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Grand finale #Season_2


Episode 13








Jeanne’s Pov:


I looked at him in surprise as he stared back at me. Why’s he asking such question?


Oh, my! Did he think Theo would’ve taken advantage of me?




“He didn’t” I replied and he smiled and looked down at the food.


Then; he began eating.




“By the way,” he said.


“I’ll be having a surprise for you tomorrow”.




Oh! What surprise could it be?




“Okay” I told him and we continued eating.




“Um…Alex,” I called after a brief since and he looked at me.


“How did you get to know I was pregnant?” I asked and he smiled.




“Oh! Well, Hetty told me about it” he replied and I flinched.




“Huh? She…she did?”




“Yeah. She told me she had overheard the doctor telling you about it in the hospital”.





Oh, my God! So, she had been eavesdropping?


And she knows I’m pregnant?


Oh, God!




“Don’t worry, Jeanne; she’s a nice person, okay? She promised to come over tomorrow or next” Alex said and I just nodded lightly.


I had really wanted this pregnancy stuff to be a secret.




We went on eating and didn’t say much to each other again and bit by bit, my tension around him began to ease.


But, I still couldn’t stop thinking about Theo.


I’m sure he must be looking for me by now and I’m really scared of his reaction if he gets to find me.


I hope Alex’s plans of leaving the country works out sooner that later.




When we were done eating, Alex cleared up the place, even when I insisted on doing it. He said he didn’t want me to stress myself in any way.




Then, he suggested we watched some movies together, but in the process, I slept off. Gosh! Why am I always so dizzy these days?





I woke up, feeling really really refreshed and strong.


Wow! Indeed the doctor was right; I really needed a good rest.




I checked the bed and noticed Alex wasn’t on it with me.


Where was he?




I sluggishly stood up and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I haven’t even had time to go round the house.



I brushed my teeth and before going back to the bedroom, I looked myself in the mirror and stared at my tummy.


I smiled and walked out of the room, returning to the bedroom. But when I got there, I still couldn’t find Alex.


Huh? Where was he?




I decided to go out of the room and when I did, I saw a long passage and took it and it led me to the sitting room and there I found Alex in the dining.




“Hey” he called as he glanced at me and took his eyes back to what he was doing. He was setting breakfast.




I breathed out and walked closer to him.


But, he looked dressed up, like he was going out or something.




“Good morning” I greeted with a shy smile and he came close and pecked me.




“How was your night?” He asked and I smiled, blushing from the peck.




“Um…It was okay” was my reply.


Wow! I still can’t believe loverboy Alex was all mine. I wish I could hug him from behind and kiss him.


But…hell no, I don’t have such guts yet.




He rounded up what he was doing on the dining and looked at the gold watch on his wrist.




“Uh…Jeanne, I’m so sorry, but I need to leave right now. I’m already 5 minutes late for a commercial advert and my manager might kill me if I miss this as well.




“But, don’t worry, I promise to be back within the twinkle of an eye, okay? And I’ll be coming along with the surprise I said I had for you.


“You can make use of this for now” he said and handed me one of his expensive phones.


“There’s a laptop in the room with lots of interesting games, musics and videos and in case you’re not interested in them, you can make use of the TV channels.




“There re lots of foods in the kitchen and warmer and enough fruits and drinks in the refrigerator as well and I’ll be getting more on my way back. Just do whatever it is you want and feel free, okay? I’ll be back pretty soon” he said without a pause and it almost made me laugh.




I nodded and he smiled and kissed me.


Oh, my gee! On my lips.




I reciprocated the kiss and kind of wished it wouldn’t have to end.




His phone started ringing immediately and it broke the kiss.




“Yes? I’m on my way, Franco” he said on the phone as he grabbed his car keys from the dining table.


He gave me a peck again and mouthed a ‘bye’ before running out the door.




I quickly went to the window and stared at him as he entered into his car and started off. I smiled.


Oh, God! Please, keep him safe for me.




I kept watching as he drove out of the premises which had no gate and after a while, I returned to the dining and had breakfast.




Feeling bored even after playing numerous games and watching funny videos, I slept off and by the time I woke up, that was when Alex returned.




I heard the sound of his car driving in and quickly rushed out to welcome him.




I was still coming out of the house when he parked the car and surprisingly, I saw someone else coming out of the seat next to the driver’s.


It was a little girl.






It was Molly!




“Nanny!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice as she left the car door open and ran towards me as fast as her legs could carry her.




Oh, my gee!




“Baby!!!” I called ecstatically as I didn’t wait for her to get to where I was, but also ran to her and opened my arms wide for her and she jumped in.




