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Episode 18








Jeanne’s pov:


I woke up early the next morning and took my bath and after that, went ahead to prepare Molly for school.




I wore her uniforms and brushed her hair and took her school bag.




“Come on, Molly; let’s go down for breakfast” I told her as I lest the room and stood outside, awaiting her to come out.




I took a look at Alex’s room which was in front of me and noticed his door was slightly open.




I strained my neck to take a peep and I was able to see him sitting on the bed with Ambrose in his hands.


But luckily, he wasn’t facing the door.




I noticed he was kind of looking sad as he pet Ambrose who laid quietly.


He really looked sick.



“Stay strong for me, okay?” Alex said softly and nuzzled it.


At that point, I kind of felt pity for both of them.




“I’m through nanny” Molly said as she finally came out of the room and I turned to look at her.




“Okay, let’s go” I told her and we left for the dining.


Mrs Tristan and the rest of the Loverboys were already seated there and Molly and I joined them.




“How was your yesterday’s training, Jeanne?” Mrs Tristan asked as I dished out Molly’s meal.




“it was fine ma’am. We were told everything we were expected to do” I replied and she smiled back at me.




“So how do you see the other trainees? Do you think you can defeat them?” Carl asked and I shrugged.




“I don’t really know sir. They all seem pretty good to me .and unfortunately, I don’t even know how to dance.” I replied.




“Seriously? You can’t dance?” Malcolm asked and I nodded shyly.




“well, maybe the training might be if help” Daniel said and my eyes widened in surprise.


Did Daniel just said something nice to me?






After a short while, Alex walked in, brightly garbed and extremely handsome.


Even the pale look on his face couldn’t hide it.





“Good morning mum” he greeted casually as he walked over to her and pecked her on the cheek.



Hm. How sweet.




“Good morning Alex. Don’t tell me you’re leaving without breakfast” Mrs Tristan asked and he sighed and touched his forehead.




Hm. It seems he’s fond of doing that – touching his forehead with two fingers.




“I’m sorry, mum. I just don’t have an appetite for now. Besides, I have a meeting to catch up with.


“By the way, Daniel, could you help me call one of the vetenerian doctors to check our on Ambrose, please?” He turned to Daniel and asked.




“Okay Alex. Sure” Daniel replies and he nodded and left.




I hurried up my breakfast with Molly and when we were done, we also left for school.




I dropped her off at the preschool and went for mine afterwards.




We received the normal morning lectures and when it was 12 PM, I left for my training at the Alpha Studio.


I guess it’s really not going to be easy on me – managing my studies and going for the training as well.




I came out of my ride and was about going into the building when a black SUV that was coming my way drove by and splashed water from the floor on me.






I shrieked and turned to the car which stopped and the driver came out immediately. It was a young pretty woman.





Wait; I know this woman.



Yes! She’s Kimberly’s mum!




“Oh, dear; I’m so sorry. I never meant to do it” she said apologetically as she scuttled to where I was and stood in front of me.


Then she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a napkin and surprisingly, she started cleaning my body with it.






“Were you hurt?” She asked as she cleaned my hands and I just stared dumbfounded.


I can’t believe someone this rich can actually be this kind.


Then whys her daughter so rude?




She was very young and pretty and looked very classic. No wonder Kim is so pretty as well.




“Are you alright?” She asked staring into my eyes and I shrugged out of my thoughts.




“I’m…I’m fine, ma’am. Please don’t bother” I said and tired stopping her from cleaning my body.




“No, no. Please, let me” she insisted and went on with it.




“What’s your name?” She asked with a warm smile.


‘Uhm…Jeanne, ma’am” I replied, staring into her big blue eyes.




“Okay Jeanne. Once again, I’m sorry for splashing water on you. I didn’t mean to. I hope you’re fine now?” She said and I nodded.




‘Yes ma’am. I’m fine. Thanks a lot” I replied and she smiled and held my hands, cleaning off a little stain on it.


I couldn’t explain it, but I kind of enjoyed her touch on me.



Then she was done cleaning my hand but surprisingly, she still held on to it and stared into my face.




“Uhm…Jeanne” she called.


“is. it possible we’ve met before?”




I felt a wide feeling in me as I stared at her.


Although I’ve seen her on TV and other media, but I’m not so sure she’s seen me.




“I…I don’t think so, ma’am” I replies and she stared at me for a little more while before letting go of my hand.




“okay then. I’ll be on my way. It was nice meeting you by the way.” She said and I smiled and she turned and headed due her car.




I kept looking at her as she got to the door .


And just when she was about opening it, she tuned around and looked at me and for an unknown reason, we smiled at each other.


Then she waved at me and finally walked into the car.








The Loverboys


(A little idea…)

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