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Nicholas POV




I left my glare on Lance for a moment, murdering him through it..


“Um it’s okay guys, I’ll just go by myself. Goodnight” Jacqueline said and walk out.. I sighed and glanced at Lance, his gaze was on me too.. “And why are you still here?” I asked..


“Um.. I’m leaving” he said, backed his bag and walk out.. I breathed out and plopped myself to the couch. So annoying.


I stood up, grabbed the empty bottle of milk and walk to the kitchen to dispose it, after it, I walk to my room.. Stripped and wrap a towel around my waist before walking to bathroom for a shower.


I put on a sweatpant and shirt, combed my hair and grab my phone, I walk to the


living room, grab my textbook, a pen and a sketchbook and journeyed to the






Jacqueline’s POV




I emptied the glass of water and left the cup on my nightstand, I tucked my phone into my jean pocket, grabbed my backpack and hurried out of the house door to school..



We had a brief homeroom section and together with Martha, we walked to our first class.. Math.


Mrs Patton took us on some simultaneous equations and gave us exercises.. I finished mine and we submitted our books to the class monitor. She walked out after it and we had two more subjects before lunchtime. Martha, I and Lancelot walked to the cafeteria and while Martha and I ate, Lance was busy with his phone. We had a brief lunch and after gulping down a glass of water, we head back to class. Lance was still busy with his phone and a book and pen was beside him and when Martha asked what he was doing, we found out he was drawing a piece for our project.


Martha got my attention to a comedy skit and as we watched it, a teacher walked in and we were able to put the phone away and pay attention.




After school, I dressed up hurriedly, made Allan’s lunch and walk out to the street.. I got to Nick house and I walked in and left my bag on a couch, Nick was by a corner, his earphones plugged in and a notebook in front of him.. I ignored him and started doing my work in the kitchen.. I was finishing up when Nick walked in, he opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of milk.. “Is Lance here yet?” I asked him.


“No, it’s past thirty minutes already” he said “Are you worried that he might not come?”


“Yes, why won’t I. We have about five days left and we haven’t picked any piece yet, we don’t even have an idea on what to create” I said.. Nick gave me a short stare with his head tilted, before walking out of the kitchen with the milk.


Lance came in later and Nick scolded him for it then we got settled down.. “Okay.. So anyone got any idea on what we should make?” Nick asked and I wanted to talk but Lance beat me to it..


“Yeah, I did some research last night because–


“Just tell us what you’ve got dude, no one cares if you did a research or not. You can’t come late and still bore us with unimportant details.. Go straight to what you’ve got” Nick said.


“Okay here” he gave two papers to Nick and I and when I checked It had the drawing of a bicycle..


“We could make a bicycle.. This one is different from the normal bicycle we see or know, it’s easy to make and it’s more flexible than a random bike” Lance explained..


“I had the same idea, except that mine was a training wheel” Nick said.



“Um I chose an electric pen,” I said and their attention came to me “it’s like any normal pen that you know except that you won’t hold this one and it’s attached to a keyboard.. When you type a word on the keyboard, the pen automatically writes it wherever you want it” I said, showing a rough drawing I made..


“I saw something similar to this and it takes about half a year to finish up considering the fact that we’ll be needing some programming too” Lance said.. “Okay.. Let’s just go for something else then” I said.


“We’ll go for the bicycle” Nick said “Lance, write down the equipments we’ll be needing and make a proper drawing of the bicycle while Jackie and I prepare my dinner” Nick said and stood up.


“Why is Jackie preparing your dinner?” Lance asked, staring from Nick to me.. I quickly stood up..


“Cos she wo–


“Cos I love making dinners” I cut Nick off before giving him a nudge..


“What?” Lance asked, an obvious look of confusion on his face.


“Yes.. Um making dinner’s one of my favorite.. Uh hobby” I said, thoughtlessly.


“Let’s go” I drag Nick, ignoring the confused stare Lance gave us, me especially.


We got to the kitchen and I left his wrist, he arched a brow at me.


