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Episode 29



Jeanne’s Pov:


He took his eyes from the paper and looked at Mr Leonard.




“Jeanne Raymond” he called and a wild gasp ran across the crowd.








Did I hear him correctly?


Did…did he just call my name?


Oh, my God!




I got paired up with Alex?


Are you kidding me???




I gulped nervously and stepped out. The entire students were all staring and talking wistfully.




I stood in front of Alex, but he didn’t look at me.


Then, we walked over to a stand together.




Seriously, I can’t believe this. I can’t believe I’ll be working with Alex.


I’m really nervous.


You know he can be annoying sometimes.




I didn’t want to look at Kim because I knew she might end up killing me with her looks.




The pickings went on and Kim got paired up with a very handsome guy – but of course, she didn’t like him.



Finally, the pickings were over and we were all standing with our partners in front of a table which contained all the catering equipments and ingredients.




Mr Leo addressed us on what to do and made it clear we only had an hour for the baking.




Then, we all got busy and he left the class, but made it clear he’d be back.




I gulped nervously and looked at Alex. How do we do this?


Are we really going to work as a team?




But thinking of it, am I expecting a loverboy to work in the kitchen? Get his hands stained and all that?


How the hell are we going to do it?




I looked at the rest of the Loverboys and noticed they were all busy with their partners. Geez! Why did I have to end up with someone like Alex?



It isn’t like I don’t like it; I just have a feeling I’ll be in for trouble.




Carl looked at me and laughed and I sighed.




Then, I looked back at Alex and…Holy Mary!






You wouldn’t believe what this guy’s doing right now.




He’s actually siting and playing a candy crush game with his phone.









I opened my mouth and looked at him in shock, but as usual, he didn’t even look at me; like I was invisible or something.




I took in a deep breath. I guess I’m my own partner here.




I opened my book and started working with the steps.


I mixed the margarine and sugar and next, I added the eggs.




Alex was still enjoying his game.




Just then, Mr Leo came into the class. But I guess Alex didn’t spot him.




“Alex!” Mr Leo called strictly as he marched to our table.




“Your job isn’t to act as a supervisor, Alex. You’re to participate in the practical. What’s this?” He asked a little angrily and Alex rolled his eyes and stood up.


He looked bittered.




He touched his forehead and came to me.




“Fine! What am I doing?” He asked huskily and touched his forehead again.




Mr Leo shook his head and walked away, going to supervise another set.




Alex sighed and touched the bowl of the mixture.




“What the hell am I expected to do?” He asked churlishly and I scoffed.



I seriously hope he isn’t trying to pour out his anger on me.


I mean, I’m not Mr Leo’s daughter.




I gulped nervously and looked around.


What could I possibly ask him to do?


The leader of the Loverboys.




“Uhm…We…We need to pour in the floor, sir” I told him and he took the whole bowl of floor and tried pouring it in at once.


“No, no, no, sir. It…It isn’t done that way” I told him quickly and he sighed and dropped the bowl.




“Then what? How else do we pour it in?” He asked impatiently.






“it’s… be added by bit by bit. Like, a cup before the other.” I replied and he nodded and took a cup of the floor and poured it into the bowl whole I mixed.




He watched as I mixed it and with the way he looked, it all seemed to be a waste of time for him.




Then, he added the rest of the floor and while turning it in, it poured on my palm.




“Sorry” he said and rolled his eyes like he was forced to apologise.


“I’m an artist, not a caterer” he added and I just smiled and cleaned off the floor off my palm.




Hold on; does Alex realise he’s talking to me?




I mixed the rest of the ingredients and greased the baking pan, ready to pour in the mixture.



Alex watched me pour the contents into the pan and when I was done, he carried it into the pan and we fixed it into the oven.




“So, what is left to do?” He asked after closing the oven.




“Uhm…wait for the cake to get baked, sir” I replied with a bow and he scoffed and I wondered why.




Then he returned to his seat and continued with his game.




“Alex, what the hell are you doing?” Mr Leo asked immediately.




“I’m waiting for the cake to bake” he replied, still fixing his eyes on the phone.




“Well, keep that phone away” Mr Leo said.




“What? Am I supposed to place my hand on my chin and worship the oven while it bakes?” Alex replied and the students couldn’t help laughing.




Mr Leo stood and shut him an angry stare and he rolled his eyes and turned off the phone.




He sat, seething with anger and I stared away.




After a while, the cake was baked and I opened the oven and brought it out.




“Finally” I heard Alex mumble and I shook my head and turned back to the cake.




Then, the rest of the students also brought out theirs and finally, it was time for Mr Leo to have a taste of it and give out the marks.



He came to ours and when he tasted it, it was obvious he liked it.




He wrote down in his book and moved to the nest table.


I wish we get to win.




And when he was done, he stood in front of us and opened his book.




“You all did a wonderful job” he said.


“But the best here is…well, team Jeanne and Alex” he announced and my eyes beamed.




The students began clapping immediately and I turned and looked at Alex who had an ‘i don’t care’ expression on.




We won it!




“Good job, Jeanne” Mr Leo said and I smiled happily and bowed.




Then, he went ahead to call the other scores and it was noted Kim’s team came 5th.




Oh – oh.




Immediately, she walked out of the class.






Then, Alex stood up and cut a little piece of the cake and tasted it.




He ate with relishment.





“Good job” he said in a whispering tone and walked away while I stared at him in amusement.



I couldn’t stop smiling.




Alex said something good about me.


Did you see that?


Oh, my gee!






The Loverboys


(She’s hiding something)

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