What? Who told you that?”


“Did some researches” I said “why? You think it’s wrong?”




“Really?” I asked “If you think so then prove it by looking at me” I said.. She slowly gave me a quick glance and looked away..


“I don’t want a quick glance Jackie, give me a really long look” I said and heard her sigh before shaking her head..


“I-I’m late for work,” she said and quickly moved to the door.. “Goodnight” she whispered and in a hurry, dashed out of the house.. I smiled lopsided-ly and plopped to couch..


“That’s a good sign”










(Love in circles )





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