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Episode 38




Jeanne’s Pov:


My heart beamed as I watched in ultimate surprise as they entered into the hall. Oh, my God!


I thought they won’t be coming.




“A…Alex?” Kim called in a shocked tone. She probably wasn’t expecting him as well.




“I asked a question, Kim. Why did you change the roles? Why did you cancel the vote?” He asked again and she lowered her gaze from him, not knowing what to say.




“S…Sirs,” Miss Beatrice called and walked up to them.


“You’re uhm…highly welcomed. Please, do have a seat” she added.




“How could you just stand here and watch injustice going on?” Carl asked, referring to miss Beatrice.



“We tried talking to her, Carl, but she kept babbling about being the leader” Hetty chipped in and Alex sighed.




“it seems that position is really getting into your head, huh?” He asked.


“I think I’d have to file a report for a change of leader”.




Kim winced and lifted her eyes to look at him.


I could now see the fear in her.






The loverboys were way more powerful than them. Well, I guess that’s because they were formed from them.




“So, I guess they should go on with the vote; then” Daniel said, taking a seat.




“But, we weren’t here to see their performances” Malcolm said.




“But…I’ve already been chosen by Kim” Tessa said, dejectedly.




“The whole thing was a mess.” Alex said.


“Kim ruined it. You guys would have to perform again”.




“What? But…”




“If you’re not okay with it, young lady, you can use the door” Daniel cut her off and she bent her head, seething with anger.




“But, Alex, I was just trying to make the whole thing fast. It’s not like I had any bad intention” Kim groused.



“Well, it is a bad intention, Kim. Now sit, let’s go on with this” he replied a little pissed off and they all had their seats.


Kim was the last person to seat.




Oh, my God!


Are we really going to perform again?


Do I…do I really have a second chance at this?




Tessa walked back to us, joining us back in the line. I can’t imagine how she must be feeling right now.




“Okay, ladies” miss Beatrice came to us again.


“You’ve heard the new development, right? So you’re all going to perform again with a different song and I’d advice you give it your best because this is going to be your very last chance.




“Good luck” she added in a whisper and left us.




I placed my palms together and sighed. I can’t believe this is really going to happen now.




So, the competition was still on.




Tessa was the first to go and she sang a song by another famous artiste. But it seems the frustration from what still happened was still at her as she couldn’t dance perfectly like she used to.


After her was Megan and she sang a song by the lover boys and danced to her best this time around.


Roxanne went up next and she also sang a song by the loverboys which she did almost perfectly.




Finally, it was my turn and I climbed the stage, nervously of course.



I took in a deep breath as I stood in front of the standing mic. I looked at Alex and noticed he was staring back at me.


Oh, God! I hope I can do this.




I introduced my song which was one of the songs i composed and began singing. At first, I was super nervous and scared.


But as time went on, I became more free and relaxed and brought in that dancing spirit again.




I removed the mic from the stand and held it in my hand so I could move about while singing and trust me, it was so interesting.


I even noticed Carl smiling at me the whole time.


But Alex, he had a vacuous expression on, although he was staring at me.




I concluded with a stylish posture and Hetty rounded it up with a clap.


Oh, my!


I really hoped I did well.




I bowed and left the stage, going back to where the rest of the trainees were.




“Good job, girls. That was amazing” miss Beatrice said as she climbed the state again.




“Now, let’s give it up to our idols to take the vote.” She added and turned to the loverboys and lover girls.




A piece of paper and pen were already in front of them and they were expected to write down the name of the person they find to be the best.




They all took up the papers and pens and scribbled down on it and when Miss Beatrice was sure they were done, she went over to them and collected the papers from them, giving it to the other three women who were sitting on a different table.



The women were probably trying to total the numbers and I suddenly started wishing it’d delay a bit, feeling scared of the outcome.




Then, after two minutes, Miss Beatrice went back to them and they gave her a list and she climbed back to the stage.




“Okay” she said as she looked into the list.


“Right now, I’ll be calling out the numbers of votes.




“Tesaa Patrick-2 votes.


“Roxanne Myers – I vote.


“Megan Jones – 3 votes.


“And Jeanne Raymond”,


She paused and looked at me.


“6 votes” she said with a smile and I didn’t realise when I screamed.




Oh, my God!!!


Tell me this is a dream!


Oh, God, please!


This is a dream!








“Congratulations, Jeanne” she said genially and all I could do was weep.


I can’t believe I passed the training.


I’ll become a model!




“This is not fair!” Tessa said angrily and ran away in tears.



Kim stood up immediately and left with her crew.


The loverboys also stood up, smiling.




Megan came up to me and pulled me in a hug.




“Congrats, girlfriend” she said with a smile and I was kind of shocked.








“Come on; I . mustn’t necessarily be a lover girl to become a musician. There’ll be other opportunities” she said and I smiled ruefully and embraced her.




“Thank you” I said and she rubbed my back.




I turned to the loverboys direction and caught Alex staring at me.


