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Nicholas POV




“Yes dad” I said into the phone after Jackie left..


“Jacqueline told me everything that happened.. You shouldn’t have taken it that far” he said and I sighed softly.


“I know dad and honestly, I don’t know what happened to me, I just couldn’t control myself when I said all those words to her” I said..


“I know that feeling son, it’s jealousy. Especially when it involves a guy”


“Jealousy?” I repeated “But why will I be jealous about her seeing a guy, she’s not


even my girlfriend” I said.


“But you like her–



“Please dad.. I already told you I don’t. I mean I do but as a friend, I guess I’m this way cos I’m just concerned about her.. You know I’ve never had a real friend for a long while” I said.


“Are you letting your heart speak or your head?”


“My heart isn’t saying anything.. I admit I like her and I’m very concerned about her probably more than I thought but we’re just friends” I said.


“You know what Nick.. You’re nineteen, literally an adult and stuffs like this.. I mean emotional feelings are to be noticed by you. You’re supposed to know love and care when you see it, they’re two different things and honestly I don’t know if you’re trying to hide it or you’re being honest but I’ll just tell you this.. If you love her, then go for her and stop hurting her in the name of care.. Gems don’t always appear and second chances are rare” dad said “goodbye son and think about it, I’ll call you later”


*click* the call got disconnected and I let out a mild sigh before dropping the phone on the bench and sitting beside it.. Am I inlove with her? I asked myself..


But it can’t be, I mean is this how love happens, considering the fact that I’ve never fallen in love with a girl.. Is love this direct and… Confusing.


I’ve watched a lot of love movies and the emotions that come with it and somehow


the traits seem to match how I feel..


Me wanting to see her everyday..


Getting jealous when she’s with a guy..


Wanting her by my side..


Are those really symptoms of love?


I relaxed my back on the headrest. Sincerely, this is a kind of new and amazing.. In the past I’d have thought I would never fall in love, that it was something that didn’t exist or last.. I saw it first, as a waste of time, seeing how my parent ended, I thought it didn’t exist, at least to me and then Jason made me see myself as someone that can never be loved.. But here, I love someone. I didn’t even notice it, or maybe I did and just chose to ignore it cos I didn’t think I wanted to feel that way and now that I think about it, dad’s right; gems don’t come all the time.


I sat up, picked my phone up and went to the message application, I clicked on her name


I’m sorry I sent the text and put the phone down.




✨Jacqueline’s POV✨





I slung my backpack over my back while walking to class.. Getting to class, I tossed a ‘hi’ to Martha who absent mindedly replied me and I started unpacking my notes..


“Hey” Lance came over..


“Hi. What’re you doing?” I asked, looking at the iPad in his hand which had some pretty pictures of vehicles in them.


“Searching for a color that’d best fit our creation.. I wanted to ask Martha but she seem pretty occupied with whatever she’s checking out down there. Good thing you’re here”


“Alright then, show me”


He rested the iPad on both palms and used his thumb to swipe.


“I would’ve gone for this lemon green but it looks too flashy for a bike” “What’re you making, a pretty lady’s dress?” I asked sarcastically.


“That was what I thought too,” he swiped to the next one.. “How about this one?” He asked, a red bike reflecting on the screen.


“I’ll add the red on certain parts and the rest will be black.. What do you think?” “It’s perfect” I nodded and he smiled before saving it.. “So, how far have you gone with the project?” I asked.


“Far enough, I got assistance from my brother yesterday but we couldn’t do that


much cos my mom suddenly felt sick”


“OMG.. Is she okay?” I asked..


“Yeah. Found out it was a minor headache but it’s all good now” he said. “That’s a relief”


“Yeah so I got enough equipment and I’ve already made the foundation. I’ll bring it over to Nick’s house and we could probably head somewhere very far if we work together” he said and I nodded.


“Yeah right” I said and he stood up and walk back to his seat..


I continued unpacking and I picked a note out, I started flipping through to read. I felt a light squeeze on my shoulder and turned to see Martha.. She had smiles all over her face and I grimaced a questioning look at her..


“He’s here” she said more like a whisper and giggled slightly..


“Who’s h–


My voice trailed off when I sight Nicholas through the window and his gaze was on me.. I looked away..


