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Episode 6






Jeanne’s Pov:


Our eyes ran into each other and he just glanced at me and took his eyes back to his phone.




“I don’t know anything about it” he said. “I didn’t see anyone in the room”.




My heart skipped immediately as I looked at him in disbelieve.




Hold on, did Alex just cover up for me?


like, did he just lie for my sake?




“Okay, sir Alex. Thanks a lot for your time. We apologise for the inconvenience” the woman said and left with the two men beside her.




I took my eyes away from Alex and starred down at my locker. The whole thing still seemed a dream to me.




Why did Alex lie to the woman? Did he really do that to protect me?


But he doesn’t even know me. He barely looks at me.


Why did he cover up for me?


Oh, God!




I smiled, even if I tried not to.


My Alex defended me today.




Although it’s possible he only did that because he was an introvert and didn’t care about other people’s issues, but it still meant a lot to me.



Or, could it be possible he doesn’t recognise me?




I swear, my cheeks couldn’t stop turning red the rest of the time.


The fact that my Alex defended me today still looked like a miracle to me.


How can I thank him enough?




Immediately the maths class was over, he stood up and left the class even before Mr Leonard did.


I looked at him as he walked away and when Mr Leonard finally left the class, the rest of the Loverboys also stood up and left.




Immediately, all the students started noistering and viewing all the pictures they had taken the Loverboys with their phones.




Oh, my! Check out Carl’s hairstyle. It’s so pretty




Yes did you see Alex? He was sitting next to the newbie




Oh! How I wish I was the one




look at Daniel’s glasses




Did you notice the ring Alex was putting on?


I looked at them and smiled.


The lover boys were such a celebrity. They’re so lucky.




It was time for lunch and not really being hungry, I just bought some cupcakes and a canned drink from the canteen and looked for a quiet place to stay.


Luckily, I found an isolated place behind the school library and I sat on the floored ground.




I took a bite from my cup cake and drank from my canned drink.


I ate with relishment as I recalled the wonderful maths class.


How I wish we could take maths thrice a day.




I smiled as I recalled the moment when alex had walked into the class.


I remembered when he had touched my bag.


Oh, my bag!




I smiled and hugged it and kissed it.


From now on, this bag means a lot to me. I don’t think I’m even going toto wash it.




I recalled the moment he had stared at me when the woman had asked him that question.


It was so beautiful.




Oh, Alex; when am I ever going to be so close to him again?




I opened my bag and brought out my song book and the 1st page I saw was the lyrics of one of my sad songs.


It was about my family.




Come to think of it; where are my family? Who could they be? Do I even have one?


Of course I do. Everyone has a family.


But, where could mine be?


And why didn’t they show up when Mr Raymond had put me up on TV?


And why did I have to lose my memories four years ago?




But come to think of it; four years ago. That was the same year the loverboys had a conflict and Theo left the band.





Quite a coincidence.




I turned to the next page and it was still about my family.


I looked at it and started singing it out.




What if I have a family?


Somewhere beyond the sea?


Could there be someone there missing me?




I need to know these answers


I need to find my way…




“That’s from Barbie, right?” I heard a tiny sweet voice ask and I turned curiously and found a young, pretty kid standing in front of me.




Who’s she?




“The song- it’s from barbie right?” She asked as she drew close and stood in front of me.


She was actually smiling.


“Uhm…yes.” I replied perfunctorily, taking a good look at her and trying to figure who she was.


She was very pretty and had her long hair parked into two.


She had a toy with her and looked quite rich and I figured maybe…she was a sister to one of the students.




“Oh, my God! You also love barbie? My friends always tell me she’s outdated and it kind of makes angry. But it seems I’ve found someone else who’s like me” she said happily and I just kept staring at her.



She seemed very bold and confident.




“And you have a nice voice” she added and I smiled.


“Thanks” I replied and she nodded happily.




“By the way, do you know any more of barbie songs?” She asked.


“Uhm…yes. A little”.




“Oh! Could you sing more to me, please? I really love listening to her songs. Too bad I don’t know how to sing. And my brother’s always too busy to help me out.”




Oh; so she does have a brother?




“Could you sing for me, please?” She said in an appealing tone.




“Uh…maybe. but right now, I’m eating…”


“I’ll wait” she cut in immediately and I scoffed.


Where does this kid come from?




I took up my cupcake Nd ate from it and she stared at me.




“Want some?” I asked and she nodded after a little reluctancy.


Then I fed some of the cupcakes to her and cleaned off the little particles that fell on her lips.


She smiled.




“Uhm…by the way, who are you? Are you here with someone?” I asked and she pulled a surprised face.





“You seriously don’t know me?” She asked and I shrugged.



Am I supposed to know her?




But I must say, she kind looks familiar.




“Did you….”


“Molly!” I heard someone call and I looked and saw a woman walking towards my direction with two armed men.




“Oh, my God, molly! What re you doing here? You made me worried again.” She said as she took the little girl beside me.






Oh, my God! It was Mrs Tristan – Alex’s mum.








I sprang on my feet immediately and the canned drink I held spilled on the floor.




“I’m sorry, mum. I was just taking a look around” the little girl replied and my eyes beamed.




What? She’s Alex’s sister! The one I’ve heard about.


No wonder she looked so rich and bold. She was just like her brother.




“And what re you eating?” Mrs Tristan asked after observing her lips and then she looked at me.


My legs were almost shaking.


I have standing in front of the loverboys mum.




“G…Good day, ma’am” I stuttered nervously, keeping my gaze low.



“And who are you?” She asked inquisitively.


“She’s a nice person, mum” Molly replied immediately.




“She has a nice voice and also loves barbie.”




Mrs Tristan scoffed and looked surprised and at the same time, bemused.




“Did…did you just say she’s a nice person? Like…do you like her, Molly?” She asked and molly nodded excitedly.




Then she exhaled and looked at me.






“What’s your name?’ She asked.


“Uhm. ..miss Jeanne, ma’am” I replied with a little bow.




“Jeanne” she called softly.


“I can’t believe my daughter likes you. Believe me, it’s rare.


It’s really not been easy on me- managing my business and taking care of her. She’s gone missing several times. And last time, and had all most fallen into a ditch.




“My son is always very busy and doesn’t have time for himself, not to mention taking care of his sister.”


She paused and looked at Molly.




“Baby, would you like her to be your new nanny?” She asked and my heart skipped.


My eyes dilated.





“Well…I don’t know. But I really do like her” molly replied and Mrs Tristan looked back at me, her eyes beaming.




“Oh, Jeanne, would you consider being my daughter’s nanny, please? Please, I beg of you. I’ll do anything you ask for” she said pleadingly, placing her two palms together.




okay; this has got to be a dream.




Is this really happening?


Like, Mrs Tristan’s asking me to become her daughter’s nanny and…and that’d mean for me to start living in the loverboys mansion?




Oh, God!










The Loverboys


(What’s going to happen?)

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