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Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 6





Jeanne’s Pov:



I ran into the garden and looked around; it was completely empty, except for a gardener watering some of the flowers.




I looked at the time and Gosh! I’m so late. And where’s the lady?


It’s more than five minutes already. Why can’t I find her yet?




I stood impatiently and nervously and kept looking around. Oh, God! I’m definitely going to get home late. I wonder what Theo’s going to do to me.


I waited for close to ten minutes, but the strange lady did not show up. What could possibly be happening? Where was she? Or, was she just toiling with me?




But, I don’t think so.


How else did she know I actually had no idea of my past? It only meant she was someone that knows me.


But, why isn’t she here yet? Or, did she change her mind?




I checked the time again and this time around, I knew for sure I was dead. I sniffed and wiped a tear that rolled down my cheek.




She had suddenly given me so much hope. Why did she have to change all of a sudden? Why did she have to toil with my feelings?






I looked around, but there was still no glimpse of her.


Then, weakly and dejectedly, I turned around and started walking away.


I felt so much pains.




Just when I felt I was already close to my wishes…why does this keep happening to me?




I was so doomed. I can’t believe I missed the lady and still ended up violating Theo’s rule.


what do I do now?




I got to the facade of the building and there I met the driver already waiting for me.


I felt so scared going home. But, if I don’t, a greater punishment awaits me. I’m so scared.


I got into the car and the driver took off immediately. I wasn’t even having my phone with me to perhaps, call for help. And even if I were to call for help, who would it be? Theo has warned me not to tell anyone about it. He’s so cold hearted.




I kept thinking of my predicaments at the back seat and after a while; we finally arrived home.


Oh, God!




I felt reluctant coming out of the car, but the driver came out and opened the door for me and I had to go out as well.




A tear strolled down my cheek as I held my bag and started sauntering into the house.


I felt like running away, but couldn’t.




I got to the door and knocked on it, but got no reply.


After knocking for the third time, i pushed the door open and went in, my heart beating like a party drum.




The sitting room was breezy and empty and I couldn’t find him there. I walked in slowly and wondered where he might be. I suddenly wished he wouldn’t be at home.




“How long did i say you could stay in the studio?” I heard his voice and swiftly turned to see him climbing down the stairs.


Oh, God!




He was holding a glass of drink in his hand and walked at a slow pace.




I gulped nervously and moved back a bit.


“I’m…I’m sorry, I…”




“How long did I say you could spend in the studio?” He interrupted me, picking his words.




I bent my head and replied;


“An hour and thirty minutes”.




He climbed down the stairs into the sitting room and started approaching me.


My heart was beating so loud that I could hear it like a speaker.




“And how long did you spend?” He asked as he drew near to me.




“The…The meeting took long. I’m sorry” I stuttered.


my hands were already heating up.




“What were my instructions if the meeting exceeded that time?” He asked.




I bent my head and sniffed. I just couldn’t help it.




Then, immediately, he slapped me and I was forced to move back.




“Were you trying to see Alex? Huh!” He yelled as he slapped me again and I shrieked and fell on the floor.




My bag fell from my hands as tears poured out from my eyes.




He came close and held my hair roughly, dragging me up with it.


I felt so much pains.


“Theo, please, I’m sorry” I cried, not realising I was calling him by just his name.




Still holding my hair, he punched me on my tummy and I felt a sharp pain there and screamed, falling back on the floor.


I should’ve known he’s always been looking for a slightest opportunity to beat me up.




He held my tummy tight and cried in pains.




Then, he came back to me on the floor and held me up by the hair again, taking me upstairs this time around.




Carl’s Pov:


Gosh! Everything’s such a mess. I knew from the very start that Theo’s return was never going to be of any good.




I stood in the sitting room, watching Mrs Tristan trying to beg Molly to take her drugs. Yes, she’s actually being running a little temperature for some time now and it was obviously a result of Jeanne’s absence.




Molly has been quiet and wouldn’t eat or talk to anyone and neither has Alex. He wouldn’t even leave his room or open up to anyone, not to talk of eating. The whole thing’s just too crazy.




After trying without success, Mrs Tristan left Molly and came up to me.




“What the hell happened to Jeanne, Carl?” She asked, placing her hands on her waist.


I sighed and shook my head.




“I have no idea, aunt” I replied tiredly.




“And why’s everyone giving me that same reply? How can she just leave the house like that? And I’ve been trying to reach her, but to no avail” she groused bitterly.


Well, I knew she was with Theo, but couldn’t tell her about it.


It’s not something she can get involved with.




“Don’t worry, aunt. We’ll look into the matter” I said forlornly.




“Well, you better do, Carl. I’m getting scared already. Just take a look at my kids”.




She brushed her hands into her hair and walked away, exasperated.




I bent my head and sighed.


We really need to do something about this. I need to see Theo.




Kim’s Pov:


I sat angrily in the car with mum as she kept driving and talking; more like cautioning me and adding to my problem.




Gosh; I was so angry. I mean, how can they think of choosing a new leader? It’s so annoying and I can’t take it.




“I was so surprised when I heard how rude you acted at the meeting today, Kim. I mean, how could you even think of raising your voice on such high personalities?” She queried and I rolled my eyes and tucked my hair behind my ears.




“What had gotten into you, Kim?” She asked.




“They’re being unfair, mum. Why do they have to chose a new lady when I’m still here?”




“So,,are you meant to be the leader for ever? Huh? They’ve gotten a time table and they’re working with it. Why did you have to pull up such an attitude? What if you had gotten suspended or worst?”





I crossed my hands and leaned my back on the car seat, staring through the window.



No matter what they do, I’ll never be dethroned and it’s a promise I’m willing to keep with my life. I’ll always be the leader and will never be under someone.




“I’m telling you, Kim; you need to change from these attitude of yours.” Mum continued. “Besides, it’s very possible you can still get to win this part of it again…”



She was still talking when suddenly, she screeched to a halt and I flinched.




“Mum?” I called, wondering why she stopped in such manner, in the middle of the road.




I noticed her eyes were on the road. Then, I saw a very advanced woman crossing the road.




“Ma’am Sally!” Mum exclaimed and quickly moved the car away from the road, turning off the ignition. What’s going on?



“It’s Anna’s neighbour.” She said hastily and jumped out of the car.


Huh? Anna’s neighbour?


Isn’t that the same lady mum has been looking for? The one with her child?




I opened the door and also came out of the car, going after mum who had already met up with the old woman.




“Ma’am Sally!” Mum called as she got to where she was and the woman stopped to look at her.




“Ma’am Sally; do…do you remember me? It’s me; Lisa” mum said and the woman stared into her face, keenly.


I just stood by, watching.




“Oh! You do look familiar to me. Aren’t you…”


“Anna’s friend”: mum interrupted her with a smile, but I could tell it was a nervous smile.




“I was a very close friend to Anna back then. She was your neighbour, remember?”




“Oh! Now, I remember. You were that young pretty lady, huh? What happened to you?” The old woman asked and mum sighed.




“It’s a long story, ma’am. But, I really need your help. Do you know what happened to Anna? I’ve been looking for her for years now”. She said.




“Anna? Of course, she left the old apartment. You won’t be able to find her there” the woman replied and mum turned and looked at me.




“Um…do you know where she moved to?” Mum asked and the woman ached her brows.




“Oh! Well, I do know where she lives…”






The Lovergirls


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