“C’mon girl hurry up and go” Martha said and I gave her a small glare, closed my book up and stood up from my seat before walking out of the door.. Nicholas walked to meet me.


“Hi” he said..


“Hey. What do you want?”


“Is this yours? I found it at my apartment” he said, stretching a small scarf to me.. “Oh yeah” I took it from him “It must’ve fallen from my bag when I was a hurry to leave. I didn’t even notice” I said. “Thanks”


He sighed.. “About yesterday; I’m really sorry about everything I said.. I shouldn’t have said those. I’m sorry” he said and I smiled.


“It’s okay. We all get on our bad sides once in a while” I said.


“Thanks and I might’ve not said this to you but you’re more than a friend to me and you mean so much to me too.. I also appreciate you staying with me even though I’ve been a d**k and an ungrateful guy most times.. I appreciate everything you’ve done in my life” he said and I stared at him, my lips apart, a little surprised. Nicholas is really saying this.. Can I see this part everyday? “Why are you not saying anything?” He asked.


“Oh um.. I’m just a little surprised. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this side of you” I said..


“Really, have I been that grouchy and bossy?”


“Truthfully yes but in a way I got used to it somehow” I said, fumbling with the scarf in my hand.


“So which part do you like more, the grouchy Nick or this sweet guy that surprises you?” He asked and I chuckled a little.


“I think I like this part more, as long as it’s being original” I said.


“Then you’ll be seeing more of it” he said.. My gaze moved to his palm and I noticed a cut..


“What happened to you?” I took his palm, examining the wound..


“Oh um it’s a knife cut, I got carried away while cutting some onion and I ended up cutting myself”


“How can you be that careless.. Did you treat this?” I asked and he nodded “Then why didn’t you cover it up?”


“I didn’t feel like” he said and I grimaced my face at him.


“Why not? What if it gets infected. Let’s go to the nurse” I said, pulling him..


“Um okay” he followed me.



“Here, it’s all done” the nurse said, moving away from Nicholas. I walk to him ang glanced at his palm, the part that had the cut had been covered up.. He stood up. “Thanks” he said to her and she wrote us a pass..



“You?” She said, referring to me “you’re the girl from the other day, the one who got injured by a dish and had her stitches torn, the one I gave some ice cubes to.. Right?”


“Oh um yes ma’am.. It’s me” I said gullibly and she smiled.


“I knew it.. How’s the injury at your back, did it get torn again after I treated it?” “Um not really. It’s actually dried up now” I said.


“That’s good to know cos the wound seemed pretty deep and I was worried” she said.. “I would’ve called if I had your number” “Thank you ma’am”


“Was he the friend you took those ice cubes to?”


“Yes, it’s him” I said.


“Wow, he’s pretty catchy though.. Are you guys still friends or there’s something more now?”


“Um We’re just friends ma’am. Can we go now?” “Yes. Sure” she gave the pass to us and we walked out.


“So you had an injury that day and you still treated me like all was fine. I didn’t


even notice” he said.


“I-it wasn’t that serious, just a slight cut”


“She said it was deep”


“Um yeah but it wasn’t so deep” I said “And it’s gone now” I said, uncomfortably rubbing my fingers against each other. Nicholas gave me a questioning stare, he opened his mouth to say something but I beat him to it..


“It’s weird how people think we’re a couple” I said the first topic that came to my mind.


“We probably look that compatible” he said.


“Yeah.. I have to go to class now, I have my first lesson in two minutes” I said “I’ll see you later” I said..


“Wait,” he took my wrist and I turned to him, giving him a questioning look.. “Um I uh.. I was wondering if you’d like to have a meal with me today, like a night dessert or an evening brunch. When you’re done working?” He said, rather slowly.. “Um.. Why not lunch?” I asked.


“Cos.. We’ll be busy with our project and Lance will be there. I want it to be just the two of us” he said and my brows furrowed. “May I ask why?”


“I-I um have something to tell you”


“Tell me?” I repeated “Is this about you leaving new York again?”


“No. It’s not about anyone leaving.. It’s uh just like a revelation” he said and my


lips slightly parted.


“O-kay. I’ll be there but after work”


“Yeah. I’ll come pick you up” he said with a smile and slowly left my hand. “Alright. I’ll head up now” I said “Take care”


“You too” he said and I walked to the stairs, I stopped and turn, Nick’s gaze was still on me, I gave him a brief wave and used the stairs.



