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The reporters surround Rose. She kept on pulling a show.




“I love Leon and I know he loves me too….but that witch….she seduced him….

and…..” they seems not to be


paying much attention to to her……..

the reporters began to whisper at each other…..


“What’s going on?”






she’s so shameless”





“She’s a real slut…..






what’s going on?” Rose asked.




“You….you slept with your school head of office in abroad just to get a good result in the States????”


“Is it true that you did an abortion three times in the States…….

the hospital filed a report”


I was watching the news at home. Leon came into the room and wrap his hands round my waist.


“You did this didn’t you?” I asked.





“She crossed the line….she should be lucky to still be alive” he said and kissed my nake.


“What are you planning again?” I asked.




“Since I’ve shut rose up for now….

it’s time to face that family of yours” he said and I turned around to face










never mind” I said I couldn’t bring myself to ask him the question.



“Talk to me bae…..

we promise…..

no more secrets” he said. I could see him dying to know why am worried.


“It’s just…..

it’s nothing important?” I said





“Gem to me everything that concerns you is very very very important to me” he said and my heart flutter.


“Earlier….why didn’t you introduce me as your wife?, why your girlfriend?” I asked looking disappointed.


“Because I don’t want things to rush…..I want to take things slow….I promise to pamper you….I’ve not started


yet….” he said.


“Is she going to be okay?” I asked referring to Rose.


“Don’t worry, she’ll die soon and go meet her daddy devil” he said smiling.


It was late at night and I was in bed waiting for Leon who went outside few minutes ago. I decided to go check on him.


I walk a few miles before I saw him talking with someone. When I walk closer the figure seem to resemble Leon alot. When the unknown guards saw me getting closer they block my way.


“Uhmm sorry….I was looking for my husband” I said to them but they were like robot… was like they are


deaf. Leon heard something and turned around.


I waved at him and he smiled, waving back at me.


“That’s her?” the man asked


“Yes….” Leon said


“She’s alot more beautiful than I thought….wow” he said and Leon’s face darkened


“Enough” he said


“When are you bringing her home Everyone is dying to meet her especially mom”


“Soon….” Leon said.


I decided to go back inside and wait for him when I pump into an elderly man.


“Oh…..sorry sir are you alright, I am too clumsy” I said and before I could hear his response Sasha pump out from only God knows where and drag me away from the man, I look up and it was Ryan.


“Ry…….” I said and hugged him.


“Miss me already?” he asked and I chuckled.


“Ryan…… about what happened at the hospital… sorry…..I really wanted to see you and thank you…..”


“It’s okay….you can still make it up to me!” he said “Have dinner with me now”


I thought about it….Leon must be busy…. I’ll just have a little dinner with him.




We ate in silence. I was feeling uncomfortable so I broke the silence.


“Thank you” I said and he smiled dryly.


“I saw the news” he said and I lowered my head.




“Gem……as far you’re happy with him…am happy too….but let’s at least be friends…..” he said reaching for a


hand shake. I smiled about to reach his hands but another hand took the shake instead of me….I look up




“….l…. Leon!!!” I said seeing the coldness in his deep eyes.


Ryan shiver as Leon’s hand press his tight. I observed the pains in Ryan eyes and the way Leon crush his hands.


“Leon…..let him go…. he’s….”


“Someone I don’t know care to know” he said and grab my hands.


“Ahh…..” I scream because if the force he used to grab my arms.


“Let’s go” Leon said.









He was so angry this time.








“We are just friends now” I explained








“Friends who eat romantic dinner together?” he yelled in the elevator.




he asked me to eat dinner with him…..





“You could’ve said no!!” he yelled








“How can I sa no…. he’s my friend……

,you’re just jealous” I said and he frown



” not jealous….

it’s just

….stay far from him….

that Ryan is a snake like Rose” he said and I nodded………..













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