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Jacqueline’s POV




I took the dirty dishes and walked to the kitchenette, I dumped them on the sink, turned the faucet and started washing them..


‘Would you be my fling then’


His words echo in my head and I chuckled in disgust.. Annoying freak?


Way does he take me for?.. I had been too shocked to utter a word. First he claims he wants me out of his hair and next he wants me to work in his house and now on his bed.. Jerk. I’d rather swim in a pool filled with tarantula than stay a night with Mr grouchy ass on the same bed.


After school, I had walked home and got changed then took a taxi to his house because I had to do the grocery first and it took time. I got to his house and at his gate, I got a text..


‘Work and leave, don’t try to sneak around or take anything.. I’ve got camera’s everywhere’ I frowned at the text.. Moved in and started my work.


After cleaning and making sure everything was in order, I jammed the door and walked hurriedly to my job.. I was five minutes late already. Mrs Jamie gave me two options ‘A fired statement or an extra ten minutes for my lateness’ of course I chose the extra ten minutes and after it.. I moved on to the next one, I arrived late and here I am, doing extra work when I’m supposed to be getting ready to go home.


I chuckled again..


“What’s so funny?” I flinched a little when I felt a warm breath on my neck and a voice directly in my ear. I turned.. “Noel! What was that for?” I said in a hushed tone, passing a glare to him and he shrugged.


“Didn’t mean to startle but I was beginning to think you were going bananas cos you were laughing at the dishes” he said, taking a step back, probably knowing I’d hit him.



“I wasn’t laughing a– And what do you want here, you’re supposed to be cooking the chicken” I say and he shrugged then rested his butt on the counter.


“I got a pass, the orders weren’t much and Liz is getting the rest setout.. I came to call you so we can head out together” he said.


“You can go ahead. I’m busy” I said, turning back to the plates.


“C’mon Jackie you know how boring walking alone can be”


“You’ve been doing it before, one day can’t kill you and besides ma’am Aries didn’t give me a pass yet since I arrived late” I said, throwing a washed plate to the drain board.


“Then let’s make it fast” he said, moving to the drain board and taking the washed plates, then arranging it. I


I ignored him and continued washing..


“No, this won’t do. Do the arranging and I’ll wash” he took the sponge from me, without argument I let him have it and moved to the drain board to dry and set the plates and I couldn’t help but watch how quick he washed.


After the dishes.. Ma’am Aries reluctantly released me and I walked home with






Nicholas POV




I jerked up, nearly falling over the couch I realized I had slept off unexpectedly on,


during a movie. I didn’t know how I managed to sleep but I did and here I am..


Ending up like other nights..


I gave myself a shot.


Catching my breathe, I turned off the TV and sighed at the empty house. I stood


up, walked to my room and grabbed my jacket.. 11:25 I grabbed my mobile too.




I walked out of the house and sat on the porch, sighing the cold air out. I was freezing inside and I’m still out; in the cold. My body can be freaking weird , my insides feels like a frosted freeze and my skin feels hot.. Like a burning coal. Normally I’d have sat close to the fireplace or in my game room but today I felt different.. I needed the cozy weather and at the same time a warm wave. I relaxed and turned my phone on, I clicked on dad’s contact and as expected I was directed to his answering machine.. Without waiting for it to finish talking; I ended the call and click on ‘her’ contact ID.. Contemplating between calling her or not, I exit it and moved to my mail..




Jacqueline’s POV




You’ll do well Marth. Just blow him off if you think he’s not your type. I need


to sleep now, nightie I sent the message and added a heart to it after. I turned my phone off, get settled on my bed, lift the blanket up and was about switching the lights off when my phone beeped a message in..


Martha!..I grumbled. Why won’t she just leave me out of her blind date that she doesn’t like.. Well why would she? I’m her best friend, it’s what we do.. Getting involved I’m each others life.. Except some really shameful and secretive side.


Grunting a cuss, I half shelve the blanket away and grabbed my phone on the drawer, very close to my bed. I frowned when I notice it wasn’t a message from my Facebook.. It was a normal SMS.. I strolled to it.. “Nicholas” I muttered the sender’s name with a voice that held surprise. I clicked on it.




My brows struck and I started to reply.


About to. Why?” I sent and I didn’t wait up to five seconds before a reply came. Great. I need coffee”

My face twitched in confusion.


How’s that my prob?” I sent and a reply came in.. So quick!


You’re my maid, stuffs like this should be part your work.


Freaking hot. No sugar and lots of whipped cream. You’ve got just 5 minutes”


Wait, you’re joking right. Do you realize what time it is?!!”


I don’t remember giving you a specific work time. 4 minutes 49 seconds” My brows furrowed. Grouchy ass!.


Sorry but I’m on my pajamas and I have an early start tomorrow. If you really need coffee then get yourself some. Goodnight”


I sent it and realized it didn’t send.. My balance was off. I sighed and tried again but it didn’t go.. I was about giving up and going back to sleep that I wasn’t on from the start, when a message entered.. From Nik.


3 minutes..”


Fuck off grouch! I seethe. I waved my hair back and sigh.


Looks like Nik will be having a long night waiting for a me that wasn’t coming.


He doesn’t even care if I get accosted by some thugs or get raped.


He only thinks of himself..


He should know I have a life too.. I’m not some robot he can order around and get to do all his bidding involuntarily.. So inconsiderate!.