I emerged from the restaurant and hurried to a corner, I placed the phone on my ear, my eyes on the door.


“Hey. You know you can’t call me now, I’m working” I said.


“Yeah sorry. I just wanted to remind you about tonight”


“I didn’t forget Nicholas” I said “is that all, can I go now?”


“Um yeah”


“Alright b–


“Wait!” He said..


“Yes Nick” I said impatiently, my gaze still on the door..


“Um i-it’s nothing.. I’ll see later. Bye” he said and the call got disconnected. I hurried to the restaurant door and I was heading in when my phone started ringing.. I sighed and checked the caller.. It was Lance. I held a finger above the receive side


“Where’s Jacqueline?” I heard Mr sherlock asking. I quickly threw my phone in the apron pocket and hurried.


“I’m here Mr Sherlock” I said before Noel could answer and I watched him sigh in relief.. “I-I just went out for some air” I said, rubbing my sweaty palm on my pant. “There’s no time for that Jacqueline, there’s still so much to do. Just get on with work and don’t leave until your shift’s over” he said in a stern voice.


“Yes sir, I’m sorry” I said.. He gave me a short stare befit walking away. I gave Noel a placating smile and walked behind the counter.


After work, Noel and I head to the station together and he used the bus while I walked to the delivery store..


The orders were pretty much and after everything, I grabbed my bag, tossed a goodnight to ma’am Kara and hurried out of the store.. My phone started ringing and as I walked, I reached for it in my pocket and swiped to the receiver.. “Hey Lance” I said, running across.




“Lance? What’s wrong, why are you sounding like this?”


“C-can we meet? I’m at–


“I’m sorry Lance, but there’s somewhere I have to hurry to. Can we do this some other time?”


“Yeah, okay. I just thought I could use a friend but I-it’s fine. Bye”


“Lance wait.. Did something happen? Are you okay? Just tell me.. What’s wrong?”


I rushed my words.


“M-my mom’s at the hospital, I think she might die Jackie–


“Oh My Goodness! Don’t say that okay? Where are you? I’ll come right away” “I’m at that bench close to that delivery store you work at.. You know, the one opposite that big boutique”


“Yeah, I’m almost there. Just hang on”


I dropped my phone in my pocket and took a turn to where Lance was..


I got to the bench and I sighted Lance on the bench, his face was buried in his palms and his shoulder rose and slumped.. I hurried to the bench.


“Lance?” I called softly and when he stared up at me, his face was more than I expected.. You can describe it as mushy.. His sunken eyes sparked at my presence and he stood up and threw his arms around me in a hug. I hugged him back and patted his back slowly, I heard his sniff come out with soft sobs..


“It’s okay Lance, everything will be fine” I assured him and after a while, he pulled away and used his palm to wipe his face..


“I’m sorry” he said softly and I hugged him, we pulled away.


“Come, let’s sit down” I said to him and he nodded, we moved to the bench and sat down..


“Sorry if I disturbed you but you were the last person I could think of”


“It’s okay Lance. I’m sorry about your mom, what happened to her?” “I-I don’t know.. I arrived home after dropping you at work and I met my mom unconscious in her room. T-there was blood all over her face” he said and I breathed out softly, I placed a palm on his lap. “Everything will be fine Lance. Your mom will not die”


“But I saw her stop breathing, s-she didn’t answer when I called her and she lost so much blood. She–


“Ssshh,” I stopped him “Don’t take a turn to negative town. Just have faith that your mom will be okay, keep assuring yourself that she’ll come out of that hospital perfectly fine.. Okay?” I said and he nodded.


“Thanks” he said and I hugged him again.. “This really means a lot” he whispered behind me..



We disengaged and he grabbed his phone that suddenly started ringing. “Hey,” he said softly “You’re at the hospital? I thought you weren’t coming” he said and paused, obviously letting the caller talk. “Okay I’m with Jacqueline. I’ll be with you in a minute” he said and put the phone down.


“That was Martha. She’s at the hospital, I have to go now” he said and stood up, I stood up too.


“I’d have love to come along but there’s someone I have to meet. Will you be okay by yourself?”