“Why are you giving me that look?” He asked..


“You were not about to tell Lance I work for you, were you?” I asked, my brows conjoining.


“I was until you chipped in” he said with no emotion at all. “Geez Nick how can you even try to tell him that?” I asked. “Why can’t I? I thought he knows everything about you” “Everything? Like what?” I asked.


“You working?”


“He only knows that by coincidence, he’s a part time worker for his mom too and somehow we met while I was on my shift” I said


“Yeah? And for how long have you been going on rides with him?” He asked and my brows furrowed.


“We haven’t been going on rides, he only brought me here yesterday” I said.


“Like I’ll believe that” Nick scoffed.


“Why am I even explaining myself to you, Lance is my friend, and there’s nothing wrong with us hanging out together” I said.


“Are you trying to act like you don’t know he likes you or you’re serious?”


“Like me?” I asked unbelievably. “Lance doesn’t like me”


“And you?” He asked “Do you like him?”



“Why will I answer that? It’s supposed to be part of my private life” I said, gesturing with my palm.


“Oh so you like him huh?” He said “I thought you guys were just ‘normal friends’ is that really how friendship is now?” He asked.


“Seriously, are we arguing about this now? And why are you so concerned about me liking Lance or not?”


“Cos I thought you were more than that.. I saw you as this kind, timid girl that likes being carefree with everyone but now I’m seeing more to it.. I didn’t know you could be so cheap to fall for a guy you met few days back” he said.. “Excuse me?” I grimaced


“I won’t! And you know what I don’t care if you like Lance, if he likes you or if you guys are in a relationship.. Just do whatever you want” he said, I could’ve thought he was joking but the look on his face showed all epitome of seriousness.. I was gob-smacked.


“Will you stop being paranoiac over nothing.. There’s nothing other than friendship between Lance and I and there won’t.. I don’t know why we should be arguing about this but my private life is none of your business and just so you know, I’m more carefree than you think with anyone so stop acting like you’re the boss of my life. I can be in a relationship with anyone that I want and it’s practically none of your business.. I owe you no explanation on it Nicholas.. You can be all grouchy on me at work but that doesn’t apply to any other part of my life.. I’m saying this just so you know your lane when it comes to me” I said angrily and without waiting for him to say a word I walked out.. I got to the living room.


“Jacq.. Come check out this stuff I found” Lance called but I ignored him and kept walking. I got to Nick’s gameroom and I sat on the sofa.. I sighed audibly.


I don’t even understand him sometimes, I mean how can we argue about something so irrelevant and what’s his business if I’m dating Lance or not??


He even called me cheap.. Is this how he forgets favors and acts like I have an obligation to him and everything that happens in my life, is something he should know? Has he always been this grouchy without considering the feeling of others?..


There are just so many questions that I can’t bring myself to ask him but I think it’s high time he gets to realize things himself too and decide if I’m actually a problem in his life cos I don’t know if he even appreciates me being here.. He only thinks about himself in the end like he’s the only one with problems..



I didn’t know you could be so cheap..’ His words rang in my ear, piercing my heart..


I can permit Nick to go far in other areas but calling me cheap is so out of it..


I heard a vibrating sound and I jerked a little, I stood up and realized I had been sitting on Nick’s phone and now it was ringing.. I checked it and saw ‘Dad’ with a heart shape beside it. I picked it up and mistakenly my thumb swipe to the receive side and the call got answered, I placed it on my ear.


“Um Hi Mr Marcus” I said, lost for another word. “Hi.. Who’s this?”


“It’s Jacqueline. Sorry but I answered this by mistake. Hold on, I’ll just give it to Nick” I said while taking a step toward the door..


“Wait,” I stopped “I’ve been wanting to talk to you.. I haven’t heard from you since I left new York, how’ve you been?” He asked.


“I’ve been good and you?”


“Good too. I hope Nick’s treating you well?” He asked and I sighed softly.. “He was until today but I’m sure we’ll be fine soon” I said.


