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Episode 3



Jeanne’s Pov:


“Kill him” he said and I gasped.




“No! Please, no. I’ll do it. Please don’t hurt him!” I cried and crawled on my knees to where he was and he signalled me not to touch him.




The phone was still on his ears and calmly, he said:


“Wait for my orders”.


Then, he dropped the line.




“Sign it before I change my mind” he said to me, stretching out the paper.




More tears streamed down my cheeks as I thought about what I was about doing.


How can I breakup with Alex? How can I leave him?


I just got into a relationship with him, yet, I’m going to leave him already?




And how can I live with someone like Theo? Someone as cold hearted as he is?


And what does he want to achieve from all these? Is he trying to make Alex jealous or what?




Oh, God! What do I do? How do I get out of this? I can’t leave Alex. I love him too much. But, if I don’t, Theo’s going to kill him.




I bent my head and wept bitterly. The tears kept strolling down.




“You have just five seconds to sign this slip” he said and threw the paper at me, together with a pen.


Then, he started the countdown.








I tearfully picked up the paper and the pen and a tear from my left eye dropped on it.








Oh, God! No!




Just when he was about calling the last figure, I placed the pen on the paper and signed it.


Oh, God! I signed it!


I signed the agreement slip to break up with Alex and becomes Theo’s girlfriend.


Why does this have to happen to me?




Theo smiled and collected the paper from me.




“Good job” he said with a smirk,; staring satisfactorily at it.




“Now, I want you to go on and breakup with Alex. Tell him you don’t love him anymore and wish to be with me. Tell him it was a terrible mistake getting into a relationship with him. Let him know how stupid he is. And don’t even think of doing anything tricky because, trust me, I’m definitely going to find out and when I do, you should know you’re dead”.


He paused and leaned closer to me.




“Is that understood?” He asked but I couldn’t reply as I just bent my head in tears.


Then, the next thing I felt was a hard slap on my cheek that made me fall to the floor.






“I said…is that understood?” He asked again and I looked up at him in shock.


Is this what he plans on doing to me?




I bent my head and tried controlling my tears.




“Y…Yes” I replied in a cracking voice and he smiled and stood up.




“You have thirty minutes to do so and get back here. One of my drivers will accompany you and bring you back. And remember everything I want you to say to him. Trust me; you don’t wanna get me upset.


Now, get up and follow me.” He said fiercely and I weakly stood on my feet.




He started walking out of the room and I followed him behind and after taking the stairs, we came to an enormous sitting room and we walked pass it and finally got outside.


The house was massive; but my pathetic state wouldn’t let me admire it at that moment.


My vision was blur and bleary.




I didn’t even know where he was taking me, not until we got to the parking lot where different cars were parked and I saw about three boys there.




“You” Theo said, pointing to one of them.


“Take her to the loverboys mansion and return her in thirty minutes. If it goes beyond thirty minutes, don’t bother coming back” he said and the boy he was talking to, bowed and opened the door for me and I slowly walked in and next, we took off.


I kept crying at the back seat as the pains of what I was about doing kept niggling at me.


I can’t believe I’ll be leaving Alex; I’ll be breaking his heart. How’s he going to feel about it?




Oh, God! And for how long will I be staying with Theo? What will he do to me during that period?


It’s not up to an hour and he slapped me already. And what did he mean by saying he can do whatever he wants with me? And I’ll do whatever he wants?


Why does such misfortune have to be fall me?


Oh, God! Why me?




Theo’s Pov:


I stood and watched satisfactorily as the car drove Jeanne away. I suddenly felt more angry and eager.


I couldn’t wait for her to return and start living with me so I could make her life a living hell.




I’ve seen her truly and differently Alex loves her and I’ve decided to make her death different from the others. I’ve decided to make her death slow and agonising with Alex watching every bit of it. It still won’t be enough to get back to him for what he did to me.




So, I’m gonna use Jeanne to pieces his heart. I’ll make her gogo through unbearable pains and become my slave and her dear Alex won’t be able to help.




Jeanne’s Pov:


The driver parked and waited for me outside the mansion while I went In.




As I sauntered in, sorrowfully, I noticed the loverboys weren’t at home and it kind of made me feel relieved.


But where was Alex?




I entered the quiet sitting room and looked around and memories of when I first stepped in flashed back in my head.



I remembered when he had returned with the rest of the loverboys and felt surprised seeing me here. I remembered when he asked what I was doing here – that anger in his eyes, yet cute to me. I recalled everything that’s happened and it made me shed more tears.




I couldn’t find Molly or Mrs Tristan around, so I just decided to go to my room and I get my things.


I entered the room morosefully and started bringing my clothes out of the wardrobe. I kept all the clothes and shoes on the bed and opened my luggage. Then, I sat on the edge of the bed and began arranging the clothes into the luggage.




Tears streamed down my cheeks as I thought of everything. I can’t believe I’m living -leaving the same place I’ve always wanted to belong.




I remembered all the memories I shared with Alex and they hurt me more.


Why does this have to happen just when my dreams of being with him were coming true?




“Nanny?” I heard a tiny familiar voice call and I turned to see Molly standing by the door.


Oh, no.




I sniffed and looked at her as she scuttled in.


Oh, God! Why does she have to come in now?




“Nanny” she called as she finally got to where I was and stood in front of me.


“I’ve been waiting for you”.


She paused and looked at the clothes and bag. I didn’t even know what to say to the poor kid.




“Are you going somewhere?” She asked and I scoffed and held her hand, drawing her close to me.




“Baby” I called and brushed the front part of her hair behind her ears.


“You don’t need to worry, okay? I just need to go somewhere. But, I’ll be back” I replied, fighting back the tears.


I couldn’t bring myself to tell her the truth. I couldn’t tell her I was leaving.




“But…are you going with your clothes?” She asked and I sniffed again and nodded.




“Yeah. I…just need to give them out to someone” I lied again.




“When will you be coming back? It’s getting dark”: she said and I smiled ruefully and embraced her.




“Don’t worry; I’ll be back, okay?” I said as I patted her back and she also wrapped her hand around me.




Then, we unlocked from the hug afterwards and she sat on the bed and watched me out in the rest of the clothes.


But I didn’t want her to watch me leave.




So, I took her to her room and made her lie on the bed.




“Do you want me to sing you a song?” I asked with a feigned smile as I looked into her face.




“Yes, nanny..Please do” she replied happily and I smiled told her to close her eyes and she did.




Then, I began singing one of my written songs and by the time I was done, she was already asleep.


I smiled and pecked her head. That has always been her weakness.




I covered her with the duvet and turned off the bright lights. I can’t believe this might be the last time I’ll be doing this.


I dried my eyes and finally left the room.




I walked slowly as I rolled my bag along with me. I kept taking my eyes around the house, thinking of everything I was leaving behind.



I walked past the sitting room and when I opened the door and passed through the exit, I met face to face with Alex who was just coming in.


Oh, God!




He stopped on seeing me and looked surprised.


Oh, my God!


How do I face him now?






The Loverboys


(Take off your clothes)

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