“Yes and thanks again for coming”


“Call me if you need me okay?”


“Sure. Bye”


I waved at him and he left.. I sighed and grab my phone, I glanced at the time..


10:40.. I cussed under my breath and hailed a cab.




I paid the cabbie and alighted at Nick’s apartment, I quickly hurried to the gate.. I got to the porch and rang the doorbell. It got opened and Nick first gave me a small grimace before walking away. I walked in and closed the door behind me. “Hey,” I said to Nick “Sorry I’m late, I–


“Why weren’t you taking my calls?” He asked, cutting me off.


“Oh,” I mumbled and took out my phone to see three missed call from Nick. “Sorry, I didn’t know you called” I said.. He glanced at me, expressionless. “I thought you finish up at work by ten?”


“Uh yes.. I do but I had to go somewhere else first. Lance needed me– “Wait.. Let me guess. You went to see Lance after work?” “Yes, he needed a friend”


“A friend?” He repeated, rather sternly “And you went to meet him after I called you first? After you promised me to be here, you left me waiting here, worried that something bad might’ve happened to you; because of Lance?!” He asked. “Listen Nick–


“No! I won’t Jacqueline. I can’t believe you ditched me cos of that guy” “I didn’t ditch you, Lance needed–


“A friend?” He completed “A friend that could only be you. How can you do this?


You’re picking that knucklehead over me?


Tell me, what happened? Did he finally ask you to be his girlfriend or will you keep running to him like a helpless puppy, hoping he does?”


“What!” I asked.. “Are we doing this again Nicholas?” I asked, not letting my emotion affect my voice.. “Did you just call me cheap a second time?”


He sighed and look away..


“I’m sorry” he said through his teeth.


“You know, at a time I actually started believing that you were truly changing but you just showed me now that it can never happen” I said, turn and started walking to the door, I stopped and turn “And Thank you so much for dinner.. It helped me realize how stupid I was to have fallen for your acts” I walked out of the door and with a teary face, I hit the road home.


I walked on the pavement fast, trying to drive anything about Nick away from my head..


“Hey,” I heard a rough masculine voice and I raised my head up to see an unkempt unfamiliar guy before me.. I arched a questioning brow at him..


“Give me your money” he said, showing me a small knife tucked in his dirty pant..


My heart flew to my mouth and my breathing hitched..


“W-what” I stammered, heaving.


“Give me the damn money now!” He roared and I quickly took off my bag, before I could open it, he jerked it from me and took off.. I stood there, my eyes widely open and my mouth opened with no words coming out..


“Help! That thief just stole my bag.. Please help!” I yelled but my voice wasn’t as loud as I wanted it to be plus it was late.. I sighed heavily and blinked back the tears before turning to continue my journey.


“Miss,” I slowly turn at the voice, hoping it wasn’t another hoodlum. “I believe this is yours” Nick said within heavy breathes and I nodded slowly. He walked to me and stretch the bag to me, I let my gaze move from him to the bag before taking it.. “Thanks” I muttered, enough to his hearing and took a step to turn. “Jacqueline,” I stopped and inhaled deeply. “I’m sorry” he said softly.


“We’re not passing that lane again Nick. We both know it doesn’t last” I said and turn but he held my palm.


“I’m sincere this time. It’ll never happen again”


“Can I really believe that Nick, cos it’s as if each time I try to, you give me a reason not to.. You have to deal with controlling yourself first. I don’t think I can ever understand you” I said and tried pulling my palm from his but he held it tighter.


“I can’t understand myself too,” he said and I took a quick glance at him “I only know that I lose control whenever you tell me about another guy.. I can’t help it Jacqueline, I can’t help myself from getting jealous and overreacting when it comes to you. Do you know what it might mean?” He asked softly, intertwining our fingers. I gave it a glance.


“What are you talking about?” I asked. “I don’t understand”


“I’m saying that I can’t control myself anymore! I’m saying that I need you so much I can’t help it when you’re with another guy! I’m saying that.. I think I’m inlove with you Jacqueline” he said and my eyes sparked up at his face. I felt my legs getting weakened and my a rush of hot blood rose to my cheek.. I opened my mouth to talk but I was lost of words..


“Yes Jacqueline,” he tightened our hands, making my fingers go numb “I love you” .










(Love in circles )





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