Then he smiled and walked out.




Daniel waved at me and also left and so did Malcolm. But Carl was the only one that came up to me.




“Congrats, Jen” he said and pulled me In a hug and I kind of felt surprised.




“Thank you sir” I replied and he brushed my hair and also left.




The three lover girls left also waved at me before walking out.




Oh, God! This whole thing still seems like a dream to me.





Then, miss Beatrice came up to me.




“Congratulations once more, Jeanne. Please, come with me” she said and started walking out and I turned and looked at Megan who was still in the hall.




“Good luck. See you later” she mouthed to me and I smiled at her before walking out.




I followed Miss Beatrice to where ever it is she was going and finally, we got to an office. I was so happy.




I followed her into the exquisite office and there I met a woman in it.


She smiled at me as I walked in.




“Congratulations, Jeanne” the women said and I replied with a bow.




“She’ll enlighten you on the next steps, Jeanne. So, feel free around her” miss Beatrice said and left.




I looked back at the woman and she gestured at me to sit and I did, facing her.




“I’m Mrs Naomi and it’s nice meeting you.




“Once again, congratulations for passing the training. But just so you know, you’re not completely a lovergirl yet.




“Your success will be confirmed after your performance live on stage with one of the loverboys. And according to the schedule, the loverboy you’ll be paired up with is Alex. And just so you know, the performance will be taking place in Korea. So, that means you’ll be travelling to Korea with Sir Alex a day after tomorrow”.




My heart skipped.



“Ma’am, you…you mean I’ll be going to Korea with sir Alex?” I asked, gobsmacked.




“Yes. And you’ll be spending three days there with him.




“We’re working on your tickets now. But every other thing has been set already. You’ll be making use of the company’s jet and the suite where you’ll be staying has already been arranged as well. You…”




“Uhm…excuse me, ma’am” I interpolated, politely.


“Are you trying to say Sir Alex and I will be staying in the same apartment for that three days?” I asked.




“Yes dear. As a matter of fact, there’s just one bedroom in the suite” she replied with a smile.






I’ll be sleeping in the same room with Alex for three days?




“You’re happy, right?” The woman asked and giggled.


“Well, I know how you feel. Millions of girls are dying to find themselves in that position.




“So, like I was saying, you’ll be going with him a day after tomorrow and you’re gonna practice for two days and on the third day, you do your performances in front a huge crowd. Like, almost the entire Koreans will be there at the concert.




“Now, the trick is this; Alex is a well known loverboy. So, anyone who watches his musical video or show gets carried away by it. So, if you get to perform with him at the concert and a large number of people gets to notice you instead of Alex, then it means you did really great and you automatically become the next lovergirl. So, you need to put in your best” she enthused and I sighed heavily.





“Thank you, ma’am” I said with a smile.




“You’re welcome dear. Now, you’ll be coming back tomorrow for some verifications. Congratulations once again” she saidsaid and stretched out her hand for a handshake and I collected it and stood up.




I got home feeing super excited. My heart was dancing to some harmonies.




immediately I entered into the sitting room, I was taken abacked by Molly’s blaring voice.




“Nanny!” She called excitedly and ran to me, embracing me tight.


I laughed and cuddled her.




“Congratulations, nanny. I heard you passed the training. I’m so happy for you” she said In her tiny sharp voice and I smiled and kissed her on the hair.




“Thank you, baby” I replied and just then, Alex came walking down the stairs.




“Get ready, nanny; we’re going to the cinema” she said and it puzzled me.”




“To the cinema? Why?”. I asked, nonplussed.




“To celebrate your victory!’




“I haven’t agreed to it, Molly” Alex said as he entered the sitting room, his hands in his trouser pockets.




“Come on, Alex. Remember, i told you there’ll be showing a an interesting episode of Elena of Avaldor today. She’ll be acting with snow white and it’s one in a lifetime opportunity. All the kids will be there” she expounded.



“So, are you going there to watch Elena or you’re going there to celebrate your nanny’s victory?”


He asked and she rolled her eyes and said:




Then, he chuckled.




“Good evening, sir” I greeted him with a bow and he came closer to where we were, now standing in front of me.




“Congratulations” he said and I smiled and bowed again.


I wonder if he’s aware I’ll be going to Korea with him.




Time is running out, Alex. Are we going?” Molly asked and he sighed and touched his forehead.




“Gosh! Where did I take such sister from?” He muttered but I heard him and laughed lightly.








“Fine! Get ready. We’re going, okay?” He said and Molly jumped up in excitement.




“even a ghost doesn’t hunt someone this way” Alex said as he walked away, probably going to get ready.




“Nanny!” Molly called happily.


“Come on, nanny; let’s get ready. We’re going to the cinema!” She said as she held my hand and I laughed and climbed the stairs with her.




Wow! So, I’ll be going out with Alex again.


But it’s getting late already. When are we going to come home?





The Loverboys


(His fears)

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