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Episode 7








Jeanne’s Pov:


I stuttered and moved back a little.




“Jeanne?” She called, her eyes gushing with curiosity for an answer.



“Mrs…Mrs Tristan, I…” I stuttered and shook my head, running out of words.


The whole thing was too surprising. Working in the Loverboys mansion?




“I…I don’t know. I can’t” I replied dazily and she touched her forehead.




“come on Jeanne. Please i promise you won’t be stressed out. All I need is just someone to make sure she’s safe whenever I’m not around” she said with a grouch.




“But…I…I heard there are no female workers in the Loverboys mansion. I heard…”




“Oh, please; don’t worry about that. As long as Molly likes you, everything will be fine. You’ll be accepted.




“Please don’t turn me down. I’ve been in need of this for years now. Molly has always detesteddetested all the nannies I got for her and it’s a miracle she likes you. so, please, you’re the only option I have right now. Just help me out. State your prize. I’m ready to pay any amount you ask for”.




I inhaled deeply and looked for Molly and she was smiling. Oh, God!


Is this really going to happen? Am I really going to start working in the mansion and be close to the loverboys?




How did this even happen?




To be sincere, I’m really scared and nervous. But with the look on Mrs Tristian’s face, she really looked desperate for a nanny. And with someone like Molly, I think she’d be fun talking care of.


But I still felt nervous. How can I do this?




“Jeanne” Mrs Tristan called and took a step forward.


“Please dear, what do you think? Will you help me out?; just ask me for anything and I promise to give it to you.”




But…wait; did she just say she was ready to do anything I ask for?




What if…




“Mrs Tristan” I called and looked at her.


“if…If I’m actually to work for you, would you grant me a request?” I asked and she sighed.




.”just say it.”.




My heart suddenly leapt.


Could this be the opportunity I’ve been looking for?




“What Is it Jeanne?” She asked again and I gulped nervously.




“Would…would you have me signed into the Alpha Records?” I asked and she looked a little surprised.




“You…you want to be part of the lovergirls?” She asked and I nodded bashfully.


Then she smiled.




“Consider it done. You can start training as soon as possible” she replied and my eyes widened in disbelieve.




Oh, my God!


did she just agree to it?


Do I really have a possibility of becoming part of the lovergirls?




Oh, Jesus!




I covered my mouth and gasped. I was taken abacked.




“Please, Jeanne; I’m ready to do more, just a long as you agree to help me out” she said and dipped her hand into her bag.




“Here’s my card. I’ll be waiting for your call” she told me as she handed a card to me.




“I hope you take what I said into consideration, Jeanne. Bye” she added and turned to leave.




“Bye Jeanne” Molly also said with a wave and left with her and the two guards who were there followed them behind.




I unconsciously sat on the floor, looking at the card. Everything seemed to happen fast.


I can’t believe I really have an opportunity to start working in the loverboys mansion and then get signed in to the Alpha Records if I pass the training.


Isn’t this a miracle?




I sat quietly for a long time, thinking about the whole thing.


Although a part of me was scared and nervous, to be sincere, a part was still excited.




If really it works out, then it’s going to be an honour getting to be close to the loverboys.


I’ll get to see them everyday and maybe even touch them.


Oh, God!


I’ll get to be close to Alex!






Okay Jeanne. I think my mind is made up. I want to work there. I want to goto the loverboys mansion.



But…oh, my!


Dad must’ve left the country already.




Oh, my God!


He’s the only one who would’ve easily consented to it.


I can swear his wife would never agree to such a thing. She would never want something this good for me.




Oh, God! What do I do?






I returned home, feeling despondent. The thought of pleading with ‘mum’ to let me go to the loverboys mansion and train in the Alpha Records kept niggling at me as I was sure she’d never agree to it.


She’s always been so hard hearted towards me and I’m sure she wouldn’t want me to accept something that good. And dad has left the country already.