“Oh, my God! Baby!” I cried and twirled her round In my arms.


She giggled and kissed my cheek.


Alex was already coming out of the car.




“I missed you, nanny. I thought I was never going to see you again”: she said happily as she embraced me, still in my arms.




I smiled and kissed her hair.


Oh, Alex; so this was the surprise he was talking about?




“I missed you too, angel”:I told her, almost tearfully.




Alex was smiling as he got to where we were and carried Molly down from my shoulders.




“Hey, hey, hey; I didn’t bring you here so you could stress her, okay?” He said to her.



“Huh? What are you talking about, Alex? Let me go” Molly groused as she Fred her hands from his and came to me.


I laughed and carried her up again.




“I’m her baby, okay?” She said boastfully in my arms.




“Oh, really? Well, sooner than later, someone else is gonna replace you” Alex said and my eyes beamed.


Molly flinched.




“Huh?” She expressed and looked at me.


“Nanny, are you going to be someone else’s nanny?” She asked and I laughed.




“it’s not nanny, Molly; but something sweeter than nanny” Alex replied and the confusion on her face increased.




“Don’t worry, baby; no one’s going to take your position in my heart, okay?” I told her and she nodded and hugged me.




I looked at Alex and smiled and he started walking into the house and I followed with Molly.




Like he had said, he brought more foods and fruits and we ate together.


Gosh! It was so much fun.




Molly wouldn’t spend a second without me as she followed me to the kitchen, the garden and even the toilet – although, she had to wait outside the door.




She kept telling me different stories of her classmates and how she bullied some of the stubborn ones in school and she felt so proud telling me.





She kept talking and talking until my ears began itching, although I enjoyed it. I really missed her.




Alex didn’t really have time for us as he kept making numerous calls and making use of different systems.




I think I’ll just have to start getting used to this.




Molly and I spent the whole time together until it was dark and when Alex talked about taking her home, she refused, saying she was going to spend the night there with me.




Knowing he couldn’t change her mind, he left her alone with me and went out to the balcony to have some quiet time while doing whatever it is he was doing.


So, Molly and I stayed in the bedroom.




“Why did you ever leave, nanny?” She suddenly asked as she laid on the bed while I sat and faced her.


We could both look into our faces.




“I’m sorry, baby; I just needed to take care of something important” I replied, bruising her hair with my palm.




“You know, I fell sick when you left, nanny. I really missed you. Hope you won’t be leaving again?” She asked and I smiled wistfully.




“Tell me a story, nanny” she said after a brief silence.




“Oh, dear; I don’t really have a story in mind. But, don’t worry, I’ll think about one and tell you tomorrow” I replied.




“Okay; sing me a song” she said and I sighed.


I knew she was going to ask for that.


I cleared my throat and began singing one of my written songs, knowing she’d fall asleep at anytime.


That has always been her weak point.




Surprisingly, when I was done with the first song, she was still awake.


Hm. Look who’s in for a challenge.




“Sing me more, nanny” she said and I smiled and continued with another song.




But, by the time I was done with the second song, she was already asleep. I laughed to myself. I knew she wouldn’t last.




I covered her up with the duvet and went into the bathroom to shower afterwards.




I stood under the cold water and enjoyed it’s coldness on my body.


I suddenly thought of my future with Alex.




Do we really have a future together? Will everything work out?




Oh, God! I really pray it does, because I don’t want to lose this baby and Alex.




After spending a long time in the shower, I tied a white towel around my body and returned to the bedroom and there I found Alex on the bed, operating two of his phones at this same time.






But…where was Molly?


She wasn’t on the bed anymore.




“Um Alex, where’s Molly?” I asked, still standing by the door of the bathroom.





“I’ve taken her to a separate room” he replied without looking at me.


Huh? But why? We could’ve shared the bed.




I walked past him to the wardrobe so I could get something light to wear.




Fortunately, he already bought some clothes for me that’d take me till we leave the country.




There were two night gowns – red and black – and I was trying to decide on the right one to wear when suddenly, I felt a hand hold me from behind.






Then, I noticed it was Alex.




He hugged me, wrapping his hands around my waist and making them touch my belly. I was still backing him.




He trailed his hand from my belly upto my chest and touched my bo*bs and it made me shiver. Oh, God!



Then, he kissed my neck and moved his hands from my bo*bs to the tip of the towel and loosened it – just the tip – he didn’t let it fall off.




Then, he kissed my neck again, bringing his lips close to my ears.




“May I?” He spoke softly into my ears, still holding the tip of the towel.


I swear, my heart stopped beating.




Oh, Alex!


Does he want to make the baby two?








The Loverboys


(Romance )

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