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“Demolished what?” I asked


“Well…Mr Leon demolished the movie….the movie…. everything is gone” she said


“No!…..” I cried


“Kitten it’s for your own good” he said with a calm voice


“You!, how could you do that!” I yelled


“Gem… please don’t start…I did it to protect you….”


“Protect me?, no….you did it out of your selfish interest….did you think about how I’ll feel….?” I asked almost




“Gem….don’t say that….” Ruth said.


“I practiced day and night….I labour hard….I worked my ass out so I could be on that movie but you


demolished it?” I asked Leon.


“That useless movie you’re talking about made me lost my child …..our child!!!” he yelled out of.frustation. I


was shocked, speechless…I couldn’t react. Leon’s cold hands hold mine.


“Dummy… didn’t even know you were pregnant” he said as tears started dropping from his eyes


“Remember that night in Paris?” Leon felt her hands shaking on his. “Gem…..”


“We….I was pregnant?…, my baby…’s gone?” Leon nodded and hugged me. Ruth who just heard the news


was shocked too as she cried, grandma couldn’t hold back instead. Ruth dropped Gem’s cellphone and left.


Leon cuddle his little wife who was still crying and crushing his clothes. He patted her back kissing her head and comforting her.


“I promise….I’ll be by your side henceforth…no one will hurt you and I also promise to make them pay…who


ever did this to us” he said.


“I won’t let them get away….never” I said still sobbing.


It took a long time before she stopped crying.


” Kitten….the doctor said you’ll be fine to even run a hundred miles….so tomorrow after your discharge you’ll


be taking a training lesson” he said


My head was on his chest, his big arms were rap around my body, our legs entangled to each other.


“Training for what?” I asked with my weak voice and he traced a kiss to my lips. He gave me a light kiss and tightened his hug.


“Fight training…..I’ll personally be training you….”


“Hubby….I don’t want to” I said and kissed his chest.


“Lazy kitten….you must….at least learn for self defense…. remember how you were adopted last time…?” I


nodded “If you could fight then he won’t have been able to get you” he said and I looked at him but he press me back to his chest. “I want my wife to be strong….I want you to stand up and kick the ass of those bastard


who made us lost our child……” he said.


“I’ll do it……I’ll find them and I’ll make sure the regret their actions” I said

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It’s been a week, Leon has being training me. I’ve been improving alot, I beat Leon everyday during training even though I knew he is going easy on me. The first time he throw me down I cried and cried until he promised I’ll have to win everyday.


Today is another training day.


“Today we are going to talk about strong men with weak point” he walked closer to me and hold my hands.


“No when you see you can’t fight the man just hit this” he drag my hands in between his pants and I was touching is cock. I frown wanting to pull back but he hold my hands tight.


“What?, it’s not like you have not seen or touch it before….so relax” he said


“There is no way am touching a man’s d**k just to beat him?” I said


“Naughty….who would want you to touch other men….you should know am a jealous husband?, just give his a


low blow” he said. “And……….” his phone started ringing it was Noah. He smiled at me “rest now I have to take


this call” I nodded and quickly lye down.




“Boss…bad news……the news of Gem’s abortion is all over the internet!!!!”…………………..



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