But, it’d had really been a great thing for me if it had worked out. At least, I’d have been saved from the torments of dad’s wife and kids. I’d have had a better life.




I came out of the car and walked absent mindedly towards the entrance of the house.


I felt so bittered.




My life’s gonna turn into a living hell again since dad’s no longer around. His wife and kids are definitely going to turn me into their slaves again.




Oh, God!


What if I just run away?





When I got to the door, I stopped and felt reluctant going in.



I suddenly started imagining all that would happen.




‘Jeanne, fix my nails…’


‘Make me some tea’


‘I don’t like this bagel…’


‘Are you dumb? Wash them immediately…’


‘Sweep my room again…’




I sighed and touched my forehead. It was beginning to feel hot already.




I slowly placed my hand on the knob of the door. I was about turning it when I suddenly heard a masculine voice from inside.




Isn’t that dad’s voice?




I quickly opened the door and rushed in and my eyes met with dad.






He’s still here?


Oh, my God!




‘Jeanne you’re back” he said as he rounded up the call be was making.


His wife and kids were there .well.




“Dad, I…I…I thought you were leaving?” I asked confoundedly.




“Yes, dear. I still am. My flight just got delayed a little. But I’m about leaving now” he replied and I gasped.


This is unbelievable!




I ran to him and embraced him immediately. He probably doesn’t know what his presence means to me.




Aith he felt a little surprised, he still hugged me back.




“Had no idea we were shooting a movie” I heard Susan say but I didn’t try to look at her.




“is everything okay?” Dad asked as we unlocked from the hug and I smiled and nodded.




“i just…I have something important to tell you dad” I replied happily.






“What? That’s nonsense. I don’t like the idea. How do you expect her to work in the loverboys mansion?” Mum – Mrs Raymond – said angrily as I rolled my luggage to the sitting room.




“I’ve told you, hun; she’ll be fine. Mrs Tristan has promised to sign her into the alpha records and that’d be making her dream come true” dad replied, a little depressed.


“But dad” Ivy groused


“How can we be so sure she won’t just go out there and bring shame on us?”




“Yes. The loverboys are the richest idols in America dad. How can she cope living with them?” Susan also said.


We were all standing.




“By the way, Raymond, who’s gonna help out in the house chores?


You know she’s been of use” his wife also added




“I brought Jeanne here as my daughter and not a maid. We already have a maid in the house and that should be enough for you” dad replied and turned to me.



“Let’s go” he said and I nodded happily and followed him, ignoring the bitter looks his wife and daughters were throwing at me.




Well, like I always said, with dad by my side, I have nothing to be scared of.




When I had told him about it, he was a little uneasy at first, considering the fact id have to be living with someone else.


But after considering the other facts, like being free from his wife and kids, he finally gave it a thought.




Then he placed a video call to Mrs Tristan and they communicated for a short while.


She was very happy to know her offer was accepted and she had promised to take good care of me.




Dad and I got outside and noticed the car Mrs Tristan sent to pick me up was already there.




“Be very careful around there, okay? Don’t do anything to offend the idols. And don’t get into trouble. Okay?” Dad told me as we stood beside my ride.




I smiled and embraced him.




“Thank you dad. I owe you a lot” I told him and he kissed me on the hair.




“I’ll be leaving bow. I’m already running late for my flight. See you when I get back” he said and we waved at each other before he left for his car.




I stood, watching him as he entered into the car and started driving away.


“I love you dad. And I wish you were really my dad”.





I exhaled and entered into my own car and the driver took off immediately.






I can’t believe I’m going to the loverboys mansion.


.but on a serious note, I’m actually going to be the only female worker there.


What would the loverboys reaction be?


Especially Alex.


What will he do when he sees me there?




He’s always resented females – a reason I’m still trying to figure out.


But, what would his reaction be when he gets to know a girl will be living close to him from now on?






The Loverboys


(What’re you doing here?)

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