I turned off my phone, turned off the lamp, raised my duvet up and drift to sleep


minutes after.




*Clink..bop.. Clink*


Those tiny but loud sounds jerked me up from my slumber.




Alarmed, I hurriedly pulled the duvet over me and climbed out of bed. I reached for the switch and turned the light on.. Grabbing my Pj closer to myself, I pulled my feet into my miserable flip-flops and head out to the direction of the sound. It landed me to the living room and my eyes bulge out of it’s socket when I saw Allan.. Completely wasted and broken bottles all over the floor. On his hand was a piece of the bottle and a slight cut that brought out blood was on his wrist. I tried to ignore it and move away but somehow I felt my feet stuck to the floor. Something must’ve happened to make him this way and I needed to make it no business of mine because it wasn’t the first time I saw him this way. I turned to walk to my room..


“Hey!” His slurred yet authoritative and scary voice stopped me in my track and I turned. He walked from his spot and got to me.. He cupped my chin and I narrowed my gaze on him as my insides froze in fright.. Like a flash, I felt a sharp, pricking slash on my left cheek.. Blood splatter from it and instead of crying, I agonized the pain in my breathe. He chuckled. He tore another side of my cheek with the bottle.. I writhe in pain.


I should’ve just minded my business from the scratch.. I shouldn’t have been too curious and a poke noser but the heck, who wouldn’t have been alarmed. I thought it was a burglary attack. I had been in jubilation mood, thinking I had somehow gotten a pass from Allan today and here I am now.. Another mess.


I felt the warm liquid stroll down my cheek plus Allan strong breath of alcohol all over my face. I endured it with open eyes. Allan laughed hysterically again. His expression held pain and something else that I could put a hand to or decipher.



“I’m bad. I’m evil. I’m a freak! What else?!” He says and I kept mute, not knowing what to say. I didn’t expect the slap that came next and I fell on my face to the cold floor, a sharp edge of one of the broken bottle pierced deep into the skin on my leg and I winced, trying to shift from it.. Traces of my blood ruled the floor.


“Stand!” He ordered and with difficulty yet swiftly, I got on my feet. He came to me and another slap met my left cheek, I staggered back.. Trying to clear my blurry vision. The inside of my cheek tore and I spat out blood. “She doesn’t want me because i’m bad!” He spat.


I felt my stomach churn and I bent to tend to it when a slap landed on my back, getting directly to my rib and I felt it twist.. I staggered in severe pain and moved away, trying to catch my breath and ease myself a little from the pains I felt on several parts of my body.. He started walking to me..


“A-Allan p-please” I breathed out, stretching a hand out to stop him.


“Shut your gob up!” He yelled, causing me to shudder. I sniffed.


Please stop.. My insides cried as I lost my voice.


“I’ll make you feel the exact pain I felt, when you sent our parent to their grave.. You slutty bitch!” He spat.. Dragging his tie off his neck in a rough way and at the same time walking to me. He got to me and by my hair he easily drag my completely worn out and fragile body, away from my spot on the floor.. I screamed in pain as I felt my hair being jabbed out of it’s scalp.


I held his hand on my hair, trying to suppress the pain and at the same time, cried out pleading words to him.


He dragged me by my hair around the room and I steadied my feet to his movement so I don’t end up falling and aggravating the intensity of the pain my body weighed.


After moving me tipsy-turvy around the room, he finally dumped me on the couch like a bag of weightless garbage; I actually felt like that too. I turned my face up and moved the hair that mixed with my sweat and tears and plastered on my face. Like a bolt, his hands started working on my pajamas, in an effort to get them off me. I wanted to stop him but I knew better, so I just let him be.


He finished opening it and he flipped it apart.. I was bare on the inside, clad in only a pantie. He stood up.. I could hear his breathe coming out in audible grunts and his gaze held so much anger and a bit of relief, probably watching me suffer and plead for help. I watched him unbuckle his belt.. He threw his trouser off and pinned my two hands to the couch and pulled his weight on me.



I quit trying to struggle against what was in ten folds stronger than me.. I quit crying like a helpless child.. I quit trying to plead a worthless plea.. And for the second time, with the tears brimming at corner of my eyes and itching them, Allan had his way with me forcefully.




After he was done, he slid himself down the couch, grabbed his unfinished bottle of beer and took sips from it. I sniffed, wrapped my pajamas on my bare self and with a slight striking pain on my below, I limped to my bedroom..


“You!” His grunts stopped me and with a quick sniff, I turned. He pointed to the floor. I walked to it, grabbed my undies and limped to my room.


I locked the door behind me and moved to my bed, I stood there.. Watching anything and everything as if the room was a place I’ve never been to before, I just needed to get my miserable tears away. I shook the thoughts off and rid the cloth off my body, I wrapped a towel in its place and walked to my bathroom. I turned the shower and let the water sooth me, the pain I felt couldn’t be explained.. After hours in the bathroom, just standing and letting the water pour without a stop on me and getting Allan body off me in the little way I could. I got out of shower, stuff my pajamas into the basket that had my other dirty clothes.. I pulled myself into my nightdress, wound a jacket around it and carefully laid on my bed like a sack of bones.. Drifting my mind to anything that popped into my head and wasn’t Allan. I tossed on my bed, trying to get some sleep but I couldn’t, I tossed and turned but slumber was far away from me.. I sighed and gave up trying to force my unwanted, patsy self to sleep.


Tonight would be a pretty long one.














(Love in circles )







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