“Oh.. What happened?” He asked “Did he do something bad to you?”


“No.. He’s just mad at me for something that doesn’t even makes sense” I said “sometimes it’s just like I don’t even know him, like I can’t even understand him.. Is he always like this, I mean always prying in your private life and acting like the boss of everything?” I asked


“He’s acts that way with certain people, it’s probably cos you’re special to him” he said and a grimace expression stayed on my face.


“Special?” I asked “I don’t think so Mr Marcus.. He acts like a maniac and when he insults; he does it with no emotion at all.. He always wants to be that ‘Mr-bossy-always-right guy’ and sometimes, it’s irritating” I said.


“Wow.. You both must’ve had one heck of a fight, tell me about it” he said. “Okay.. There’s this new guy in my class, we’re working on a project together with Nick and suddenly Nick thinks I’m dating him and he’s acting all paranoid about it.. I mean even if we’re dating, it’s not supposed to be his business cos it’s my life right? But no.. He wants to know about everything, he even went that far to call me cheap.. Who does that?


Just because I’m his house help he thinks I owe him an obligation to everything happening in my life and then he acts jealous about it. You know at a time I began to think, he’s actually being that way cos he’s scared of losing me since I’m his only friend and just when I try to go closer he shits it up with his jealous-like attitude, making me wonder if he wants me in his life or away from it.. His arrogance really



have this annoying effect” I said all my words breathlessly and sighed after everything.. I must’ve been a blabber beak back there.. I didn’t hear a response.. Did I talk him into hanging up? I wondered and pulled the phone away from my ear to check but the call was still on.. I put it back on my ear.. “Hello?”


“Yes.. I’m here Jacqueline. I thought you weren’t done talking and you just wanted to take some air” he said.


“Oh.. I am, sorry did I bore you?”


“What? Of course not.. I perfectly understand how you feel and I agree, Nicholas can sometimes or do I say most times be annoying, arrogant and all..but trust me, he wants you more than you think and he cares about you too even though he doesn’t always show it. Just keep ignoring him like you’ve always had, I’ll talk to him; is he there with you?” He asked.


“No he’s in–


My voice trailed off when I turned and found him behind me.. His gaze on me. “It’s your dad, I mistakenly took the call so I talked to him and now he wants to talk to you” I said


“Is that Nicholas?” Mr Marcus voice on the phone kinda jerked me up..


“Yes.. I’ll just give the phone to him” I said and stretched it to Nick.. Our gaze got locked for a moment as my hand brushed against his.. Feeling strange, I looked away.. He collected the phone and I walked out.


I got to the living room and Lance was already up, his backpack was on his back.


“Nick said I could go, so I was waiting here for you” he said.


“Alright.. I’m going to work”


“Can I drop you off ?”


“Yes please” I said, grabbed my bag and we walked out..


Lance dropped me at the delivery store.. “Thanks” I said, giving him the helmet.


“okay. Goodnight” he said and I nodded and walk into the store.


“Oh thank goodness you’re here Jacqueline, there’s a bagful of orders and I still have so much to grill, I don’t know why everyone wants chicken at the same time.. Can you start the delivery?”


“Yes ma’am.. I’ll just put the cloth on” I went to the back of the counter and pulled into the customized delivery shirt before.. I grabbed five box of chicken and tied it to the backseat of the bike. I got the addresses and started driving to the first.


I was on the final delivery for the day and I was totally worn out, tiredly I grabbed the last two boxes and walk to the house door, I rang the bell and the door got opened.



Without having to say much, I got my money, thanked her and walk to my bike.. I stopped to strain the part of my body that had suddenly gone stiff before pulling the helmet over my head.. My phone buzzed and I took off my helmet before taking my phone out to check the message. It was from Nicholas, with a sigh, I clicked on it.


I’m sorry


The words were simple and that short.. I stared at it for a moment, as if contemplating on replying. I threw it into my pocket, put the helmet back on, hop into my bike and start the engine before driving off. .














(Love in circles )







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